6th October - Law News

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 Today's Highlighted Video Story:  When bus driver and single father of two Anthony Brathwaite was told he and his two children were no longer eligible for council housing in Lewisham, and was offered a property he could not afford outside the borough, he decided to fight back. