31st May - Law News

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 Today's Highlighted Video Story: France's interior minister has defended police actions at the Champions League final saying they prevented deaths from happening. Riot officers fired pepper spray and tear gas at some Liverpool fans who were trying to get into the ground for the match on Saturday night. The minister blamed "industrial scale" ticket fraud amongst Liverpool fans for causing chaos at the Stade de France. But a Downing Street spokesman described the scenes as "deeply upsetting" and called for an investigation.

Focus of the Day Article: UK PM Boris Johnson accused of abusing ministerial code so rule-breakers can avoid sack. Former member of government’s ethics watchdog urges Conservative MPs to challenge PM’s revisions. Full story - Guardian Law
Saturday Conversations on Law

  • No 10 refuses to deny social event at Boris Johnson’s flat not investigated by Gray https://t.co/kYsdTlcSo5 
  • Home Office cancels Border Force contract with P&O Ferries after mass sackings - Agreement to provide contingency travel services terminated over layoffs of nearly 800 seafarers https://t.co/Pqw1p55jMr 
  • UK investigators told to stop mass collection of personal data in rape cases - Information commissioner says indiscriminate gathering of details is undermining trust in justice system https://t.co/f2hGD9c2Vt 
  • City pay war: Clifford Chance responds with improved £125k NQ lawyer rate - Legal Cheek https://t.co/2SDSY7obrZ 
  • Uttarakhand forms panel headed by retired judge Justice Ranjana Prakash Desai to implement Uniform Civil Code | Bar & Bench #India https://t.co/nSQCyKrLKe
  • BPP, King’s, Southbank and Westminster among law schools recognised for pro bono work - Legal Cheek https://t.co/q9s7mHZDGN
  • A man disguised as an elderly woman in a wheelchair has thrown cake at the Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci's famous painting at the Louvre in Paris #France https://t.co/zZUAI84Yjs 
  • A lawyer for Windrush victims says the Tory government must publish a report which suggests institutional racism at Priti Patel's Home Office caused the scandal https://t.co/YwIoVEcrYU 
  • LawTech Talks: Are you running your firm, or is your firm running you? - Lawyers Weekly https://t.co/2lcA7ycS4X
  • Regulator's fining powers set to increase 1000% to £25k - Legal Cheek https://t.co/GRxEdD2n61 
  • Workforce strategy: Why businesses should invest in this area now - Lawyers Weekly https://t.co/m7abrhHENz 
  • The burden of litigation of luxury, direct appeals to Supreme Court and some recent reprieve | Bar & Bench #India https://t.co/mrChNrRH1k 
  • DAC Beachcroft to offer pupillages for first time - Legal Cheek https://t.co/hN5BwDV5y5
  • How quadriplegia provided lawyer-turned-doctor Dinesh Palipana the chance to leave the world a better place - Lawyers Weekly https://t.co/3rA0D28fBp 
  • Hogan Lovells joins raft of firms upping LPC maintenance grants by 25% - Legal Cheek https://t.co/Pw0W1NmVTB 
  • A statue of Margaret Thatcher erected in her home town vandalised two weeks after a man was fined for throwing eggs at it. The £300,000 sculpture in Grantham was daubed with red paint and a hammer and sickle was painted on the fence protecting it https://t.co/UlA7R9AepE
  • Man cleared to seek compensation for 16 years in prison before conviction for murder of son overturned #Ireland https://t.co/GxthPrqk88
  • UN’s Bachelet says #China trip not for a probe, faces criticism - Rights bodies criticise the rights chief for failing to hold the Chinese government accountable for rights abuse against Uighur Muslims https://t.co/EAH2ZSG8Wo
  • ‘Slavery, rape, torture’: #Libya threatened by foreign fighters https://t.co/dHm9jT7Ax7 
  • A woman who felt forced to track down her stolen car - leading to her being threatened by a man with a crowbar. A man with disabilities who says police failings led to him being targeted by a gang, and repeatedly burgled https://t.co/L0u7DjIMsw
  • SRA rebuke for former City partner who put his arm around trainee in strip club - Legal Cheek https://t.co/0yRHd5ct3G 
  • Is it time for #Australia to legislate on menstrual leave? - Lawyers Weekly https://t.co/ysy2ATx4Z3
  • Some shooting estates in England burn deep peat moorland in protected areas despite a government ban, say the RSPB and Greenpeace. England's deep peat soils support rare ecosystems and store huge amounts of carbon https://t.co/SC04Ahg4dI
  • Delhi High Court imposes ₹25 lakh costs on website for infringing trademark of legendary film 'Sholay' | Bar & Bench #India https://t.co/drGuC2Mdob
  • Medical leaders in the UK have launched a fresh call for buffer zones to be set up around abortion clinics to prevent aggressive pro-life activists targeting patients and staff https://t.co/1Oh1A1n25C
  • Graduates from the world's top universities will be able to apply to come to the UK under a new visa scheme. The government says the "high potential individual" route, which opens on Monday, will attract the "brightest and best" early in their careers https://t.co/4gHTvAsxsd 
  • Top City firms help establish Black British civil rights group - Legal Cheek https://t.co/mC0yPmYxXr
  • Taylor Appelbaum Discusses The Copyright Implications and Issues with NFTs - A Lawyer’s Perspective | Lawyer Herald https://t.co/vMpnG2dpef
  • A&O to help fund disadvantaged students through Queen’s University Belfast - Legal Cheek https://t.co/HU2zt6tgX3
  • Tesla boss Elon Musk wants to launch a ‘hardcore litigation department’ filled with ‘streetfighter' lawyers - Legal Cheek https://t.co/Ctvd3S0XcQ 
  • Reed Smith counts 'sustainability hours' towards billing targets - Legal Cheek https://t.co/zR7bCQbnGE


