5th November - Law News

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Today's Highlighted Video Story: A thick layer of haze covered the Delhi on Friday. The National Capital continued to reel under 'severe' air quality with Air Quality Index (AQI) at 472 currently. Climate change is a major issue facing India, and sustainability remains a word paid lip-service by the ruling political machinery.  

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • Junior lawyers won’t have to ‘turn in’ bullying workmates | Law Gazette
  • Philip: SRA will make full use of unlimited fining power for economic crime - Legal Futures 
  • William Tyrrell’s former foster mother knows where he is, NSW detective tells court #Australia
  • Lead-generation company acquired to boost PI business | Law Gazette 
  • Council bosses have said they were not consulted or notified by the Home Office about the arrival of 55 migrants to a hotel at a seaside resort. North Devon Council said the hotel in Ilfracombe was an "unsuitable location" for them due to its remoteness
  • Barney Ross elected Clerk of Faculty | Scottish Legal News
  • Woman claiming to be Christ warned to stop using court time | Law Gazette
  • LeO seeks 9.6% budget rise equivalent to £7.20 per solicitor - Legal Futures
  • Automating IP checks will require legislation | Law Gazette
  • KOD Lyons promotes Katie Dowling to associate | Irish Legal News
  • 'Hillsborough Law' on the agenda of new parliamentary group | Law Gazette
  • Cat MacLean to join BTO’s dispute resolution team | Scottish Legal News
  • US legal profession ‘still opposed to ABS-style reform’ | Law Gazette
  • PE firm adds digital marketing business to law firm acquisitions - Legal Futures 
  • Minister says 'bit of a cheek’ for asylum-seekers to complain about conditions - Chris Philp’s comments come as government faces pressure to fix ‘chaos’ at Manston immigration centre
  • SFO secures record penalty in Glencore bribery case | Law Gazette
  • South West Ambulance has the longest waits in the country for people to get through to the operator. It takes almost a minute on average for ambulance control to answer 999 calls compared with just five seconds for the West Midlands service
  • Evidence of Albanian drug gangs using the migrant camps of northern France as a recruitment ground, offering to pay the passage of those prepared to work in the UK drugs industry on arrival
  • Les Allamby appointed to NI Policing Board | Irish Legal News
  • Metamorph director leaves as new winding-up petition emerges | Law Gazette
  • UCD academic supporting judicial training in Ukraine | Irish Legal News
  • SRA rows back on requiring junior staff to challenge bad behaviour at work - Legal Futures
  • A farewell to 'fax it up' | Law Gazette
  • Just when refugees thought Manston couldn’t get any worse, here comes Leaky Sue
  • Andrew Blain re-elected managing partner of Shepherd and Wedderburn | Scottish Legal News
  • Protecting the rights of lawyers | Law Gazette 
  • Carson McDowell secures apology from Unite the Union | Irish Legal News
  • The #French parliament was brought to a halt after a far-right MP GrĂ©goire de Fournas, a member of National Rally (RN) shouted "They should go back to Africa" as a black colleague talked about immigration 
  • Abject failure of Scotland’s FOI regime highlighted by irritated public | Scottish Legal News 
  • 128 scholars ask UN not to adopt IHRA definition of anti-Semitism: Leading scholars in anti-Semitism said IHRA definition has been ‘hijacked’ to protect Israel from international criticism