26th November - Law News

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Today's Highlighted Video Story: As China's coronavirus cases rise Beijing is still sticking to its zero-covid policy, locking down cities and enforcing harsh restrictions such as daily mass testing in some areas. East Asia correspondent Bill Birtles tells The World frustration appears to be growing among residents who are struggling to go about their daily lives.

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • Donald Trump sued as New York Adult Survivors Act takes effect #US 
  • MPs back tougher economic crime fines and oversight for lawyers - Legal Futures 
  • UK minister rejects measure designed to tackle Slapp legal cases 
  • 'Wrong, confusing, unbalanced': SRA told to improve guidance | Law Gazette 
  • Gove under pressure to explain role in PPE deals for Mone-linked firm 
  • Bar Council piles pressure on BSB over Dinah Rose case - Legal Futures 
  • Lord chief justice announces his retirement | Law Gazette
  • Listed firms' share prices jump while Ince looks to raise another £4m - Legal Futures 
  • Why this supreme court ruling presents an opportunity for Scottish nationalists 
  • Blow to corporate transparency as top EU court backs anonymity | Law Gazette 
  • Fewer than 1% of ‘illegal’ tree felling cases in England result in convictions 
  • Former soldier David Holden has been found guilty of the manslaughter of Aidan McAnespie in Tyrone 34 years ago. The 53-year-old is the first veteran to be convicted of a historical offence in Northern Ireland since the 1998 Good Friday Agreement 
  • Bar Council wades into BSB complaint-handling uproar | Law Gazette 
  • The Ministry of Justice has been "inundated" with complaints of alleged bullying by Justice Secretary Dominic Raab. He is already facing an investigation into two complaints made about his conduct 
  • A woman with Down's syndrome has lost her appeal over a law that allows abortion up until birth for a foetus with the condition. Heidi Crowter, 27, from Coventry said she was "angry that the judges say my feelings do not matter" 
  • Quarter of firms in SRA review of immigration work face disciplinary action - Legal Futures 
  • Rude judge? Don't just shrug your shoulders, says LCJ | Law Gazette 
  • Twelve people, including three women, have been flogged in front of thousands of onlookers at a football stadium in Afghanistan. The group were guilty of "moral crimes" including adultery, robbery and gay sex, a Taliban official told 
  • Nadia Cook joins Harper Macleod | Scottish Legal News 
  • Last Flight Home review – heartbreaking portrait of assisted dying 
  • Vardy v Rooney: The Wagatha Christie Trial review – courtroom panto 
  • Squaring Circles’ Rachael Bicknell appointed to RICS and SIMI | Scottish Legal News 
  • ‘An explosion’: what is behind the rise in girls questioning their gender identity? 
  • Boyd Legal acquires Fife firm Baird & Company | Scottish Legal News 
  • Threat to UK financial services watchdogs off the table - Government ‘committed’ to financial regulators’ independence says City minister in Tory U-turn 
  • Johnson and Truss join rebels against Sunak keeping new onshore wind ban 
  • More cash for solicitors? Not the right thing to do - Raab | Law Gazette 
  • Supreme Court ‘in no doubt’ that Scottish government’s indyref2 bill is ultra vires | Scottish Legal News


25th November - Law News

Edition 3986: LawNewsIndex is a UK based daily legal news archive on Law, Lawyers, Law Firms, Justice, Jurisprudence, Legislation, Litigation, Legal Ethics & Human Rights since 2011.

Focus of the Day Article: Artificial Lawyer to switch to ‘library mode’ while founder takes year-long sabbatical. Online UK legaltech site to pause news service in January as Richard Tromans makes lifestyle choice to pursue other projects. Full story - The Global Legal Post
Today's Highlighted Video Story: They say they're sorry, they've sacked their Chief Executive and after accusations of racism, they've acknowledged they made assumptions about the lifestyle of two-year-old Awaab Ishak's parents that were wrong. But despite the claims from Rochdale Boroughwide Housing that lessons have been learned, tonight this programme reveals residents on the estate where Awaab died are still being housed in conditions so bad they say it is making them ill.

