28th February - Law News

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 Today's Highlighted Video Story: Dutch children were once ranked among some of the world's happiest, but since the coronavirus pandemic, an increasing number are suffering from depression. Mental health experts say they have seen a sharp rise in calls to suicide prevention helplines.

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • Medical law expert challenges Scottish government mesh review - Scottish Legal News
  • #Pakistan Christian couple on death row have blasphemy appeal delayed indefinitely - Scottish Legal News 
  • Life Sciences Regulatory Framework Becomes Law Post-Brexit
  • Families with babies can now hug and stay with their loved ones after a slight relaxation of coronavirus restrictions in Wales
  • New research shines light on death by driving sentencing - Scottish Legal News
  • Dentons appoints Claire Armstrong as Scotland managing partner - Scottish Legal News
  • In defence of DJs | Law Gazette
  • It’s not our business where and when you work, top-200 firm tells staff | Law Gazette
  • Tipperary solicitors group call for their client accounts to be exempt from new bank charges #Ireland
  • IBA chief hits out at 'sustainable development' measure | Law Gazette 
  • #US Judge approves $650m settlement of privacy lawsuit against Facebook: Nearly 1.6m Facebook users to receive at least $345 after network allegedly used face photo-tagging without permission
  • Developers of mixed housing schemes are increasingly building segregated floors and blocks for low-income families to boost the value of the open market properties 
  • #Hungary asylum restrictions broke European law, says top EU legal adviser
  • Law schools compete for City contracts | Law Gazette
  • Make taking pictures down a woman's top a crime, say law advisers - Law Commission is putting forward proposals to expand behaviours covered by upskirting legislation
  • Britain risks creating new Guantánamo in Syria, says rights group
  • Shamima Begum ruling sets dangerous precedent, say legal experts 
  • Criticism builds over Biden's failure to lift Trump sanctions on ICC prosecutors #US
  • #Myanmar's security forces intensified a crackdown against protesters on Saturday, with local reports of dozens of detentions and a woman shot
  • ‘V.I.P. Immunization’ for the Powerful and Their Cronies Rattles South America
  • Wales manager Ryan Giggs has had his bail extended after denying an allegation of assault. In November, several newspapers reported he had been arrested on suspicion of assaulting his girlfriend
  • Justice campaigners worried about 'disturbing reliance' on remote assistance | Law Gazette
  • British National Overseas Passport Holders Are Latest Victims of #China’s Nationality Law in Hong Kong
  • A US intelligence report has found that #Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman approved the murder of exiled Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018
  • Police boss wants cannabis trial for prisoners
  • Remembering Wales' peacemakers
  • Stop and search: police told to justify racial disparity | Law Gazette
  • Detective says fraudster solicitors' spelling mistake was an error of omission #Ireland
  • Birmingham street traders granted legal review of new rules
  • A heavy metal singer in trouble with Polish authorities over a photo of him stepping on an image of the Virgin Mary has launched a legal defence fund
  • Confidence problems among young Welsh people could lock them out of a career in law, a senior lawyer has claimed. The Senedd's former chief legal advisor, Elisabeth Velina Jones, said not having role models or relatives in the business can be problematic
  • Government reveals long-awaited whiplash portal start date and tariffs | Law Gazette
  • Top Senate Official Disqualifies Minimum Wage From Stimulus Plan #US
  • Highland solicitor appoints new director, Laura Cormack . Promoted colleague first joined the firm more than a decade ago as a legal secretary
  • Forecasters say one-third of lawyers could be in virtual firms by 2026 | Law Gazette
  • Occupiers’ liability in Scotland – who has control of the premises? - Scottish Legal News
  • Man who named Salmond accusers jailed for six months - Scottish Legal News
  • Legal education and training: Unfit for purpose - Legal Futures 
  • Begum's right to fair hearing is not a trump card, SC rules | Law Gazette 
  • #Estonian legal tech startup Avokaado counts €700,000 for contract automation platform
  • Ex-detective barred from police for life after sexually harassing junior colleague
  • Kathleen Thompson inquest: Ex-soldier quizzed about 1971 shooting statements


27th February - Law News

Edition 3350: LawNewsIndex is a UK based daily legal news archive on Law, Lawyers, Law Firms, Justice, Jurisprudence, Legislation, Litigation, Legal Ethics & Human Rights since 2011.   

