9th May - Law News

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 Today's Highlighted Video Story: John Lee is the former security chief who led the crackdown on pro-democracy protesters. The result was a foregone conclusion because there was only one candidate to choose from. Following a secret ballot, Hong Kong has a new leader. John Lee is due to replace Carrie Lam as Chief Executive on July first. The staunch China loyalist was elected by a committee of around 1500 members, all vetted to ensure their patriotism to President Xi Jinping and Beijing.

Focus of the Day Article: A £25m fraud squad, to be known as the Public Sector Fraud Authority, will be up and running by July, the Treasury has announced. Full story - New Law Journal

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • Ofsted to get new powers to tackle illegal unregistered schools in England
  • ASPC: Aberdeen sees annual house prices rise by 1.4 per cent | Scottish Legal News
  • UK YouTuber Benjamin Rich quizzed and fined at Russian space centre
  • Why the SQE needs to be integrated into an academic programme so students reach their potential - Legal Cheek
  • Taliban orders Afghan women to cover their faces in public: The move is one of the harshest restrictions imposed on Afghanistan’s women since the Taliban seized power last year
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  • Acid attack survivors in #Mexico: 'Justice is not enough'
  • A dedicated pro bono category at the Partner of the Year Awards program is a testament to how #Australia is paving the way in this area of the law, according to an award winner - Lawyers Weekly
  • An 80-year-old Welsh woman has said she lost her sight in one eye after her regular hospital eye clinic appointments were cancelled during the Covid pandemic 
  • Midlands barristers launch £15k bar course scholarship for students with 'strong' regional links - Legal Cheek
  • Dominic Raab has accused Keir Starmer of "hypocrisy" after police launched an investigation into whether he breached Covid rules in 2021. The deputy PM stopped short of calling for the Labour leader to quit over what he called "rank double standards"
  • The Weekly Round-Up: unlawful care home policies, new legislation and voter ID - UK Human Rights Blog
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  • Challenge to Government policy of discharging hospital patients to care homes at start of pandemic partly upheld - UK Human Rights Blog
  • Boris Johnson accused of undermining rule of law again over ‘left-wing lawyer’ comments | Irish Legal News
  • Labour leader Keir Starmer is facing further questions over whether he broke Covid lockdown rules at an MP's office in Durham, amid reports a leaked party memo suggested time was set aside for him to eat dinner with colleagues
  • Priti Patel’s Rwanda plan for UK asylum seekers faces its first legal challenge: Home secretary is violating international law, the UN refugee convention and data protection rules, say lawyers
  • Shadow cabinet reveal their frustration after elections as police re-examine allegations of Covid rules breach by Starmer
  • Solicitor calls for period payments to be linked to wage inflation | Irish Legal News
  • Solicitor who injected food with blood found not guilty due to insanity - Legal Cheek
  • 3PB breaks through £30m turnover – The Barrister Magazine
  • Grier gets appeal date set in case against police and prosecutors | Scottish Legal News 
  • Career-changing doctor: 'Can I negotiate my training contract salary?’ - Legal Cheek
  • Revealed: betting giants lobbied UK government over proposed crackdown - Documents show gambling firms warned Treasury officials against tightening up industry laws 
  • Landlords in England could be forced to let empty shops in a bid to rejuvenate high streets, under government plans - buildings left vacant for a year would have to be entered into a "rental auction"