8th November - Law News

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Focus of the Day Article: I was in prison and saw how power can corrupt officers. Ruth Wyner recalls the inhumanity of incarceration, while John Coffin and GD Stewart and discuss the need for accountability and justice. Full story - Guardian Law
Today's Highlighted Video Story: The Egyptian setting for COP27 is a far cry from last year's conference in Glasgow, and so is the mood - a looming global recession, rampant inflation and war in Europe pushing climate down the agenda at perhaps the worst possible time. Hope is threatening to turn into acrimony on the issue of whether rich countries should pay for the devastation already being caused.

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • Dads on Duty are a team of fathers who patrol Southwood High School in Shreveport, Louisiana. They got together after more than 20 students had been arrested for fighting #US https://t.co/mVZZaGqaPO
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  • Rees-Mogg’s plans to axe all EU laws will cripple Whitehall, says leading Brexiter https://t.co/saiaD2zqG2
  • Asylum seekers 'forced to sleep on cardboard' at Manston immigration centre - Twenty-nine-year-old Samuel says conditions at Manston were grim, with dirty toilets, cold meals and showers, and people having to search for cardboard to bed down on https://t.co/ORgQRqDiSz
  • 'Lawfare' among six new words added to Collins Dictionary - Legal Cheek https://t.co/wHncOa2yKp 
  • Court cannot cancel bail for violation of conditions without issuing notice, hearing accused: Kerala High Court Bar & Bench #India https://t.co/5s9nKEKSFl 
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  • All legal proceedings deemed stayed when moratorium under Section 96 IBC kicks in: Delhi High Court | Bar & Bench #India https://t.co/T51sMWc9xl
  • Grant Shapps has said the Manston asylum processing site was "tipping into becoming an unofficial detention centre" when he briefly served as home secretary last month replacing Braverman https://t.co/qYeFMkG7g4
  • Law Society launches new junior solicitor support network with JLD becoming ‘fully independent’ from Chancery Lane - Legal Cheek https://t.co/KHGJFdRtx1
  • Kerala High Court quashes case against lawyer accused of raping another lawyer on false promise of marriage | Bar & Bench #India https://t.co/LsAo8jwRat 
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  • Sri Lanka Cricket have suspended Danushka Gunathilaka after he was charged with raping a woman in Sydney. Gunathilaka, 31, has been charged with four counts of sexual intercourse without consent while at the T20 World Cup in #Australia https://t.co/yPJXNwVJRQ 
  • A climate change protester has climbed an overhead gantry forcing it to be closed between junctions 6 and 7 in Surrey, police said. Activists are staging protests between junctions 8-9, 13-12 southbound and 13-14 https://t.co/USnWRvipnd 
  • Elon Musk says Twitter users engaging in impersonation without clearly specifying it as a parody account will be permanently suspended https://t.co/lM4OJkSdic
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