 Today's Highlighted Video Story: A pattern seems to be emerging in India. Activists are being arrested for the farmers protest and charged under serious charges - sedition, attempt to murder, and then granted bail; in some cases, the bail orders dismantling the police case. Today it was the turn of Nodeep Kaur, a 23-year-old Dalit labour rights activist from Punjab. Arrested over 45 days ago by the Haryana police, she is now out on bail. Her arrest received less attention than those of the activists arrested under the so-called 'Toolkit' case of the Delhi police, but it contains many of the similar ingredients.

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • Court interpretation not needed for secret or open ballot: Barrister Salahuddin #Pakistan
  • Budget 2021 predictions | Law Gazette
  • Solicitor faked decree absolute and had fees paid to her account | Law Gazette
  • Police stations resume support for video remand hearings | Law Gazette
  • Former Yorkshire all-rounder Azeem Rafiq's solicitor urges investigation into alleged racism to be completed by April
  • Misunderstanding of drill music leading to unfair convictions, says Justice | Law Gazette
  • Lord Mulholland set to be called as witness in Rangers damages action - Scottish Legal News
  • Venezuelan IT businessman allowed appeal in persecution asylum application - Scottish Legal News
  • Civil liberties group unveils bill to replace 'dangerous' Coronavirus Act | Law Gazette 
  • ‘Quisling’: SFO wrong to sack solicitor over pub abuse | Law Gazette 
  • More than 300 schoolgirls have been kidnapped by unidentified gunmen from a school in #Nigeria's north-western Zamfara state, police say 
  • Craig Wright is taking legal action to recover $3.5bn of “stolen bitcoin” 
  • Twitter has announced plans for a new "super follow" feature which will enable account holders to charge for exclusive additional content
  • Most judges do not feel valued by government - survey | Law Gazette 
  • Amanda Staveley loses High Court fight with Barclays over damages 
  • A Briton has been sentenced to two weeks in prison and a S$1000 fine ($753; £539) for breaking #Singapore's quarantine rules by leaving his hotel room to visit his fiancée
  • Britney Spears: Father's lawyer says fans 'have it wrong' about pop star's conservatorship #US
  • Shamima Begum cannot return to UK, Supreme Court rules
  • 'Writing for joy' is a session offered by a terrific young Welsh poet. The aim is to spark a bit of creativity for participants from any background. Here are the details from her facebook post: 
  • Highland solicitor appoints new director, Laura Cormack . Promoted colleague first joined the firm more than a decade ago as a legal secretary
  • #Pakistan Christian couple on death row have blasphemy appeal delayed indefinitely - Scottish Legal News
  • #Pakistan Christian couple on death row have blasphemy appeal delayed indefinitely - Scottish Legal News
  • Legal education and training: Unfit for purpose - Legal Futures
  • M&A activity continues to roll on in legal market - Legal Futures
  • “Power of the purse” will bring diversity to Bar - Legal Futures
  • British law professor under fire over ‘Islamophobic’ statements Students at the University of Bristol demand an apology and review of a module they say expresses ‘discriminatory, bigoted’ views on Islam
  • It's 31 May - MoJ fires whiplash reforms starting gun - Legal Futures 
  • Consultant solicitors “set to dominate” mid-market and high street - Legal Futures
  • John Geddert, former #US Olympics gymnastics coach found dead after sex assault charges
  • Queen urges selfish anti-vaxers to 'think about others' by taking Covid jab
  • The Supreme Court is to rule later whether the runaway schoolgirl Shamima Begum should be allowed back into the UK from Syria
  • Governing Irregular Migration and Asylum at the Borders of Europe: Between Efficiency and Protection | Angeliki Dimitriadi 
  • Aberdeen Law Project appoints new members - Scottish Legal News 
  • Scottish Land Commission’s student competition opens - Scottish Legal News
  • Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary says after 35 years police still unable to explain why black people are targeted more often
  • Solicitor David George Frew has passed away at the age of 66. Mr Frew’s career began as a detective constable with Strathclyde Police and the Scottish Crime Squad
  • A Wales based landlord pleaded guilty to harassing a tenant, which is the first time a case of this nature has been brought to the Crown Court and received a six-month jail term suspended for two years
  • Barrister who spoke at anti-mask rally issues legal proceedings against asylum seekers' group #Ireland
  • Price transparency – a dagger through the heart of solicitor estate agents? - Scottish Legal News
  • UK adopts medical device legislation, setting stage for new databases and sanctions
  • Seeing red | Law Gazette
  • HMRC considering another appeal against Loose Woman presenter Adams’ IR35 tribunal ruling
  • Tribunal upholds CMA decision on pharma collusion and £1.2m fine - The Competition Appeal Tribunal has today upheld the CMA’s finding that Lexon broke competition law, dismissing Lexon’s appeal
  • NHS issued legal challenge over contract with Palantir - The lawsuit claims that NHS England failed to consider the impact of the deal on patients and the public 
  • Hong Kongers snap up UK homes and do what they excel at: being landlords
  • The political future of Conservative MS Nick Ramsay is hanging in the balance as he awaits court action by his local party as well as a looming reselection battle