30th May - Law News

Edition 3807: LawNewsIndex is a UK based daily legal news archive on Law, Lawyers, Law Firms, Justice, Jurisprudence, Legislation, Litigation, Legal Ethics & Human Rights since 2011


 Today's Highlighted Video Story: Competition and Markets Authority (Respondent) v Flynn Pharma Ltd and another (Appellants)

Focus of the Day Article: The Sentencing Council has published revised guidelines for domestic, non-domestic and aggravated burglary offences, including middle categories for culpability and harm factors. Full story - New Law Journal
Saturday Conversations on Law

  • The High Court recently handed down its decision in Fairburn v Radecki [2022] HCA 18, which considered whether a de facto relationship between two parties had broken down, and, if so, by what point - Lawyers Weekly #Australia https://t.co/oKrYXipKDi 
  • The UK's culture secretary has urged Uefa to formally investigate "deeply concerning" scenes which delayed the start of the Champions League final #France https://t.co/NA32RcBJo8
  • Addleshaws to shutter Hong Kong office as DWF enters city with new alliance - Legal Cheek https://t.co/9UFePO0KMH
  • #Afghan journalists facing death threats and beatings, despite UK pledge to save them https://t.co/NS59PyDwOn 
  • ‘I woke up and he was on top of me’: six women on being abused by fashion agent Jean-Luc Brunel https://t.co/xww0tTbJvI 
  • Workplace wellness must extend ‘well beyond obligations regarding duty of care’ - Lawyers Weekly https://t.co/Xf12eJQbtW
  • Why do law school based legal services clinics fail? | Bar & Bench #India https://t.co/jYTkHz2ccE 
  • Kremlin mulls Nuremberg-style trials based on second world war tribunals #Russia https://t.co/eacyiyMwWn
  • Exchange Chambers sets record with eight pupillage spots - Legal Cheek https://t.co/xQ4DaYBtO6
  • Law Society marks 20th anniversary of access programme | Irish Legal News https://t.co/XIDsvBZJjX
  • Compliance in the paralegal sector is more critical than ever before – The Barrister Magazine https://t.co/pqYQqXU01f 
  • Bakers provides £4k LPC ‘boost grant’ to future trainees in financial difficulty - Legal Cheek https://t.co/BLl2YT4VMS
  • Natasha Catterson: Solving immigration problems to welcome Ukrainians | Scottish Legal News https://t.co/lET8khlomp 
  • Pinsent Masons and Osborne Clarke up eco efforts with net-zero emissions targets - Legal Cheek https://t.co/coUxJmpMPe
  • A council that declared bankruptcy last year earlier spent £28,000 on indoor plants which a councillor said are now "dying". Slough Borough Council bought the 200 plants for its £41m Observatory House HQ when it moved in 2019 https://t.co/8cVNhJjy15 
  • Entries open for Bar Council’s Employed Bar Awards 2022 – The Barrister Magazine https://t.co/9P6F8BlAx8 
  • There will be no further extension to immigration permissions beyond the end of May 2022, the government has confirmed | Irish Legal News https://t.co/RxIpTmz1ri
  • The Weekly Round-up: stop-and-search powers, human trafficking and MI5 informants - UK Human Rights Blog https://t.co/hgGB2VyHEt 
  • Regional NQ lawyer pay hits record high as Hogan Lovells increases to £70k in Birmingham - Legal Cheek https://t.co/ItySLGkmpd
  • Applications now open for The Legal Cheek Summer 2022 Virtual Vacation Scheme - Legal Cheek https://t.co/ax5eTGYEKK 
  • The government is pushing ahead with its plans to modernise lasting powers of attorney (LPA), including allowing people to make an LPA completely online for the first time | NLJ https://t.co/V2MVm9DPgs
  • Boris Johnson to reportedly bring back imperial measurements to mark platinum jubilee https://t.co/vZBIPeS6DM 
  • Today marks 90 years since the House of Lords judgment of Donoghue v Stevenson, a caselaw classic among all students of common law - Legal Cheek https://t.co/Cc2RjnXEfg


