13th January - Law News

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Focus of the Day Law News/Article: New Bar Council chair champions independent Bar and calls for regulatory reform. Commercial silk Nick Vineall KC’s speech will ruffle feathers at Bar’s oversight and frontline regulators. Full story - The Global Legal Post

Today's Highlighted Video Story: A 13-year-old boy has been charged with assaulting and spitting on a bus driver in Perth, Australia. It's the latest in a spate of serious crimes involving juvenile offenders.

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • The Guardian view on anti-strike laws: bad in practice, wrong in principle - Attacking fundamental labour rights is a sign of weakness in a prime minister without a strategy 
  • Uncertainty mounts as partner profits slip at US firms | Law Gazette
  • Illinois bans military-style weapons in win for gun control advocates #US
  • Costs lawyers call for revived remuneration certificate procedure - Legal Futures
  • NUS failed to challenge antisemitism. The report, which outlines the findings of the investigation announced by the NUS and led by lawyer Rebecca Tuck KC, did not recommend any sanctions
  • The Blue singer Lee Ryan has been convicted of the racially aggravated assault of a flight cabin crew member 
  • Why reporting on #Iran comes at a heavy price
  • Why bother with Family Mediation Week? | Law Gazette
  • Air India Urination Case: Delhi Court reserves orders in Bail Plea | Bar & Bench #India
  • Mid-sized law firms “could save £400,000 a year” from digitisation - Legal Futures
  • Rishi Sunak is facing a major backbench rebellion over the government's plans to prevent harmful material on the internet. 36 Tory MPs are backing a plan to make social media bosses face prison if they fail to protect children from damaging content online
  • UKSC: Mother’s equality appeal over Glasgow City Council’s treatment of disabled son dismissed | Scottish Legal News
  • Black patients wait up to six months longer for an organ transplant than the general population - the best match comes from someone of the same ethnicity - but only 2% of donors in 2021/22 were black, while black people are 4% of the population 
  • A fourth man has been arrested on suspicion of murdering footballer Cody Fisher at a Birmingham nightclub. The 23-year-old player for non-league Stratford Town died after being stabbed on the dance floor of the Crane venue in Digbeth
  • Afghan refugees made to move school take UK to court
  • Collapsed firm’s creditors stand to recoup just 0.3% of £21m owed | Law Gazette
  • Last week, when Indian-origin lawyer Surendran K Pattel took the oath as a district judge in a #US court, he made headlines back home because of his inspiring journey - he once made cigarettes in India
  • Stephanie Nichol made partner at Balfour and Manson | Scottish Legal News 
  • New Bar chair calls on Ministry of Justice to review LSB - Legal Futures
  • Court is not 'playing field' for disputes, judge says in libel hearing | Law Gazette 
  • Trio of partner appointments at Mackinnons | Scottish Legal News 
  • Solicitor can sue ex-firm for misuse of private WhatsApp messages - Legal Futures
  • Ireland: Digital rights group to sue DPC over Facebook data leak decision | Scottish Legal News
  • The government has said it will not create a specific offence for spiking, arguing a new law is unnecessary. Ministers said they were looking into the issue last year 
  • Inksters appoints chief operating officer and opens for business in Dunkeld | Scottish Legal News