26th February - Law News

Edition 3349: LawNewsIndex is a UK based daily legal news archive on Law, Lawyers, Law Firms, Justice, Jurisprudence, Legislation, Litigation, Legal Ethics & Human Rights since 2011.   

 Today's Highlighted Video Story: Pastor Mick Fleming has devoted all of his time in this lockdown to supporting the poorest communities in Burnley. But his life hasn’t always been this way. He tells us how he swapped a life of crime and dealing drugs for supporting people 24/7 with food parcels, clothes, through suicide attempts and drug relapses. And says that the suffering of the poorest members of his town should make society deeply uncomfortable, more now in the covid crisis, than ever.

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Focus of the Day Article: Avoiding the 'shiny toy syndrome' - law firms urged to focus on the strategy behind tech investment. Video Q&A underlines the importance of staying level-headed in face of booming legaltech sector. Full story - The Global Legal Post

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • Former Trump lawyer warns tax release could spell end for ex-president: ‘Take responsibility for your dirty deeds’ #US
  • A short stamp duty holiday extension will only ‘kick the can down the road’
  • Campaigners accuse government of 'bullying' over £1m PPE case costs | Law Gazette
  • 18-year-olds would be treated as children under proposed court bill | Law Gazette
  • Bar sanctions under scrutiny in new consultation | Law Gazette
  • Greece and Austria are urging other EU states to adopt a common coronavirus vaccination passport, or "certificate", which could help revive Europe's stricken tourist industry this summer
  • Rishi Sunak 'to extend stamp duty holiday' | Law Gazette
  • Experienced Aviation And Aerospace Lawyer Paul Alp Rejoins Jenner & Block #US
  • Nicola Sturgeon has denied allegations that the name of a woman who complained about Alex Salmond was passed to him during a government investigation
  • Michael Gove should apologise to children who lost support from collapsed charity Kids Company, its founder Camila Batmanghelidjh has said
  • The UK's coronavirus alert level has been lowered from level five to four in all four nations as the risk that the NHS could be overwhelmed "has receded"
  • Leading organisations in the conveyancing profession have agreed to work together as The Conveyancing Task Force to discuss, and where possible agree, on reform and enhancement of the conveyancing process for the benefit of consumers and lawyers alike
  • Covid regulations accused had right of silence | Law Gazette
  • Judges reminded to be aware of menopause symptoms | Law Gazette 
  • DAC Beachcroft pilots automation of client onboarding process - Scottish Legal News
  • Judges most concerned with declining respect from government and media - Scottish Legal News
  • Salmond inquiry: Former sheriff questions whether rule of law still holds in Scotland - Scottish Legal News
  • Outer House allows damages action by former private school student alleging camping trip rape to continue - Scottish Legal News
  • FCA to return funds to victims of unauthorised deposit taking and collective investment schemes - Scottish Legal News
  • Old CPR links reopened as upgrade work continues on new site | Law Gazette
  • Police powers to stop and search people in a specified area should be immediately suspended, Justice says. The human rights group says stop-and-search is key in the disproportionate representation of black people in the criminal-justice system
  • California Wins Court Victory for Its Net Neutrality Law #US
  • #Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has warned of an "attempted military coup", after the country's armed forces said he and his cabinet must resign
  • Campaign to highlight impact of abuse, threats and violence on retail staff - Scottish Legal News
  • Average conveyancing firm saw transactions fall 21% last year - Legal Futures
  • Climate change “could transform legal profession” - Legal Futures 
  • Solicitor who left clients "high and dry" struck off - Legal Futures 
