6th July - Law News

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Some 200 medical professionals have expressed “great concern” over a proposed bill to grant the terminally ill the right to an assisted suicide. Health care professionals from various specialities have signed a letter to Health Secretary Humza Yousaf detailing their concerns. Full story - Scottish Legal News

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • What new partners need to know - Lawyers Weekly https://t.co/T8Jl1Gd3w
  • #Germany lifts ban on tourists from UK and Portugal https://t.co/5muCnugES
  • A former Greater Manchester Police officer is being investigated by a watchdog over his evidence at a public inquiry into the Manchester Arena bomb. Ch Insp Dale Sexton was the force duty officer in the control room https://t.co/JiFqCNYfL
  • Legal Cheek listed law firm fund chalks up 38% increase in just six months - Legal Cheek https://t.co/N0FKWIvl3
  • Adoption under Juvenile Justice Act 2015 not restricted to orphaned children or those in need of care and protection: Bombay High Court | Bar & Bench #India https://t.co/B2vSfTJo
  • Mid-sized City firm latest to appoint female leader - Legal Cheek https://t.co/DuaQdLNlig
  • Workplace lawyer urges employers to take balanced approach in remote work ‘surveillance’ - Lawyers Weekly #Australia https://t.co/uOfs6lpUJm
  • Corruption allegations increase pressure on Bolsonaro - Reports claim #Brazilian president, already accused of mishandling Covid, was involved in embezzlement scheme https://t.co/7RpCSxHPzz
  • A teenage boy has been convicted of murdering his 12-year-old friend after luring him to woodland and attempting to decapitate him. Roberts Buncis was found dead in the Fishtoft area of Boston on 12 December https://t.co/pfxvpovHi7
  • Face masks will no longer be legally required and distancing rules will be scrapped at the final stage of England's Covid lockdown roadmap, Boris Johnson has confirmed https://t.co/imYdKU33GG
  • The integration of Artificial Intelligence in the Indian judiciary: MCIL CEO Manthan Trivedi | Bar & Bench #India https://t.co/CBu9QBNcd
  • Ex-Clifford Chance junior lawyer and former Goldman Sachs analyst brother deny insider trading - Legal Cheek https://t.co/pLHGgSOAO
  • A Jewish man who was abused twice in one hour in central London was threatened because of his appearance, his brother said. Yosef was "verbally assaulted" while on a bus into Oxford Street and then while at an underground station https://t.co/9muK8gPCDF
  • EU to lift ban on animal by-products for livestock food - UK Human Rights Blog https://t.co/ttx35DoTjW
  • Having practised as a barrister, and now as a partner, Jahan Kalantar understands that soft skills such as empathy are essential in better understanding client needs and, ultimately, succeeding as a lawyer - Lawyers Weekly https://t.co/UDanihiPFU
  • Global law firms unite to support net zero transition - Legal Cheek https://t.co/HNBnZgnQD
  • Listed compliance and risk business snaps up another law firm - Legal Futures https://t.co/cNgqkymDIT
  • New Liberals to launch private action over ‘credible, believable’ evidence found in Christian Porter rape allegations - Lawyers Weekly #Australia https://t.co/cpqydgKdKe
  • Wales' train operator has been accused of "empty words" after failing to enforce social distancing rules https://t.co/TeZqSt6RKt
  • Cryptocurrency fraud: Delhi Court orders Police to lodge FIR on fraud allegations by Bitcoin seller | Bar & Bench #India https://t.co/eE9gS9vx8R
  • Consumers happy with shift to online legal services, survey finds - Legal Futures https://t.co/ofwyJK8iX0
  • Junior lawyer avoids strike off over 'brutal' assault - Legal Cheek https://t.co/jpL7d9lSif 
  • Bangalore court restrains media from publishing "false, reckless news items" about Union Minister DV Sadananda Gowda | Bar & Bench #India https://t.co/i3S0iOEgro
  • Communication of prisoner with outside world will be recorded/ monitored for safety, security: State government informs Allahabad High Court | Bar & Bench #India https://t.co/QNUIy3bXIa 
  • A new regulator will be set up with the power to prosecute property developers that do not meet safety standards, the government has announced https://t.co/D9xapR1WOX
  • Concordiam per Journal of European Security and Defense Issues | Fatos Haziri and George C. McAlumni https://t.co/ISqhDXTBWe
  • Her Family Owned Slaves. How Can She Make Amends? - Stacie Marshall, who inherited a Georgia farm, is trying on a small scale to address a generations-old wrong that still bedevils the nation #US https://t.co/OTQ8RGYW5z
  • Work of company lawyers becoming trickier, says CMA boss - Legal Futures https://t.co/deAxDEawgO
  • Barrister reprimanded for pushing female practitioner’s head towards crotch - Lawyers Weekly #Australia https://t.co/k2LfKUtVFV
  • Meet the mid-sized firms offering an attractive alternative to City law life - Legal Cheek https://t.co/9V9H5JKvt
  • Supreme Court Revisits Wrongful Birth Claims: an extended look - Robert Kellar QC and Owain Thomas QC - UK Human Rights Blog https://t.co/ysdNitBrqy
  • Allahabad High Court seeks explanation from Police SI for furnishing name of non-existent police station | Bar & Bench #India https://t.co/0gQ5YtewK
  • High Court confirms business interruption insurance exclusion - Lawyers Weekly #Australia https://t.co/8HQKLVKlaB
  • Didi ordered off #China's app stores by nation's cyber regulator https://t.co/FsnsJpscbd 
  • Supporters of #SouthAfrican ex-President Jacob Zuma have formed what they say is a human shield outside his home to try to prevent his arrest https://t.co/ufEtKWxMWi
  • Colin Biggers & Paisley promotes 10 to senior roles - Lawyers Weekly #Australia https://t.co/1lcQ5xhxhT 
  • DMK moves Madras High Court opposing BJP leader's PIL against Tamil Nadu Committee to study impact of NEET | Bar & Bench #India https://t.co/p3S5sC2aUd
  • Retired lawyer fails to recover $61k over email mishap - Lawyers Weekly #Australia https://t.co/rOm1obcWxY 
  • #Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: Accept our rule or no ceasefire, rebels say https://t.co/23iRrb0Ffy 
  • Hospital patients in Wales may be able to have more visitors as new visiting guidelines come into force on Monday https://t.co/ZJgFggJzuL