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • Anti-SLAPP law takes a step closer | Law Gazette
  • BSB apologises to high-profile barrister over handling of complaint | Law Gazette 
  • The Guardian view on Scotland and the constitution: a crisis is brewing
  • Litigation bellwether sounds warning note for London | Law Gazette
  • Belfast conference calls for equality law reform | Irish Legal News
  • Law firm wins VAT battle with HMRC over office leases - Legal Futures 
  • What is the supreme court’s Scottish independence ruling about? 
  • Scottish parliament does not have independence referendum power, SC rules | Law Gazette 
  • Dillon Eustace appoints Martin Colman as head of real estate | Irish Legal News 
  • Some 3,000 Metropolitan Police officers cannot be fully deployed due to misconduct allegations or health issues, including "about 100" who are not trusted to speak to the public
  • Society welcomes Switzerland travel deal | Law Gazette 
  • Courts returning "large number" of claims forms for ex-OIC cases - Legal Futures 
  • Lawyers among victims of latest Iran clampdown | Law Gazette 
  • Eversheds Sutherland partners with NI Chamber’s International Champions series | Irish Legal News 
  • Squaring Circles’ Rachael Bicknell appointed to RICS and SIMI | Scottish Legal News 
  • There's growing evidence that #French rescue services failed to respond adequately to a migrant boat that sank in the Channel last November, with at least 33 people on board
  • England: Solicitor guidance on reporting serious misconduct is legally deficient | Scottish Legal News
  • Female GCs “more likely to coach and mentor” than men - Legal Futures 
  • Santander cut mortgage offer because I was pregnant - Its terms and conditions state it does not discriminate
  • The removal of Shamima Begum's UK citizenship in 2019 was unlawful, her lawyers have argued. Ms Begum's citizenship was stripped after she travelled to Islamic State group-controlled Syria when she was 15
  • Police will text 70,000 people to warn them they have been victims of a banking scam in the UK's biggest anti-fraud operation. The Met have arrested an east London man accused of running an international service enabling fake phone calls to victims 
  • Crypto crash underlines need for legal certainty, says Vos | Law Gazette 
  • Just Stop Oil protesters guilty of criminal damage to Van Gogh frame 
  • The supreme court’s batting away of Indyref2 leaves Sturgeon more isolated than ever - The five judges’ robust decision leaves the SNP with no choice but to seek independence through a general election 
  • Kate Spencer joins aviation lessor LCI as legal counsel | Irish Legal News 
  • 'Penalised, isolated and alone': Lawcare highlights men's mental health struggles | Law Gazette 
  • The yacht, the wedding and £29m: Tory peer Michelle Mone’s life during the Covid crisis 
  • Tory peer Michelle Mone secretly received £29m from ‘VIP lane’ PPE firm


24th November - Law News

Edition 3985: LawNewsIndex is a UK based daily legal news archive on Law, Lawyers, Law Firms, Justice, Jurisprudence, Legislation, Litigation, Legal Ethics & Human Rights since 2011.

Focus of the Day Article: A remodelled emergency legal aid scheme for tenants facing eviction will begin four months later than planned, it has emerged – as a housing law chief stressed the need for the government to hurry up with reforms. Full story - The Law Society Gazette
Today's Highlighted Video Story: Judgment has been given this morning by the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom in the following case: Reference by the Lord Advocate of devolution issues under paragraph 34 of Schedule 6 to the Scotland Act 1998 - [2022] UKSC 31 - The Scottish Parliament has the power to make laws for Scotland (section 28(1) of the Scotland Act 1998 (“SA”)). However, a provision of an Act of the Scottish Parliament is not law so far as the provision is outside the legislative competence of the Scottish Parliament (section 29(1) SA). A provision is outside legislative competence if it “relates to reserved matters” (section 29(2)(b) SA). Whether a provision “relates to” a reserved matter is determined “by reference to the purpose of the provision, having regard (among other things) to its effect in all the circumstances” (section 29(3) SA). Reserved matters include both “the Union of the Kingdoms of Scotland and England” and “the Parliament of the United Kingdom” (paras 1(b) and (c) Schedule 5 SA, respectively).