  • Consumers “enthusiastic” about all-encompassing register of lawyers - Legal Futures
  • #Australia’s move to tame Facebook and Google is just the start of a global battle
  • Tiger Woods will not face any criminal charges following the single-car crash he was involved in on Tuesday that left him with serious injuries #US
  • Building and fire safety regulations post-Grenfell - Scottish Legal News
  • How many principles have we scrapped since 9/11? A new Guantánamo film reminds us
  • Blair Melville puts theory into practice with Teneu Legal - Scottish Legal News
  • Australia has passed a world-first law aimed at making Google and Facebook pay for news content on their platforms. The news code legislation had been fiercely opposed by tech giants who contribute little through tax revenue
  • The government is being urged to close a legal loophole to stop convicted sex offenders working with children as private tutors
  • Why did ‘Walter Mitty’ solicitors veer into life of crime? Flynn and Clarke used fake IDs and wigs to defraud banks and credit unions of €400,000 #Ireland
  • Job losses in pandemic due to performance issues, say nearly half of Britons: Kings College London study also revealed negative views of minorities are still common
  • MSPs to recognise value of Citizens Advice network - Scottish Legal News
  • Princess Latifa, the captive daughter of #Dubai's poet ruler, has appealed to UK police to re-investigate the kidnap of her older sister from a Cambridge street more than 20 years ago
  • Asda says it has begun consulting with workers over a major restructuring of the business which could put about 5,000 jobs at risk, including 3,000 support jobs
  • #Yazidis have been forgotten during Covid. They need justice, jobs and a return home
  • Cars are set to be banned from George Street in Edinburgh as part of transformation plans to open up the space for pedestrians, bikes, and outdoor seating areas
  • Goldman Sachs bank boss rejects work from home as the 'new normal' 
  • A-level and GCSE results to be decided by teachers
  • #Pakistan An election tribunal on Tuesday turned down a plea challenging the candidature of Federal Minister Faisal Vawda to contest the upcoming Senate election 
  • Italy: the Deadliest Route to Fortress Europe | Daniela Lo Coco
  • Greenock lawyer rips off clients for £200K - William Murnin systematically overcharged by up to 7,000 per cent above what his fees should have been
  • Richard Pike made partner at Womble Bond Dickinson - Scottish Legal News
  • The Awadh Bar Association (Lucknow) and the Allahabad High Court Bar association (Allahabad) have decided to abstain from judicial work today. The strike is on the same day, but the reasons slightly differ #India 
  • The Importance of Pre-Arbitral Steps: The Latest English High Court Approach
  • Judge slams Machynlleth Town council clerk’s conduct in tribunal ruling
  • New UK laws needed to stop hate speech and extremism, says report 
  • UK Prime Minister taps senior Tory to lead regulation commission, top City lawyer's reform plan favoured
  • Ex-Security Officials Spread Blame for Failures of Capitol Riot #US 
  • Online safety commissioner 'more urgent' in context of Covid-19 pandemic - Irish Legal News
  • Further tension between minister and justice committee over NI discount rate - Irish Legal News
  • Ex-solicitors jailed for conspiracy to commit fraud - Irish Legal News 
  • About 29 million people in the UK may be entitled to compensation of up to £30 each if a legal claim from watchdog Which? is successful
  • Consumers love online reviews when picking a lawyer, super-regulator finds | Law Gazette
  • Fund in memory of DWF partner’s son passes £100,000 - Scottish Legal News
  • 'Lacking integrity': Aberdeen teacher tells tribunal his fraudulent actions had 'devastating' impact on pupils
  • Commission for Countering Extremism publishes legal review
  • Keir Starmer’s backwards approach on drugs policy is baffling - He must know the war on drugs has failed. So why is he wedded to this blinkered policy?


