8th May - Law News

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 Today's Highlighted Video Story: Dr. Renu Raina Sehgal, Director and Chief of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Artemis Hospital and Daffodils, India says that “gynae visit once a year should be there in the rule book”. However, not many women visit a gynaecologist on a regular basis to ensure good reproductive and sexual health. It’s about time, women start giving importance to self care and pay attention to their health

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • A British YouTuber has been detained at a Russia-controlled space centre in Kazakhstan, officials have said. Benjamin Rich, known for his travel channel Bald and Bankrupt, was held near a launch pad at the Baikonur Cosmodrome 
  • Reprieve: Richard Branson, Stephen Fry and Timothy Shriver plead with Singapore’s President for mercy as Nagaenthran Dharmalingam’s execution scheduled – The Barrister Magazine 
  • Law firm Stephenson Harwood is offering its employees the option of working from home full-time on lower salaries | NLJ 
  • The remains of hundreds of people are being deliberately destroyed in an organised campaign to dispose of evidence of ethnic cleansing in the west of #Ethiopia's Tigray region, according to interviews with 15 eyewitnesses
  • Litigant banned over ‘unjustified’ complaints to regulators | Law Gazette
  • Temple Church is offering four choral scholarships for young female singers, soprano or contralto, as part of its equality and diversity activity 
  • Howard Kennedy sees off negligence claim | Law Gazette 
  • Land Registry output 'higher than before the pandemic' | Law Gazette 
  • Qualified barristers and solicitors in the early stages of their careers can now apply for the 2022/23 Judicial Assistants scheme, which provides an invaluable ringside view of the trial process from the perspective of the judge
  • PC fee to rise - but overall practising bills will fall | Law Gazette 
  • Former shadow home secretary Diane Abbott says Sir Keir Starmer should consider his position as Labour leader if he is fined for breaking Covid laws 
  • Injured NHS patients need full and fair redress
  • A court in #Belarus has sentenced a Russian student to six years in jail, one year after she and her dissident journalist partner were removed from a Ryanair plane and arrested 
  • Solicitors are being asked for their views on how to stop unscrupulous sellers, following a surge in the funeral plans market | NLJ 
  • Florida pension fund sues Elon Musk and Twitter to stop buyout. The class-action lawsuit argues that the deal cannot close before 2025 #US 
  • Fundamental business habits that modern law firms need to succeed - Legal Futures 
  • Kathy Boudin obituary: Radical #US activist jailed for her part in a robbery who became an advocate for women in prison and their children 
  • A woman who was secretly filmed getting undressed and using the shower by a man who preyed on nearly 170 victims says she is still waiting for justice. John Wood concealed cameras to film women in a number of locations 
  • Getting £135m for criminal legal aid not easy, says minister | Law Gazette 
  • Lawyers limit community care cases “to help firms stay afloat” - Legal Futures 
  • An intruder who pretended to be a priest and spent a night in an Army barracks near Windsor Castle will face no further action. The man gained entry into Victoria Barracks, home to the Coldstream Guards, in Windsor on 27 April 
  • ‘I didn’t believe stories of atrocities in #Ukraine. But then I saw the photos’
  • Charities and patient groups urge rethink on negligence costs plans - Legal Futures 
  • A £25m fraud squad, to be known as the Public Sector Fraud Authority, will be up and running by July, the Treasury has announced | NLJ 
  • Consumers open to optional top-up cover to reduce cost of PII - Legal Futures
  • No retainer between law firm and businessman in £2.5m dispute - Legal Futures 
  • ‘Tommy Robinson’ faces contempt proceedings | Law Gazette