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • Poe Kiely Hogan Lanigan appoints Annette Hickey and Chris Hogan as partners | Irish Legal News 
  • PI firm fails to exclude defendant solicitors' data on its claims record - Legal Futures 
  • The SEND system is broken because it lacks local accountability. The government’s proposed overhaul would weaken the legal framework | Law Gazette 
  • Aviation lessor LCI appoints Terri Foley as COO and general counsel | Irish Legal News 
  • Procurement for new-look eviction advice scheme finally begins | Law Gazette 
  • Solicitors facing ethical disclosure decisions "need more SRA help" - Legal Futures
  • Lawyer appointed to investigate complaint about Dominic Raab's conduct - Adam Tolley KC to investigate complaints made about the conduct of the Deputy Prime Minister
  • 'Exhausted' solicitor, 79, agrees strike-off for overcharging by £474,108 | Law Gazette 
  • Home secretary Suella Braverman was warned four times that her department was potentially breaking the law by keeping migrants at Kent's Manston centre, but she failed to act
  • The judges have made clear that the law does not allow Holyrood to legislate for an independence referendum without Westminster's agreement 
  • Men in law face mental health stigma | Irish Legal News 
  • Landmark legislation giving effect to the recommendations of the Commission on the Future of Policing in Ireland (CoFPI) is set to be published with a view to it becoming law next year | Irish Legal News
  • Rail workers union leader Mike Lynch has said he is "not the Grinch" ahead of fresh strikes in the run-up to Christmas and after New Year. During a year of unprecedented disruption for workers in a record number of strikes, public sympathy is being tested
  • The Scottish government cannot hold an independence referendum without the UK government's consent, the Supreme Court has ruled. SNP wanted to hold a referendum on 19 October next year
  • Raab confident of 'overwhelming' Bill of Rights support | Law Gazette 
  • For some fans, World Cup alcohol ban brings relief. FIFA’s decision sparked criticism from visitors, but many Qatar-based fans – including families – back the move 
  • Estate agents boss tells conveyancers to charge more - Legal Futures 
  • Eight years ago, Sarah Sands stabbed a convicted paedophile to death. Speaking together for the first time, her three sons say they were all sexually abused by him, and how they feel now about their mother's crime 
  • Law firms face political threats over ESG | Law Gazette
  • ‘Less than 10’ dead after shooting at Walmart store in Virginia - Virginia’s Chesapeake police say several people have been killed, including the unidentified shooter #US 
  • The Home Office is blighted by delays in dealing with asylum claims, as inexperienced and low-paid staff are hired to handle applications. Staff said this was slowing down decisions, leading to long, expensive hotel stays for asylum seekers
  • Comyn Kelleher Tobin promotes Nicola Kiely to partner | Irish Legal News 
  • Landlord admits it made assumptions about family in mouldy Rochdale flat 
  • Solicitor struck off after tribunal refuses to go behind US plea deal - Legal Futures 
  • Legaltech lessons from the smartphone boom - Legal Futures 
  • #German football federation to take legal action over Fifa’s OneLove armband ban - Move comes after supermarket chain cuts commercial ties with DFB in protest over row at World Cup 
  • The #US Supreme Court has ordered former President Donald Trump's tax forms to be released to a Democratic-controlled congressional committee. The move is a major blow to Mr Trump, who has tried for years to shield his tax returns from becoming public 
  • Owen Paterson taking UK to human rights court after lobbying scandal
  • Supreme court to rule on second Scottish independence referendum - Decision should settle whether Scottish parliament can hold independence poll without Westminster approval 
  • Matt Hancock broke government rules over I’m a Celebrity stint, says watchdog chair


23rd November - Law News

Edition 3984: LawNewsIndex is a UK based daily legal news archive on Law, Lawyers, Law Firms, Justice, Jurisprudence, Legislation, Litigation, Legal Ethics & Human Rights since 2011.

