1st September - Law News

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Today's Highlighted Video Story: The number of people in temporary accommodation is higher than ever and families living in hotels past the six-week legal limit is at a 20 year high. Often families are all living in one room together, with no cooking facilities, waiting to hear from the council about whether they will be placed in more permanent accommodation, or told to pack up and move hotels with a day’s notice.  The Guardian spoke with three families living in the hotel about the impact it’s having on their children, health and money.

Focus of the Day Legal News: Registers of Scotland should devote its resources to addressing the backlog of applications instead of ‘Unlocking the Sasine’, writes the Scottish Law Agents Society. Full story - Scottish Legal News  

A selection of important developments in the world of law and justice (for a comprehensive look at the news and events, please visit @theLawMap Twitter feed):

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • 'Cheap gesture politics': lawyers react to sentencing plan | Law Gazette
  • An #Iranian man has died in jail after his death sentence for taking part in anti-government protests was overturned by Iran's supreme court. Javad Rouhi was arrested last year during protests triggered by the death in custody of Mahsa Amini
  • How firms can help lawyers manage targets and their workloads - Legal Futures
  • Man who shot Black teenager Ralph Yarl must stand trial, Missouri judge rules. Andrew Lester, 84, shot Yarl in April after teen mistakenly went to his house to pick up his younger brothers
  • Accused could bring human rights case against Scottish government over backlog | Scottish Legal News
  • #Gabon coup: Why young Africans are celebrating military takeovers - deep resentment at the way many civilian rulers manipulate electoral processes or constitutional rule to prolong their hold on power
  • ‘A self-inflicted injury’: judge dismisses lawsuit claiming Yesterday trailer tricked Ana de Armas fans #US