29th May - Law News

Edition 3806: LawNewsIndex is a UK based daily legal news archive on Law, Lawyers, Law Firms, Justice, Jurisprudence, Legislation, Litigation, Legal Ethics & Human Rights since 2011


 Today's Highlighted Video Story: While dwindling elephant populations are under threat in many parts of the world, it's a different story in southern Africa. Zimbabwe in particular has seen numbers grow so much, it now says it's struggling to manage them. It wants to sell its large stockpile of ivory to help pay for better conservation. International trade has been been banned since 1989. But will lifting it encourage more poaching?

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • Washington’s shame: how previous bids to tighten gun laws have failed #US https://t.co/TOnWpb57d4 
  • Lawyers are invited to take part in CPD-accredited training with the Sycamore Trust Autism Training Services | NLJ https://t.co/e5TDPopWXW 
  • Broken alarm system halts trials at Crown court | Law Gazette https://t.co/4SyyNCek7I 
  • Solicitors found to have fallen short of professional standards will be fined in relation to their firm’s turnover and financial means, under Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) plans | NLJ https://t.co/rkeCUWxszq 
  • Emails should be courteous, not explosive | Law Gazette https://t.co/EuUyrvgpsr 
  • A victim of historic child abuse has secured a six-figure settlement following a landmark case - Thorntons achieves landmark settlement in historic child abuse case | Scottish Legal News https://t.co/4kGoRfCC2q 
  • Civil cases waiting up to 15 months for first hearing, research reveals | Law Gazette https://t.co/28dc4ApDeW 
  • More than one in five employers intend to insist employees are vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition of employment, a YouGov survey commissioned by Acas has found | NLJ https://t.co/YG5xfmjMCC
  • Veteran solicitor fined for running family finances through firm | Law Gazette https://t.co/Z3iDEjLLkN 
  • Shakespeare Martineau unveils merger as 'house of brands' strategy ramps up - Legal Futures https://t.co/HlTaJetG12 
  • A gambling addict's widow has handed in a petition calling on the government to publish a review of gambling laws https://t.co/HFKuuWik6J 
  • Missing witness and a change of government: the latest delays in Ben Roberts-Smith’s defamation case #Australia https://t.co/tFvQ4VRBGj
  • Boyce questions lord chief's assertion on judicial diversity | Law Gazette https://t.co/jaWQRYWyxn
  • “Reprehensible” clients ordered to pay ex-solicitors indemnity costs - Legal Futures https://t.co/ZcyrDC0cse
  • Stop abuse of migrant workers before Britain becomes the next Dubai https://t.co/Nl0w3f6ep8 
  • LSB charts its own progress with new website | Law Gazette https://t.co/OXLSocMF1R
  • Tory ministers who break standards rules in a "minor" way will not be expected to resign or face the sack, under new government guidelines - minor includes bullying https://t.co/tGD2V7Es98 
  • Courts send different messages to lawyers over witness statements - Legal Futures https://t.co/Nd1KOdjy6W 
  • The Sentencing Council has published revised guidelines for domestic, non-domestic and aggravated burglary offences, including middle categories for culpability and harm factors | NLJ https://t.co/RJpjcoiGNP
  • Bullying rule could be self-defeating, Society tells SRA | Law Gazette https://t.co/PGqx1YG0Ru 
  • Armed female bystander kills man firing at party in West Virginia #US https://t.co/f4nKgf519g 
  • Government sets out timetable for implementation of Peter Kelly report | Irish Legal News https://t.co/5cSW8qHVNI
  • Law firms have collaborated to help develop and launch the Black Equity Organisation (BEO), an independent civil rights group to advance justice and equity for Black people in the UK | NLJ https://t.co/IkHZBlCDmw 
  • Should we rethink the ‘standard’ work week? - Legal Futures https://t.co/9lHsn3HIVH 
  • Boris Johnson accused of changing ministerial code to ‘save his skin’ - Rewritten rules remove need to resign – instead ministers can apologise or temporarily lose pay for breaches https://t.co/mX4Tf3kHrt
  • #Russia is guilty of inciting genocide in Ukraine, expert report concludes https://t.co/ywmII8jAgt 
  • AG hosts Ukraine prosecutor general for war crimes discussions | Law Gazette https://t.co/AvzLzlrf4j