25th February - Law News

Edition 3348: LawNewsIndex is a UK based daily legal news archive on Law, Lawyers, Law Firms, Justice, Jurisprudence, Legislation, Litigation, Legal Ethics & Human Rights since 2011.   

 Today's Highlighted Video Story: Minister for Senior Australians and Aged Care Services Richard Colbeck say "I wasn't overly impressed myself" about the communication issues that have emerged since it was announced two aged care residents were given higher-than-prescribed doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. 

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 Focus of the Day Article:Research commissioned by the Legal Services Board has found that consumers see customer reviews as ‘key’ to choosing the right lawyer. Interviews and discussions with 69 people, carried out by the group Community Research, found that respondents regarded it harder to choose a provider of legal services than in other sectors. Full story - The Law Society Gazette

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • Tomás Mac Thréinfhir BL joins board of uilleann piping body - Irish Legal News
  • Growth of 'lawtech' could bring down Irish legal costs and boost growth - Irish Legal News
  • Bruce Springsteen fined $500 over drinking charge #US
  • An advertising campaign has been launched to encourage people across the UK to "keep going" and remain at home
  • High Court: Receiver costs take priority over preferential creditors when winding up a company - Irish Legal News 
  • Uptick in profits for Harper Macleod in last financial year - Scottish Legal News
  • Caroline Stevenson joins Burness Paull - Scottish Legal News
  • Glasgow sheriff refuses to recuse himself from child relocation case - Scottish Legal News
  • SQE: we are on the right path | Law Gazette
  • Recommended trainee minimum rises by 1.1% | Law Gazette
  • 'Shifty Rental Solutions' in fake crash scam, jury finds | Law Gazette
  • “#Spain’s international image is in tatters and reduced to one of a rogue state”. Harsh criticism from MEP Clara Ponsatí's Scottish lawyer after Tuesday's vote at the European Parliament Committee on Legal Affairs
  • Leicester mother with Covid-19 should be allowed to die against her family's wishes, a judge has ruled. The woman, who is in her early 30s, has been in an induced coma since giving birth to a baby boy last month
  • 'No barrier': magistrates set up LGBT+ group | Law Gazette
  • Conveyancers set sights on growth after challenging year - Legal Futures 
  • First cohort of graduate solicitor apprentices start work towards SQE - Legal Futures
  • Solicitor failed to check whether jailed client wanted to sell property - Legal Futures
  • Sotoudeh: Speak out on Iran executions | Law Gazette
  • ‘Extraordinary’: court hears how claimant won case two years after his death | Law Gazette
  • A comparative analysis of migration control strategies along the Western and Eastern Mediterranean routes: Sovereign interventions through militarization and deportation | Ozgun Topak and Luna Vives 
  • Handforth Parish Council could be abolished under boundary review to the dismay of comedy lovers all over the world
  • Alex Salmond saga 'a crisis of credibility' for Holyrood - what impact could it have on the possibility of Scottish independence politics? 
  • Lammy: 'My race review would go further today' | Law Gazette 
  • #US Fashion designer Alexander Wang accused of sexual assault
  • Only two Crown courts checked for cell safety | Law Gazette
  • Why is the Justice Secretary so quiet about the malicious prosecution scandal? - Scottish Legal News 
  • Ghislaine Maxwell offers to give up UK and French citizenship for bail
  • A #German court has sentenced a former Syrian intelligence officer to four-and-a-half years in jail for complicity in crimes against humanity. Prosecutors in Koblenz successfully argued that Eyad al-Gharib, 44, had helped to arrest protesters in 2011
  • People with learning disabilities to be prioritised for Covid vaccine 
  • New senators installed at Parliament House ceremony - Scottish Legal News 
  • Blog: Parental disputes magnified by lockdown - Scottish Legal News 
  • Eddy Winters joins Gilson Gray as business development director - Scottish Legal News 
  • Melanie Sangster appointed Employment Tribunal judge - Scottish Legal News
  • Major conference to look at civil business in Scotland after Covid - Scottish Legal News 
  • UK racks up nearly £6m legal bill over Chagos Islands - Scottish Legal News 
  • Plea made to UN over human rights abuses of Indian farmers - Scottish Legal News
  • CMS and business experts to deliver March ESG series - Scottish Legal News
  • Mental health charity SAMH has received £1,000 from Thorntons after staff completed a physical virtual challenge
  • Daniel Prude: New York police officers filmed restraining an unarmed black man until he stopped breathing will not be charged over his death, officials say #US


