10th January - Law News

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Focus of the Day Law News/Article: Police have never taken cycle theft seriously – and the worst effects of this crime are felt by young and disadvantaged people. Full story - Guardian Law

Today's Highlighted Video Story: Hear about the latest cyber trends impacting law firms, such as ransomware attacks


Saturday Conversations on Law
  • A junior barrister’s journey to the commercial bar - Legal Cheek https://t.co/zu4ivQkMQ2 
  • Support for businesses with their energy bills is to be reduced from April, the government has confirmed. Under the new scheme, firms will get a discount on wholesale prices rather than their costs being capped as under the current one https://t.co/ZDayCxiW9D 
  • Dozens of people demonstrated outside a prison in #Iran overnight amid reports authorities were preparing to execute another two anti-government protesters https://t.co/1IyACTOGeU 
  • Freshfields kicks off spring retention season with 97% score - Legal Cheek https://t.co/sDKB8RANVU 
  • Global action is needed to topple Myanmar’s criminal junta boss https://t.co/tfgZx4mdTJ 
  • Claire Edgar to chair Belfast domestic abuse working group | Irish Legal News https://t.co/uxFiJCweTT
  • What makes a great deal lawyer? - Legal Cheek https://t.co/N9JPvsWQgB 
  • A man has appeared in court accused of throwing an egg towards King Charles III during a walkabout. Harry May, 21, of Moreton Road South, Luton, is charged with a public order offence https://t.co/iVwfok4OJx 
  • An academic spat over a depiction of Muhammad reveals how the language of diversity is eviscerating its very meaning https://t.co/SoiPr7OfsD 
  • 'Bin online exams', says top barrister - Legal Cheek https://t.co/tYNGbhV0Sy 
  • The urination scandal that embarrassed the airline - The incident took place in late November on a Tata-run Air India flight. But it was reported only last week when the woman filed a complaint #India https://t.co/Vc5E8C8EfN
  • Major high street fashion brands have paid factories in Bangladesh less than the cost of producing their clothes. A survey of 1,000 factories found many were paid the same prices as before the pandemic two years ago - despite soaring costs of materials https://t.co/DpqAWtLp5d 
  • A retired teacher has been charged with sexually assaulting a child after an investigation revealed dozens of allegations about his time at a British school, where he taught future prime minister Boris Johnson https://t.co/RK2ROC28Oh 
  • Pandemic care home death: Family to sue over mother's end-of-life consent - Antonia Stowell, 87, did not have the mental capacity to consent because she had dementia, say the family's lawyers https://t.co/eHvArgzrqv 
  • UK space launch: Historic Cornwall rocket mission set to blast off https://t.co/7ehBEGkqDX
  • US-headquartered K&L Gates launches Dublin office with three partners | Irish Legal News https://t.co/rq2oHgkmvQ 
  • UCL law student recognised in New Year Honours List - Legal Cheek https://t.co/DOiOUpSlyr 
  • Single-use items like plastic cutlery, plates and trays will be banned in England, the government has confirmed. It is not clear when the ban will come into effect, but it follows similar moves already made by Scotland and Wales https://t.co/ZBmm72fCql 
  • Revealed: The law firms with the best perks - 2023 edition - Legal Cheek https://t.co/wSr3zVpuLW 
  • Work-related fatalities at record low | Irish Legal News https://t.co/mskriuC9IR 
  • A couple and their newborn baby who went missing three days ago were last seen after travelling inland from a port, police have said. Constance Marten and Mark Gordon left their vehicle when it broke down on the M61, near Bolton, on Thursday https://t.co/BhYYIPR3Ts 
  • Meet the future trainee looking to connect the Muslim lawyer community - Legal Cheek https://t.co/qzJdUbLYzL
  • Dorset police renew appeal to identify man with eastern European accent found in Weymouth https://t.co/DMpQ3bOKq1 
  • Pupillage applications: a brief guide - Legal Cheek https://t.co/QHkcpMPUOh
  • FA investigates alleged homophobic chanting aimed at Frank Lampard https://t.co/u5n96Py1B3