5th July - Law News

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 Today's Highlighted Video Story:
Germany has the biggest following of QAnon outside of the US. So, how did a conspiracy movement about Donald Trump saving America from a cannibalistic, paedophilic elite become so popular there?

  Focus of the Day Article:
Over ten years ago I posted on the wasteful prohibition under the EU Animal By-Product Regulation on feeding meat and bone meal – waste from slaughterhouses – to omnivorous farm animals, poultry and pigs. See Pigswill and public health: a load of EU Bull, 7 January 2021. While this regulation has been in force the protein needed by these fast growing animals has had to come from expensive soybeans, imported from South America where hundreds of miles of rainforests have been laid waste to make room for the soy crop. As you will remember from that post, the ban was introduced following the BSE crisis, itself a possibly predictable consequence of feeding spinal tissue to vegetarian ruminants. Full story - UK Human Rights Blog

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