8th September - Law News

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Today's Highlighted Video Story: A lot of Americans have recently weighed in on legacy admissions, the preferential treatment given to the children of alumni in the college application process: President Biden. Members of Congress. Supreme Court justices. Officials at numerous colleges — some defending the practice, others calling to ditch it. The Education Department even opened a civil rights investigation last month into Harvard University’s legacy admissions policy.
Focus of the Day Legal News:  ‘The art of the possible’ - arbitration specialists welcome targeted proposals to reform UK’s Arbitration Act. England and Wales Law Commission acknowledges ‘root and branch reform is not needed or wanted’ to 1996 legislation. Full story - The Global Legal Post    
A selection of important developments in the world of law and justice (for a comprehensive look at the news and events, please visit @theLawMap Twitter feed):

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • An inmate who worked with escapee Daniel Khalife in the kitchens at HMP Wandsworth has told the BBC that he said "he was going be famous". The 21-year-old ex-soldier escaped from the jail on Wednesday morning strapped to the bottom of a delivery lorry
  • Couple stung by £89 storage fee after spending £4,500 on wills | Law Gazette
  • The details of Daniel Khalife's escape raise serious questions about what happened with security at HMP Wandsworth. The Ministry of Justice is highly unlikely to ever publicly confirm all the details
  • Police officers secure seven per cent pay increase | Scottish Legal News
  • Practising fee to rise £21, Legal Services Board confirms | Law Gazette
  • Budget worries at the fore as Northern Ireland begins new legal year | Irish Legal News
  • Justice secretary must “get to grips” with escalating civil court delays - Legal Futures