20th July - Law News

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 The Bar Council of England and Wales - Meeting of the Bar Council – 10 July 2021

Focus of the Day Article:
The Supreme Court has rejected a challenge against the two-child limit on the individual element of child tax credit payments. In a unanimous judgment delivered by Lord Reed, the Court held that the provision imposing the limit was not contrary to the appellants’ Convention rights. The Court found that the rule was potentially indirectly discriminatory against women, as well as children living in households with more than two children. However, any such discrimination could be validly justified and was considered to be proportionate on the basis of ‘protecting the economic well-being of the country’.  Full story - UK Human Rights Blog
Saturday Conversations on Law
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  • An extreme heat weather warning for parts of the UK has been issued for the first time by the Met Office https://t.co/5GH0YX7zKd 
  • People attending nightclubs and other venues where large crowds gather in England will need to be fully vaccinated from the end of September, the government says https://t.co/y5ujprVM8
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  • U.S. Moves to Return Antiquity Said to Be Stolen From #Cambodia - Prosecutors say a sacred work known as “Skanda on a Peacock” was sold at one point by Douglas A.J. Latchford, a collector who was accused of trafficking stolen artifacts https://t.co/uj2lSSeUQq
  • Conspiracy theories about SouthKorea’s turbulent past have spread online. Now the government is pushing criminal penalties to crack down on misinformation https://t.co/8GhhUaFHsn
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  • Knife crime in Cardiff: The scourge of the city as told by those who have lost everything https://t.co/2jVz3ytpsp
  • Rights activists, journalists and lawyers around the world have been targeted with phone malware sold to authoritarian governments by an #Israeli surveillance firm, media reports say https://t.co/oTPHEioOEJ 
  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged caution as most legal restrictions on social contact lift in England https://t.co/qDJuv54sFz