28th May - Law News

Edition 3805: LawNewsIndex is a UK based daily legal news archive on Law, Lawyers, Law Firms, Justice, Jurisprudence, Legislation, Litigation, Legal Ethics & Human Rights since 2011


 Today's Highlighted Video Story: "Language Debate Unnecessary, Politically Created" in India: Onternational Booker Prize Winner Geetanjali Shree

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • Katie Mearns joins Aberdein Considine in newly created role | Scottish Legal News https://t.co/JfPiXlDoNF
  • Johnny Depp: Jury deliberations begin in Amber Heard defamation trial - Mr Depp, 58, sued his ex-wife for $50m (£40m) for an article she wrote in which she claims to be an abuse victim. Ms Heard, 36, counter-sued for $100m https://t.co/FO3XgnY4Ot 
  • HMCTS pays £111m for new London tribunal centre | Law Gazette https://t.co/oKCFDuPUBt 
  • CPS guidance ‘makes things worse’ for rape survivors, victims’ commissioner says - Vera Baird calls for therapy notes to be excluded from criminal trials, as they are in Australia https://t.co/G3pve0EaIo 
  • Aidan Cotter appointed as chair of Irish seafood industry body | Irish Legal News https://t.co/CXmQqwoYLM
  • A&L Goodbody appoints Enda O’Keeffe as construction and engineering partner | Irish Legal News https://t.co/jkZ2Z8ENMs 
  • Scandal-hit Nottingham maternity services ordered to improve https://t.co/K1JmP9zoYR 
  • Tory MP quits as a ministerial aide over the "deep mistrust" created by Sue Gray's report on lockdown parties in Downing Street. Paul Holmes, an assistant to Home Secretary Priti Patel, said he was "shocked and angered" by the revelations in the report https://t.co/wQj9zvCrV4 
  • Should we rethink the ‘standard’ work week? - Legal Futures https://t.co/9lHsn3Zkkh 
  • A police dog has died while on duty after chasing down two moped thieves. Six-year-old Xavier Charles, better known as Stanley, collapsed while on patrol with his handler in London in the early hours of Sunday morning https://t.co/0ai75tYGhE 
  • Police in Texas have revised key details about Tuesday's deadly school shooting as criticism mounts from parents over the initial response. The gunman roamed outside the Uvalde school for 12 minutes before entering unchallenged, police said on Thursday #US https://t.co/dmyDc2KoCb 
  • Police force spending £1m redacting material | Law Gazette https://t.co/2jhJbTYF2a 
  • Courts send different messages to lawyers over witness statements - Legal Futures https://t.co/Nd1KOdB9vw 
  • DWF announces Hong Kong tie-up – as Addleshaw Goddard leaves | Law Gazette https://t.co/lmm7k19FWF 
  • #HongKong judicial independence under systematic attack, legal figures warn https://t.co/ya2k7KXmLr 
  • Fast-growing firm expands in south west with acquisition | Law Gazette https://t.co/d9xYVd1cCS 
  • “Reprehensible” clients ordered to pay ex-solicitors indemnity costs - Legal Futures https://t.co/ZcyrDBIB3E
  • The death of a black man who was forced into a police car boot where a gas grenade was set off has sparked outrage in Brazil. Police stopped Genivaldo de Jesus Santos, 38, in the street in the north-eastern city of Umbaúba, Sergipe state, on Wednesday https://t.co/f1gxkJQRhD 
  • A man with autism is taking supermarket giant Sainsbury's to court for refusing entry to his assistance cat. Designer and writer Ian Fenn from London says the ban on Chloe, who helps him in daily life, is limiting his independence https://t.co/5Ofd8aiqWW 
  • New legislation aimed at reforming the law of moveable transactions has been published in draft today | Scottish Legal News https://t.co/pkg4YcW995 
  • 'Too fair, too kind, too gentle': legal aid solicitors demand tougher action | Law Gazette https://t.co/Mfeu0UYla5 
  • Shakespeare Martineau unveils merger as 'house of brands' strategy ramps up - Legal Futures https://t.co/HlTaJeLhpC 
  • #Spanish parliament approves ‘only yes means yes’ consent bill https://t.co/wnSlaGv4MD 
  • Bird & Bird appoints first partners in Dublin | Irish Legal News https://t.co/NDDBq49Vyw 
  • The wearing of face masks will no longer be legally required in Welsh health and social care services from Monday. First Minister Mark Drakeford is set to axe the last of Wales' Covid rules, which have been in place in some form since March 2020 https://t.co/u2uqwOmbZ0
  • DBA client admits allegations against law firm were to get out of paying - Legal Futures https://t.co/N0Lwl29wP2
  • Swinney announces plans to make UNCRC bill intra vires | Scottish Legal News https://t.co/0MSm6H0eM8 
  • Six soldiers and a veteran have been arrested on suspicion of drugs and money lending and laundering offences, the Ministry of Defence has said. Six Irish Guards troops and a Coldstream Guardsman veteran were arrested by the Royal Military Police https://t.co/h4zkOHHVic 
  • There was "no clear evidence" that Prime Minister Boris Johnson had breached Covid-19 rules many times in Downing Street, the Metropolitan Police's acting chief has said https://t.co/sS35Q2bQRO


