24th November - Law News

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Focus of the Day Article: A remodelled emergency legal aid scheme for tenants facing eviction will begin four months later than planned, it has emerged – as a housing law chief stressed the need for the government to hurry up with reforms. Full story - The Law Society Gazette
Today's Highlighted Video Story: Judgment has been given this morning by the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom in the following case: Reference by the Lord Advocate of devolution issues under paragraph 34 of Schedule 6 to the Scotland Act 1998 - [2022] UKSC 31 - The Scottish Parliament has the power to make laws for Scotland (section 28(1) of the Scotland Act 1998 (“SA”)). However, a provision of an Act of the Scottish Parliament is not law so far as the provision is outside the legislative competence of the Scottish Parliament (section 29(1) SA). A provision is outside legislative competence if it “relates to reserved matters” (section 29(2)(b) SA). Whether a provision “relates to” a reserved matter is determined “by reference to the purpose of the provision, having regard (among other things) to its effect in all the circumstances” (section 29(3) SA). Reserved matters include both “the Union of the Kingdoms of Scotland and England” and “the Parliament of the United Kingdom” (paras 1(b) and (c) Schedule 5 SA, respectively).

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • Poe Kiely Hogan Lanigan appoints Annette Hickey and Chris Hogan as partners | Irish Legal News 
  • PI firm fails to exclude defendant solicitors' data on its claims record - Legal Futures 
  • The SEND system is broken because it lacks local accountability. The government’s proposed overhaul would weaken the legal framework | Law Gazette 
  • Aviation lessor LCI appoints Terri Foley as COO and general counsel | Irish Legal News 
  • Procurement for new-look eviction advice scheme finally begins | Law Gazette 
  • Solicitors facing ethical disclosure decisions "need more SRA help" - Legal Futures
  • Lawyer appointed to investigate complaint about Dominic Raab's conduct - Adam Tolley KC to investigate complaints made about the conduct of the Deputy Prime Minister
  • 'Exhausted' solicitor, 79, agrees strike-off for overcharging by £474,108 | Law Gazette 
  • Home secretary Suella Braverman was warned four times that her department was potentially breaking the law by keeping migrants at Kent's Manston centre, but she failed to act
  • The judges have made clear that the law does not allow Holyrood to legislate for an independence referendum without Westminster's agreement 
  • Men in law face mental health stigma | Irish Legal News 
  • Landmark legislation giving effect to the recommendations of the Commission on the Future of Policing in Ireland (CoFPI) is set to be published with a view to it becoming law next year | Irish Legal News
  • Rail workers union leader Mike Lynch has said he is "not the Grinch" ahead of fresh strikes in the run-up to Christmas and after New Year. During a year of unprecedented disruption for workers in a record number of strikes, public sympathy is being tested
  • The Scottish government cannot hold an independence referendum without the UK government's consent, the Supreme Court has ruled. SNP wanted to hold a referendum on 19 October next year
  • Raab confident of 'overwhelming' Bill of Rights support | Law Gazette 
  • For some fans, World Cup alcohol ban brings relief. FIFA’s decision sparked criticism from visitors, but many Qatar-based fans – including families – back the move 
  • Estate agents boss tells conveyancers to charge more - Legal Futures 
  • Eight years ago, Sarah Sands stabbed a convicted paedophile to death. Speaking together for the first time, her three sons say they were all sexually abused by him, and how they feel now about their mother's crime 
  • Law firms face political threats over ESG | Law Gazette
  • ‘Less than 10’ dead after shooting at Walmart store in Virginia - Virginia’s Chesapeake police say several people have been killed, including the unidentified shooter #US 
  • The Home Office is blighted by delays in dealing with asylum claims, as inexperienced and low-paid staff are hired to handle applications. Staff said this was slowing down decisions, leading to long, expensive hotel stays for asylum seekers
  • Comyn Kelleher Tobin promotes Nicola Kiely to partner | Irish Legal News 
  • Landlord admits it made assumptions about family in mouldy Rochdale flat 
  • Solicitor struck off after tribunal refuses to go behind US plea deal - Legal Futures 
  • Legaltech lessons from the smartphone boom - Legal Futures 
  • #German football federation to take legal action over Fifa’s OneLove armband ban - Move comes after supermarket chain cuts commercial ties with DFB in protest over row at World Cup 
  • The #US Supreme Court has ordered former President Donald Trump's tax forms to be released to a Democratic-controlled congressional committee. The move is a major blow to Mr Trump, who has tried for years to shield his tax returns from becoming public 
  • Owen Paterson taking UK to human rights court after lobbying scandal
  • Supreme court to rule on second Scottish independence referendum - Decision should settle whether Scottish parliament can hold independence poll without Westminster approval 
  • Matt Hancock broke government rules over I’m a Celebrity stint, says watchdog chair