1st November - Law News

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Focus of the Day Article:  Mortier v. Belgium: A Landmark Decision on Euthanasia in the Case of Mental Illness. Full story - UK Human Rights Blog
Today's Highlighted Video Story: More than fifteen thousand people have joined protests around the UK calling for improvements to childcare provision, and better parental leave. The biggest rally was in London's Trafalgar Square - organised by the Pregnant Then Screwed campaign - where speakers said that the pressures put on working mothers were "insane".

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • Former Premier League footballer Joey Barton has been cleared of assaulting his wife after a judge ruled he could not have a fair trial https://t.co/Q3QqVbXkgn 
  • [Delhi Riots case] Legal arguments cannot be made when seeking adjournment: Delhi High Court to Sharjeel Imam | Bar & Bench #India https://t.co/iupf7SGofE
  • Home Secretary Suella Braverman has challenged critics to try to "get rid of me", as she denied ignoring legal advice on housing asylum seekers. She rejected claims she blocked the use of hotels to ease overcrowding pressure at a migrant processing centre https://t.co/gT1uoniU9H
  • Rooney’s law firm Brabners launches ‘Wagatha’ podcast - Legal Cheek https://t.co/JA4Wlv18j2 
  • More than 17 hours after #Brazil's electoral chief declared Luíz Inácio Lula da Silva the winner of the presidential election, defeated far-right incumbent Jair Bolsonaro has yet to concede https://t.co/IjTCoq38i6 
  • Elon Musk has dissolved Twitter's board of directors - cementing his control over the company. The move was revealed in US Securities and Exchange Commission filings https://t.co/7R5Z48XRo1 
  • Bombay High Court refuses to quash FIR against handicapped person accused of molestation | Bar & Bench #India https://t.co/j6RFkZQQfI 
  • Bakers confirms SQE maintenance grant of up to £17k - Legal Cheek https://t.co/fUMlKbl5ZU 
  • The Covid public inquiry has asked to see Boris Johnson's WhatsApp messages during his time as prime minister as part of its probe into decision-making https://t.co/FLdeG6tjSa 
  • Hardline Suella Braverman failed to sign off on measures which could have eased pressure at a migrant processing centre. The home secretary was warned by officials the government was acting outside the law by failing to provide alternative accommodation https://t.co/EU6zjbhfdx
  • Morrisons has been told to pay a mother £60,000 for discriminating against her when she returned from maternity leave. Donna Patterson was asked to fulfil the responsibilities of a full-time job despite only being contracted to work part-time hours https://t.co/gJGh2sJ3Px
  • Home Secretary Braverman is under pressure to answer questions about conditions at a migrant processing centre at Manston in Kent. Local Conservative MP Roger Gale says "it is overwhelmed and it is wholly unacceptable." https://t.co/vgsAML6M8A
  • Instagram users across the world have been reporting issues accessing their profiles. The Meta-owned social network says it is "looking into" the problem, which has caused some people to be told they are suspended from the platform https://t.co/LLLrjZxQv8 
  • Senior lawyers ‘can’t dissociate or absolve ourselves’ from psychological risks, says former KWM head - Lawyers Weekly https://t.co/b1hvzkZoRn 
  • Mortier v. Belgium: A Landmark Decision on Euthanasia in the Case of Mental Illness - UK Human Rights Blog https://t.co/v8iU5m3G41 
  • Whether cheque was issued for time barred debt or not cannot be decided in quashing petition under Section 482 CrPC: Supreme Court | Bar & Bench #India https://t.co/FX0pB2zkCd 
  • Calls for resignation of the reappointed home secretary Suella Braverman who admitted to sending government documents to her personal email address six times during her first stint as home secretary on top of the security breach that led to her resignation https://t.co/eH6SKGUMF8
  • Environmental activists have sprayed orange paint on buildings in central London, calling for the government to halt new oil and gas licences. Just Stop Oil targeted buildings used by the Home Office, MI5, the Bank of England and News Corp https://t.co/4PMv9XV8Py
  • Inside track: Completing a training contract at a global law firm - Legal Cheek https://t.co/wxUYeZixm4 
  • The Supreme Court will sit in Manchester next March—the first time it has sat outside one of the UK’s four capital cities| NLJ https://t.co/f2VCBkjHkD
  • Supreme Court to hear cases in Manchester - Legal Cheek https://t.co/RexyHWYXRU
  • State of Gujarat to implement Uniform Civil Code | Bar & Bench #India https://t.co/k3o3bAhUiE 
  • Weekly Round-up: judicial racism, Met misconduct, and a new PM - UK Human Rights Blog https://t.co/P2rzjrWHAL
  • Mr Jenrick described the "immense pressure" after his visit and Sir Roger, the MP for the Kent constituency of North Thanet since May 2010, raised concerns over reports that Ms Braverman decided against moving more migrants to nearby hotels https://t.co/ItJKD4xyG3 Oct 31, 2022
  • Dover residents are "horrified" after a fire attack at a Border Force migrant centre at the port, a Kent county councillor says https://t.co/sH4hxO8J6z
  • Ex-Eversheds trainee banned from profession following sexual assault convictions - Legal Cheek https://t.co/d8QDToAVbd 
  • Kerala court restrains Kantara makers from playing 'Varaha Roopam' song on copyright suit by Thaikkudam Bridge | Bar & Bench #India https://t.co/vYlHpAtSJO
  • What’s going on at Hogan Lovells #Australia? - Lawyers Weekly https://t.co/ScPzP2m84H 
  • Legal Cheek launches Hong Kong law firm guide - Legal Cheek https://t.co/PkGswFxzxZ
  • Allahabad High Court stays demolition of hospital accused of transfusing juice instead of platelets | Bar & Bench #India https://t.co/CrDmuaTHRA
  • Police were called around 19:50 GMT to Railton Road in Brixton on Sunday following reports of gunshots, where they found two men injured. They were both pronounced dead at the scene https://t.co/DY6SknEvWh
  • #Brazil has taken a turn to the left as former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva beat far-right incumbent Jair Bolsonaro in the presidential election https://t.co/QDji4R14ba Oct 31, 2022
  • Nearly two-thirds of legal contracts are 'gender biased', new research finds - Legal Cheek https://t.co/YfDuTQWhlo
  • #Kenyan police charged with crimes against humanity over 2017 crackdown https://t.co/baVyuNwKHp 
  • UK museums willing to return skulls to #Zimbabwe https://t.co/50HCC5WxU0 
  • Young girls being sold in India to repay loans, says human rights body #India https://t.co/NeEW93ZGth
  • Weekly Round-up: judicial racism, Met misconduct, and a new PM - UK Human Rights Blog https://t.co/P2rzjrF6cb 
  • A £3m Ministry of Justice grant is being made available for lawtech start-ups| NLJ https://t.co/OQjFxV3x7X
  • Gibson Dunn lands outgoing European Court of Human Rights president in London - The Global Legal Post https://t.co/NDVBB4TQ6y