27th May - Law News

Edition 3804: LawNewsIndex is a UK based daily legal news archive on Law, Lawyers, Law Firms, Justice, Jurisprudence, Legislation, Litigation, Legal Ethics & Human Rights since 2011


 Today's Highlighted Video Story: The Times cartoonist Morten Morland gives an alternative take on Boris Johnson's Commons statement on Sue Gray's report into partygate. 

Focus of the Day Article: Six London law firms back creation of new black British civil rights organisation. Magic Circle firms Allen & Overy, Clifford Chance, Freshfields and Slaughters among the six. Full story - The Global Legal Post

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • Hodge Jones & Allen reaches north to Liverpool | Law Gazette https://t.co/dG9z0WL6SA 
  • A gunman who attacked a primary school in Texas on Tuesday was able to enter the building unobstructed, police say. Texas Ranger Victor Escalon said no armed guard challenged the teenage attacker and it is unclear if the school door was even locked #US https://t.co/X9A0SD0ASc
  • Alleged Wagner Group fighters accused of murdering civilians in Ukraine - #Belarusian pair are first international mercenaries to face war crimes charges since invasion began https://t.co/xW0LzHXAO8 
  • New CMS leader in Ukraine ready to help rebuild nation | Law Gazette https://t.co/g5nTLdSC6E 
  • New affirmative consent campaign tackles issue head-on, experts say #Australia https://t.co/OlGfJFHAL1 
  • Rwanda deportation plan will not work | Law Gazette https://t.co/f9xSZgpsc6
  • Dutton’s campaign to sue detractors failed to factor in vagaries of defamation law https://t.co/txUjfxPA8g
  • Squire Patton Boggs hails gender diversity progress | Law Gazette https://t.co/Co6eTu8GT6 
  • Médecins Sans Frontières condemned for ‘profiting from exploitative images’ https://t.co/nOtH51pSwx
  • Former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has been arrested in #Brazil for illegally carrying a gun while boarding a private plane to Switzerland https://t.co/pEaBNT4s1a 
  • Almost 40% of injuries involving e-scooters across England, Scotland and Wales last year happened in London, according to new government figures https://t.co/okkcg3CdqE 
  • Controversial universal credit related fraud is at a record high of 13% of all spending on the benefit, costing the taxpayer £5.6bn. This represents how desperately deprived austerity has made communities https://t.co/6TQdlKVMNF 
  • Actor Kevin Spacey has been charged with four counts of sexual assault against three men, the Crown Prosecution Service has confirmed https://t.co/HVPuCVQAqJ 
  • SRA should keep costs protection, Supreme Court rules | Law Gazette https://t.co/4JaeE3rGyh 
  • A male City partner who added to a female trainee’s discomfort at being taken to a strip club during a work event by putting his arm around her waist has been rebuked by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) - Legal Futures https://t.co/BWbW5oxHiE 
  • How two Goldman prize winners won landmark rulings in #Dutch courts - Marjan Minnesma’s legal fight forced the Dutch government to cut emissions, while Chima Williams took on Royal Dutch Shell https://t.co/GxKtZ9LogG
  • Mishcon sees off £65m negligence claim | Law Gazette https://t.co/0l7Z3fUDDz 
  • Solicitor used firm's client account to administer family finances - Legal Futures https://t.co/tAhZ23jPzn 
  • Russian can sell Belgravia mansion to fund legal fees | Law Gazette https://t.co/3NVxbY1eg5 
  • The gunman responsible for a deadly school shooting in Texas sent messages about the attack minutes before it happened, the state governor says https://t.co/zjVtON6ld2 
  • "I wish I hadn't followed the rules, I'd have taken the fine," Sara said, adding she would have given anything to spend more time with her dying husband https://t.co/UOkvBiTdN8
  • The number of buildings being knocked down must be reduced because demolition and rebuilding adds to climate change, MPs say. Previously developers have been encouraged to knock down old, poorly-insulated homes and offices https://t.co/vh8fLroFS5 
  • Citizens Advice said 46% of its debt clients had a so-called negative budget, up from 36% three years ago. One mother-of-two said her teenage daughter did not want to ask her for money to buy sanitary products https://t.co/eJu5xoFlhz 
  • Law firm's AI-backed email tool “cut three days’ work to three hours” - Legal Futures https://t.co/ymVbL5c4K0 
  • MoJ admits thousands of unresolved claims clogging up RTA portal | Law Gazette https://t.co/LtkeXvpCfM
  • Vomiting and partying until 4am: Sue Gray delivers damning verdict on Boris Johnson’s No 10 https://t.co/GfIOi6R07D 
  • Volkswagen is to pay £193m to more than 90,000 drivers in England and Wales after it settled a High Court claim over the installation of emissions cheating devices in its vehicles https://t.co/nk5h2UhHln 
  • Not-for-profit campaign organisation Good Law Project (GLP) will next month open a “law firm for the public good” to help run public law and social welfare case - Legal Futures https://t.co/ge9vMCY1C5 
  • A doctor from North Lanarkshire has been jailed for 12 years after being convicted of a campaign of sexual abuse over nearly four decades. Krishna Singh, 72, kissed, groped, gave inappropriate examinations and made sleazy comments to 47 patients https://t.co/5xVypQ0J2P
  • Kate Moss testifies that Johnny Depp did not push her down stairs #US https://t.co/iD5OrbDj4N 
  • Six in 10 people in UK believe government ‘ignores rules’ https://t.co/23y0SJYsYF 
  • Nearly 4,000 passengers were issued fines for not wearing face coverings on London's transport network when it was mandatory to do so, new figures show https://t.co/Q8BsjCMwky