Focus of the Day Article: The government has delayed the extension of fixed recoverable costs (FRC) for most money cases worth up to £100,000 by a further six months to October 2023. Full story - Legal Futures
Today's Highlighted Video Story: Legal analyst Norm Eisen and CNN senior law enforcement analyst and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe break down the implications of the Supreme Court ruling that cleared the way for Congress to obtain former President Donald Trump's tax returns.

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • Lawyer in the news: Edward Lewis, Weightmans - Profile | Law Gazette
  • Top Whitehall official had to apologise over alleged bad behaviour by Raab
  • A shift in priorities - the legal profession has forever changed and we are still finding our feet in the post-pandemic world | Law Gazette 
  • Patent and trade mark specialist Hindles increases revenue by 25 per cent to £2.1 million | Scottish Legal News 
  • Uncommon knowledge | Law Gazette
  • Brandon Malone to become an advocate | Scottish Legal News 
  • Lying solicitor struck off but deemed too poor to pay any costs | Law Gazette 
  • Thames Water lifts hosepipe ban for millions after heavy rain and long after there has been no need to use hosepipe to water gardens
  • RMT general secretary Mick Lynch has announced further train strikes: 13-14 and 16-17 December and 3-4 and 6-7 January
  • Prince Andrew heckler will not face court - The case has now been dealt with "by way of an offer of an alternative to prosecution"
  • Barrister who misused gift aid overpayment from charity disbarred - Legal Futures
  • Shiner faces two-year wait for fraud trial | Law Gazette
  • A proposal for a fatal accident inquiry into a tragic collision involving of RAF Lossiemouth-based Tornado jets has been rejected by Lord Advocate Dorothy Bain KC | Scottish Legal News 
  • Most of the outstanding schools in England inspected last year have been downgraded, according to a report from the schools watchdog
  • MPs can claim Christmas parties on expenses, says Ipsa - The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) announced MPs can this year claim back money spent on food, decorations and non-alcoholic drinks for an "office festive event" 
  • The Manston migrant processing centre, a holding site for people who arrive in the UK on small boats, is empty, Home Office confirms. Thousands of migrants placed in tents at the former military airfield during the autumn, lead to outbreaks of disease 
  • Solicitor witness apologises for 'conspiracy and fraud' research | Law Gazette
  • CBI Scotland has announced the appointment of lawyer Jennifer Young as Scotland chair, unveiling an all-woman senior leadership team – a first for the organisation | Scottish Legal News
  • Energy firms fail vulnerable customers, the sector's watchdog has said, as people face a cold and costly winter. Ofgem told all 17 firms in its review to improve, with Good Energy, Outfox, So Energy, Tru Energy and Utilita found to have severe weaknesses 
  • Solicitor struck off for misusing client money and unauthorised practice - Legal Futures 
  • Shoppers searching for Black Friday bargains are being warned that most deals do not offer genuine discounts. Analysis of more than 200 offers last Black Friday found 98% were cheaper or the same price at other times in the year
  • Best of the blogs - 18 November 2022 | Law Gazette 
  • A court in the western #Indian state of Gujarat has handed a six-month jail sentence to a man for letting his cattle stray on the streets. Prakash Jairam Desai was found guilty of letting them loose and endangering people's lives 
  • Shiner faces two-year wait for trial on cold-calling fraud charges - Legal Futures 
  • My legal life: Geeta Daswani, The Daswani Law Company - Profile | Law Gazette 
  • Law firms looking to be bought "do not have the value they think" - Legal Futures
  • Eviction 'an exciting opportunity' says SDT | Law Gazette 
  • Justice Sec Raab accused of 'hurling tomatoes' across meeting room in explosive 'tirade' - Legal Cheek
  • US: Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes sentenced to 11 years in prison | Scottish Legal News 
  • What law firms want their junior lawyers to know - Legal Cheek