24th February - Law News

Edition 3347: LawNewsIndex is a UK based daily legal news archive on Law, Lawyers, Law Firms, Justice, Jurisprudence, Legislation, Litigation, Legal Ethics & Human Rights since 2011.   

 Today's Highlighted Video Story: Just days after Maryland became the first state in the country to impose a tax on digital advertising targeting Big Tech, lobbying groups representing companies including Amazon, Facebook, Google are trying to stop it. Maryland State Senate President Ben Ferguson says that technology companies who make over $100 million a year in ad sales have benefited from public investment and should pay their fair share.

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 Focus of the Day Article:Direct access barristers can be looked down on, and ignored by legal directories, because they do not have solicitors or other professional clients singing their praises, a leading family law specialist has argued. Maria Scotland, joint head of the family team at 5 St Andrew’s Hill chambers, said she could not see a “positive” reason why the directories existed. Full story - Legal Futures

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • Best of the blogs - 20 February 2021 | Law Gazette
  • Tech giants Google and Facebook have too great a share of the UK online advertising market, the boss of the UK's competition watchdog has said
  • A basic principle under attack | Law Gazette 
  • The first woman to lead a magic circle firm, Georgia Dawson is determined to protect and build on ‘all that is fantastic’ at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer - Profile | Law Gazette
  • Freshwater Five drug-smuggling convictions unsafe, court hears: New radar evidence casts doubt on convictions of Isle of Wight fishermen, court of appeal told
  • Workers’ rights and role of trade unions
  • Gérard Depardieu charged with rape and sexual assault: French star is being investigated over an incident with a female actor at his Paris home in 2018 #France
  • Man who sent antisemitic tweets on holiday avoids UK prosecution Judge says Sam Mole, from Kettering, cannot be punished because he tweeted in Australia
  • My legal life: Anna Newport, Newport Land & Law - Profile | Law Gazette
  • Lawyers acting as charity trustees urged not to be deterred by Kids Company case | Law Gazette
  • Alex Salmond will not give evidence on Wednesday to the inquiry into how the Scottish government handled complaints against him
  • A woman who deliberately coughed at police investigating a breach of coronavirus restrictions has been jailed for four months. Lisa Dawn Fisher was verbally abusive when the officers called at a flat in Scarborough
  • CPS to write to defence teams linked to unqualified court interpreter | Law Gazette
  • Legal training disruptor unveils prices for virtual SQE courses | Law Gazette
  • News focus: Is it time for a common law rewrite of GDPR? | Law Gazette
  • Inspection into how Crown Office handles criminal complaints against police gets underway - Scottish Legal News
  • Visible minority groups experience two-thirds of race-related hate crime - Scottish Legal News
  • Evangelical association’s breach of contract claim for cancelled arena event rejected by Glasgow sheriff - Scottish Legal News
  • Boris Johnson has promised a review into the use of vaccine passports, but said there were "deep and complex issues" to consider
