24th January - Law News

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Focus of the Day Law News/Article: Can victims of crime hope for justice from a crumbling system? As every police force in England and Wales begins reviewing abuse allegations against its officers, the underfunded legal system is already buckling under a vast backlog. Full story - Guardian Law  
Today's Highlighted Video Story: Rishi Sunak was in Northampton earlier to launch a mental health policy, but instead had to use the event to announce an investigation into one of his own cabinet ministers.  Revelations over Nadhim Zahawi's HMRC penalty have raised questions over the Prime Minister's commitment to rebuilding standards. Meanwhile, the man who oversaw their perceived collapse, Boris Johnson, dismissed as 'nonsense' the accusation he helped the BBC's chairman into the job in return for help securing a loan, now also the subject of a Whitehall probe.

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