26th May - Law News

Edition 3803: LawNewsIndex is a UK based daily legal news archive on Law, Lawyers, Law Firms, Justice, Jurisprudence, Legislation, Litigation, Legal Ethics & Human Rights since 2011


 Today's Highlighted Video Story: Vladimir Putin, especially these days, is widely reviled. To some he’s a war criminal, to others he’s a dictator, and to many he’s simply a very bad man. But it wasn’t always this way. We trawled through video footage from 20 years of international summits, speeches and news conferences and discovered a man who once basked in high regard: the one who went fishing and dancing with George W. Bush, who fell into warm embraces with Tony Blair and whose jokes had NATO’s leaders rolling on the floor with laughter. As the Opinion Video above starkly reveals, Western leaders once considered Vladimir Putin not just an ally, but also, apparently, a friend.

Focus of the Day Article: A Legal Aid Agency helpline set up to provide back-up advocacy during the criminal bar’s ‘no returns’ action registered 19 ‘contacts’, the Ministry of Justice has revealed. Last month the agency refused to confirm how many providers with higher court advocates volunteered to be added to the agency’s helpline - which was widely seen as a bid to undermine the criminal bar’s action – telling the Gazette a freedom of information request would need to be submitted. Full story - The Law Society Gazette

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • The podcaster accused of libel in the controversy over the identity of bitcoin's inventor has denied destroying evidence in order to play down the influence of his Twitter feed | Law Gazette https://t.co/wq3WMzVyQD
  • Cat MacLean quits banking industry compensation scheme over alleged defects | Scottish Legal News https://t.co/7FGIURezBL
  • Costs in contempt proceedings | Law Gazette https://t.co/6Rlsml8COo 
  • Law Society warns of ‘negative impact’ of removing legal professions from judicial appointments process | Irish Legal News https://t.co/xMf4u2hq2r 
  • ‘Dr Bitcoin’ denies fabricating evidence of libel harm | Law Gazette https://t.co/D3IoX5kUhV 
  • The senior official investigating lockdown parties in Downing Street said she was only able to collect "limited" evidence about an event in the prime minister's flat https://t.co/ut8XrW3hUk 
  • Magic circle firm Clifford Chance has raised pay for newly-qualified UK-based solicitors by 16 per cent to £125,000 | Scottish Legal News https://t.co/NQSRDdX9js 
  • No returns: Disruption minimal as backup helpline attracts 19 volunteers | Law Gazette https://t.co/AN3E9VrNT8 
  • #Afghan female judge awarded prestigious human rights prize - Fawzia Amini advocates for rights of Afghan women and girls from London hotel room she’s been stuck in for nine months https://t.co/TjuFbJz6kx 
  • Lawyers from around the globe to commemorate groundbreaking ‘Paisley snail’ case | Scottish Legal News https://t.co/azs6a3R4Tp
  • Messages and emails within Sue Gray's inquiry into lockdown gatherings in Downing Street have revealed senior officials both actively organising events and expressing relief at escaping scrutiny for them https://t.co/xBQ4GETn5L
  • Anexo looks to ‘growth opportunities’ after positive results | Law Gazette https://t.co/gIurb33F9n 
  • BHSM welcomes solicitor Eoghan Murphy to corporate team | Irish Legal News https://t.co/KWmmw3tZhY 
  • City firms lead establishment of Black British civil rights group | Law Gazette https://t.co/Cr6QrkjTmN
  • Why a digital-first mindset is crucial for successful hybrid working - Legal Futures https://t.co/NL5URYEWHP
  • ‘Global crisis’ of violence: 161 healthcare workers were killed last year, study finds https://t.co/UfVafXaAgl 
  • Former City partner rebuked for putting arm round trainee in strip club | Law Gazette https://t.co/ld6NicYJG6
  • GC fined over conflicts of interest in instructing outside firm - Legal Futures https://t.co/QwTxl9bUVq 
  • ‘I f**cked up’: Solicitor suspended for accounting failures | Law Gazette https://t.co/lCnV5ExiKZ 
  • Cyber-attack contributes to listed law firm's profit warning - Legal Futures https://t.co/gKB7FWP4GW 
  • Footballers agree to spot-fix matches for undercover reporter - former Llanelli player Emile N'Goy, his brother Hermes N'Goy and three European players discussing the illegal activity with undercover journalists https://t.co/yP5whJmAZ5 
  • Nineteen young children and two adults have died in a shooting at a primary school in south Texas. The gunman opened fire at Robb Elementary School - which teaches children aged seven to 10 - in the city of Uvalde #US https://t.co/Ap49EraMFU 
  • Downing Street must withdraw its threat to replace the Human Rights Act https://t.co/acDiD4Z9nS 
  • Welsh Human Rights Bill heralds 'inevitable' devolution of justice | Law Gazette https://t.co/SxLY1HTDML 
  • Over 200 take part in Northern Ireland’s Legal Walk/Run | Irish Legal News https://t.co/G37M6FrahG 
  • Paper-only small claims pilot “likely to do injustice” to litigants - Legal Futures https://t.co/qt0aR2ngh4
  • Good Law Project sets up independent firm | Law Gazette https://t.co/QlEPyBYOqc 
  • SRA to press ahead with plan to increase fining power to £25,000 - Legal Futures https://t.co/AY7JNt2SP7


25th May - Law News

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 Today's Highlighted Video Story: Now thousands of high street dentists in England have stopped providing care on the NHS since the pandemic - leaving millions of people who cannot afford private treatment without access to vital health services.

Focus of the Day Article: A pilot scheme that will see small claims cases determined on the paper in six county courts from next month is “likely to do injustice” to litigants, an academic has argued. Full story - Legal Futures

