6th September - Law News

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Today's Highlighted Video Story: With Alan Joyce announcing his abrupt departure from Qantas two months ahead of schedule, Vanessa Hudson is now in control of an airline with a reputation problem — and disgruntled customers say it will be tough to win them back.

Focus of the Day Legal News:  The woman who first broke a Harvey Weinstein non-disclosure agreement (NDAs) has strongly criticised the Bar Council for dismissing the growing evidence of NDA abuse. Zelda Perkins argued instead that “the comfortable ‘NDAs are fine’ consensus appears to be breaking down among individual practitioners”. Full story - Legal Futures  

A selection of important developments in the world of law and justice (for a comprehensive look at the news and events, please visit @theLawMap Twitter feed):

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • #Cuba uncovers ‘human trafficking ring’ recruiting for Russia’s war in Ukraine - Havana says it is dismantling network seeking to recruit Cubans as mercenaries as Moscow attempts to boost its forces
  • Social media firms risk ‘humongous’ fines if they grant access to under-13s. Technology secretary Michelle Donelan claims that online safety bill will enable Ofcom to fine firms up to 10% of their global turnover
  • Legal regulators “must collaborate to help consumers” - Legal Futures
  • Former Proud Boys leader sentenced to 22 years over US Capitol attack. Sentencing of Enrique Tarrio caps one of the most significant prosecutions in the investigation into the January 6 attack #US
  • The #French education minister has said that nearly 300 pupils arrived at school on Monday wearing the abaya, the long Muslim robe which was banned in schools last week
  • New York attorney general asks judge to fine Trump over ‘frivolous’ arguments. Letitia James says Trump family is rehashing failed legal arguments in $250m civil suit over company’s business affairs #US
  • General counsel seek to champion LGBTQ+ community | Law Gazette