  • "It's one of the easiest ways to get money to be honest. If you've got a girl and she works and she's into you, why not ask her to send over money? Lawyers are the best obviously."
  • The reopening of Scotland's economy - including shops, bars, restaurants, gyms and hairdressers - is expected to start in the last week of April
  • Solicitor struck off in 1999 allowed back into profession | Law Gazette
  • Conveyancing taskforce set up to manage digital transition | Law Gazette
  • ‘Work from home’ guidance to remain until June at least | Law Gazette 
  • Renewing your PII this spring? Here's what you need to know - Legal Futures
  • Solicitor fined for abusive call to client who's also a relative - Legal Futures
  • Earl of Strathmore jailed for sex attack at Glamis Castle home
  • Facebook reverses ban on news pages in #Australia
  • A father-to-be has died after a device he was building for his child's gender-reveal party exploded, according to police. Christopher Pekny, 28, was assembling the device in the town of Liberty when it exploded just before noon on Sunday #US
  • Irregular Migration Flows and the Management of the EU's Southern Maritime Borders: The Case of the Greek Islands | Anna Triandafyllidou
  • Ince launches first multi-disciplinary maritime offering - Legal Futures 
  • Senior barrister rails against 'direct access discrimination' - Legal Futures
  • Dentons to raise fee-earner salaries - Scottish Legal News
  • LGBT History Month – a celebration of spirit - Scottish Legal News
  • Burges Salmon advises BayWa r.e. UK on wind farm acquisition - Scottish Legal News
  • Sheriff Tom Hughes on fond memories of Dundee - Scottish Legal News
  • Gillespie Macandrew advises on landmark Waitrose deal - Scottish Legal News
  • Scott McGeachy: European Commission publishes draft decisions to allow EU-UK data flows - Scottish Legal News
  • BTO announces appointment of commercial litigation partner Angus Wood - Scottish Legal News
  • UK firms given six months' grace on gender pay gap reporting: EHRC says it will not begin enforcement proceedings until 4 October, six months after deadline
  • BAME Britons more likely to face higher living costs, study finds
  • Cambodian child sexual abuse victim seeks compensation in #Australian legal first: the law allows victims who were assaulted overseas to claim compensation, but provision has never been used


23rd February - Law News

Edition 3346: LawNewsIndex is a UK based daily legal news archive on Law, Lawyers, Law Firms, Justice, Jurisprudence, Legislation, Litigation, Legal Ethics & Human Rights since 2011.   

 Today's Highlighted Video Story: At least two people have been killed in Myanmar after riot police fired live rounds to disperse crowds protesting against the military coup. Witnesses said police opened fire at demonstrators in the country's second largest city, Mandalay. One victim was shot in the head and died at the scene, the other died on the way to hospital. Protestors were forced to flee as security forces chased after them. 

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 Focus of the Day Article: A judge in the Outer House of the Court of Session has found that a local authority acted unlawfully in failing to provide assistance to a homeless Sudanese refugee living in Scotland..Abdelwahab-Kaba Dafaalla sought declarator that Edinburgh City Council has failed to fulfil its statutory duty under the Housing (Scotland) Act 1987 in refusing to accept an application from him for accommodation and assistance. Full story - Scottish Legal News