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • Biden to address nation on 'horrific' Texas school shooting #US https://t.co/8HKuquCEe7
  • In-house lawyers urged to become climate change leaders | Law Gazette https://t.co/Fd94axDOjQ
  • FBI foiled terror plot to kill George W Bush, the instigator of all 21st century wars - The suspect, a resident of Ohio, allegedly sought to have Iraqi operatives smuggled into the #US from Mexico for the operation https://t.co/kY7fot8NG
  • Facebook whistleblowers allege Meta may have breached #Australia’s foreign interference laws https://t.co/3oghksLhS3 
  • Listed law firm's shares slide on profit warning | Law Gazette https://t.co/4r9E8DoMVN
  • Martina O’Mahoney promoted to partner at Kennedys | Irish Legal News https://t.co/pT6B10KuCR 
  • ‘Reverse civil legal aid cuts’ - think tank | Law Gazette https://t.co/JNVzw0EOKU
  • The fan disorder seen at football matches is a "reflection of where we are as a country at the moment", says England manager Gareth Southgate. There have been a number of pitch invasions after games in England in recent weeks https://t.co/TLqTwEv4Vy
  • A boy who stabbed a schoolgirl in a row over a Snapchat video has been found guilty of her murder. Ava White, 12, was fatally stabbed in Liverpool city centre after a Christmas lights switch-on on 25 November 2021 https://t.co/nPdVMO19RU 
  • London Mayor Sadiq Khan asks police for explanation of No 10 Partygate fines https://t.co/lWZi7IUsvr
  • Editorial: Cat MacLean’s resignation is principled and dignified | Scottish Legal News https://t.co/bn31pbbY0E
  • Case worker who was dismissed after probation loses claim | Law Gazette https://t.co/KzTFpqmYQ
  • Cat MacLean quits banking industry compensation scheme over alleged defects | Scottish Legal News https://t.co/7FGIURwatj
  • Make legal advice available at GP surgeries and libraries, says think tank - Legal Futures https://t.co/eEAMAa3y4M 
  • From #Afghanistan's finance minister to cab driver in the US. He went from representing his country at global economic forums to driving for a ride-share firm in the US to make ends meet https://t.co/VMymxouxDa 
  • McCartan Turkington Breen chief recognised at SME awards | Irish Legal News https://t.co/4kcD6j4Wvg
  • Sarah Everard's killer Wayne Couzens has denied exposing himself four times while he was a serving Metropolitan Police officer. The 49-year-old is accused of four counts of indecent exposure in Swanley, Kent, in January and February 2021 https://t.co/JFMWiXavYk
  • West Ham United defender Kurt Zouma has pleaded guilty to kicking and slapping his pet cat in a video that also showed him saying "I swear I'll kill it". He admitted two offences under the Animal Welfare Act at a hearing at Thames Magistrates' Court https://t.co/gukaKNI91P
  • Ofgem boss Jonathan Brearley said the energy price cap, which limits how much providers can raise prices, is expected to increase to £2,800 a year, due to continued volatility in gas prices https://t.co/pMjojBwsaX 
