6th February - Law News

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 Today's Highlighted Video Story: Congress MP Shashi Tharoor comments on the debate about celebrity tweets on farmer protests and says, "we also comment on internal affairs of other counties with the most recent example - MEA commenting on Myanmar coup". Mr Tharoor hit out at government's handling of the situation, calling its reaction embarrassing. He also spoke about Indian celebrities and their 'cut copy' reactions and ways in which India can change its global image.

Saturday Conversations on Law
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  • #Ugandan ex-child soldier guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity ://
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  • Roma communities are some of the most marginalised in Europe. More than 10 million people live largely in poverty, often in overcrowded settlements
  • #Denmark unveils world’s first Covid-19 ‘vaccine passport’ scheme - Scottish Legal News
  • Britons should not face extradition to the US for alleged crimes on UK soil - MPs claim to be appalled by our unjust and uneven extradition deal. But they still won’t change it
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  • SRA: New areas of practice and legalised cannabis present AML risks - Legal Futures
  • Boris Johnson's senior adviser on ethnic minorities resigned complaining of "unbearable" tension within Downing Street - but then decided to stay on
  • Kilmarnock stabbings: Two women and a man die in three linked incidents
  • Covid-19: Avoid 'setting dates' for lifting lockdown, scientist warns
  • Foreign Office minister James Cleverly has defended the government's plan to quarantine travellers in hotels, which begins on 15 February - Arrivals from Covid variant hotspots will have to stay in a hotel for 10 nights
  • Shepherd and Wedderburn commits to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 - Scottish Legal News
  • New rules to allow Attorney General six months’ maternity leave on full pay - Scottish Legal News
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  • NI: McKees opens 2021 trainee programme for applications - Irish Legal News
  • McKenna & Co Solicitors welcomes trainee - Irish Legal News
  • Gillian Keating: When language is loose and 'best efforts' is not good enough - Irish Legal News
  • Una McGurk SC rebuked by judge in case brought by Nigerian man who said he was bisexual - Irish Legal News