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • Judge says lawyer who killed her son also tracked Justice Sotomayor, FBI agents found that the lawyer, Roy Den Hollander, had "a manila folder with a workup on #US Supreme Court judge," 
  • The maker of Fortnite, Epic Games, will not be able to take Apple to court in the UK as part of a high-profile row, a tribunal has ruled
  • Nicola Sturgeon has challenged Alex Salmond to prove there was a conspiracy against him, saying he has made claims "without a shred of evidence"
  • Four-step plan to ease England's lockdown; all legal limits on social contact lifted by 21 June, if strict conditions are met. Shops, hairdressers, gyms and outdoor hospitality could reopen on 12 April in England under plans set out by the PM
  • EC Publishes Draft UK Data Transfer Adequacy Determination
  • Pro-Beijing reforms threaten ‘end’ of #HongKong’s legal system, top lawyer warns
  • £550K fine for #Jersey firm’s anti-money-laundering breach
  • To Help Migrants in #Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tackle EU Abuses
  • Top criminal defence solicitor Cahir O’Higgins in court charged with attacking former colleague in Dublin city centre #Ireland
  • #Malaysia court Punishes News Site for Reader Comments Decision Holding Portals Liable Poses Serious Risk to Freedom of Speech
  • Britain’s largest Muslim group has complained that the government’s refusal to work with it throughout the pandemic crisis has had “tragic consequences” and urgently called on ministers to reconsider a policy of non-engagement with the organisation
  • Grenfell cladding company did nothing after two high-rise fires in Middle East - Inquiry finds that customers were not warned of risks by Arconic, who did not share results of fire tests with UK certification body
  • Police drop charge against black man arrested for walking home in Texas snowstorm - Rodney Reese was arrested in Plano, Texas, and charged with being a pedestrian in the roadway #US
  • #US Supreme court rejects Trump bid to block tax records from prosecutor - Court’s order is a win for the Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus Vance Jr, who has been seeking Trump’s tax records since 2019
  • Erdogan regime condemned after human rights activist MP is jailed #Turkey
  • WhatsApp users who do not accept its updated terms and conditions by the 15 May deadline will be unable to receive or send messages until they do so
  • Criminal lawyers nationwide have reacted with shock and sadness to the sudden passing last Tuesday of Edinburgh solicitor Kathleen More at the age of 45 - Scottish Legal News
  • Hancock acted unlawfully by failing to publish details of Covid-19 contracts - Scottish Legal News
  • Outer House judge finds Edinburgh council in breach of duties towards homeless refugee - Scottish Legal News
  • #Russian Court Clears Way to Send Navalny to a Penal Colony
  • Human rights and climate crisis give HSBC an image problem
  • A terror suspect who caused nine hours tailbacks at British ports after absconding has been jailed for breaking counter terrorism rules
  • UK government broke the law by failing to disclose PPE contracts, court rules
  • #Venezuelan Women Lose Access to Contraception, and Control of Their Lives
  • Fly-tipping: Licensing system failing to stop dumping, Panorama finds 
  • US plane manufacturer Boeing has recommended grounding all of the 777-model aircraft which have the same type of engine that suffered failure and shed debris over Denver on Saturday
  • The fallout from the Capitol attack and the shadow of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing are likely to take center stage at the confirmation hearings for President Biden’s pick for attorney general #US
  • Freshwater part 4: radar – podcast
  • UK's anti-terror chief fears rights group boycott threatens Prevent review 
  • Scottish misogyny law must protect all women, says Helena Kennedy: QC discusses the task ahead as she begins her scrutiny into whether Scotland needs a separate offence of misogynist abuse
  • Captain Sir Tom Moore: Daughters release funeral details
  • Covid vaccine: Confidential offer for HIV patients
  • Former presidential adviser joins ABS with eye on Brexit benefits - Legal Futures
  • Partner lied to client about settlement that never was - Legal Futures
  • Quran-quoting barrister receives apology from counsel who asked him to stop - Legal Futures
  • Law firm takes stake in online legal services platform for SMEs - Legal Futures
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  • The head of the UN nuclear watchdog says #Iran has agreed to extend UN inspectors' access to its nuclear sites for three months
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 Today's Highlighted Video Story: Torch-lit demo in Bologna, Italy, protesting compulsory closure of businesses - restaurateurs decry the shut-down of hospitality venues as the city moves into the so-called ‘orange zone’ of the country’s COVID restrictions system.

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 Focus of the Day Article: Uber drivers are workers with access to paid holidays, minimum wage and other benefits, the Supreme Court has held in a landmark ruling. Full story - New Law Journal

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