  • The Paris Court of Appeal has dismissed a series of rape accusations against French film director Luc Besson. The director of The Big Blue and Nikita was accused by Dutch-Belgian actress Sand Van Roy in 2018 #France https://t.co/xu5B6NKDtA 
  • In-house solicitor kept quiet about fees paid to family member | Law Gazette https://t.co/5IH1z3kgIN 
  • Insiders who attended events at Downing Street during lockdown have told the BBC how staff crowded together, sat on each other's laps and how party debris was left out overnight https://t.co/u2OaiHeVgh 
  • Thorntons promotes three to partnership | Scottish Legal News https://t.co/2XI6aARGui 
  • Bar to ballot on escalating legal aid action | News | Law Gazette https://t.co/v12pybRVDE 
  • High-profile solicitor's SDT fined upped because of role at tribunal - Legal Futures https://t.co/wArxMWZXx6
  • Victims of fraud have no idea how long they will be stuck on the phone trying to report the crime to their bank, an investigation has found. Average waiting times can range from 16 seconds to more than 30 minutes - depending on the bank https://t.co/BfJZmcul2v 
  • SRA to take on new power to impose £25,000 fines | Law Gazette https://t.co/ipzIkdRLrQ 
  • A 14-year-old girl who was strip-searched by police was left traumatised by the incident and later tried to kill herself, her mother says. Olivia* was handcuffed and had her underwear cut off in the presence of male officers, she added https://t.co/SDzibh8Cc6 
  • Don’t believe those who say ending Roe v Wade will leave society largely intact #US https://t.co/FrGcTXTYi8 
  • Photographs from the heart of #China’s highly secretive system of mass incarceration in Xinjiang, as well as a shoot-to-kill policy for those who try to escape https://t.co/LXnsWpK5wg
  • Boris Johnson is facing fresh questions after photos show the prime minister drinking at a party during a Covid lockdown. The pictures, released by ITV News, are believed to show the prime minister at a leaving party on 13 November 2020 https://t.co/nI5pCSjanf 
  • LSB urges Citizens Advice-style service for small businesses - Legal Futures https://t.co/dVvQ1973dq 
  • How lawyers can help Ukraine | Law Gazette https://t.co/ns4uIG4WP1 
  • Fact-finding hearings should not be default in abuse cases - McFarlane | Law Gazette https://t.co/UJTuhskYCb 
  • Platform firm to aid lawyers setting up side ventures - Legal Futures https://t.co/RhG9DGGeK1 
  • Mark Dreyfus flags Bernard Collaery case as priority if appointed attorney general https://t.co/mSMkU4BIcS 
  • Connected Legal Playbook provides answers to in-house legal challenges | Law Gazette https://t.co/cSIK5bUYbT 
  • Probation Service appoints new deputy director for courts and community | Irish Legal News https://t.co/wS4UDtHa0n 
  • Johnson faces fresh claims he lied to MPs as new Partygate photos emerge https://t.co/msaoYCnQGA 
  • Gene-edited tomatoes could soon be sold in England https://t.co/w2y4NcEDNq 
  • Boris Johnson pictured drinking at No 10 lockdown event https://t.co/9BsKv8esSp 
  • Thorntons promotes three to partnership | Scottish Legal News https://t.co/2XI6aB9hlQ