7th September - Law News

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Today's Highlighted Video Story: The boss of Johnny and Assosciates, Japan's biggest pop talent agency, has resigned after finally admitting the sexual abuse committed by its late founder, Johnny Kitagawa. Julie Fujishima resigned on Thursday during a public apology to her uncle's victims. Her departure comes a week after a major inquiry found Kitagawa had "extensively" abused young idols at his pop agency over a six-decade career. He died in 2019, having always denied wrongdoing. He never faced charges.

Focus of the Day Legal News:  The Post Office has denied taking a ‘laissez faire’ approach to disclosure to the public inquiry into the Horizon IT scandal despite allowing external lawyers to decide what terms were searched for. Full story - The Law Society Gazette  

A selection of important developments in the world of law and justice (for a comprehensive look at the news and events, please visit @theLawMap Twitter feed):

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • Society creates ‘safe space’ to discuss ethical issues | Law Gazette
  • “Power kick” solicitor struck off for fake employee fraud - Legal Futures
  • Letby inquiry: judge to work with families on terms of reference | Law Gazette
  • A #Kenyan hospital employee who was caught selling a baby on the black market has been convicted of child trafficking. Fred Leparan, who worked at Nairobi's Mama Lucy Kibaki hospital, was filmed accepting $2,500 (£2,000)
  • Jenni Hermoso has filed a legal complaint over the kiss by Spanish football federation president Luis Rubiales. Rubiales kissed Hermoso on the lips after Spain's World Cup final win, which she says was not consensual
  • Talks on the UK becoming a fully-fledged member of the EU's €100bn (£85bn) programme again began after a deal was cut on post-Brexit arrangements for Northern Ireland earlier this year
  • 'Danger to the public': solicitor struck off over 'threatening' emails | Law Gazette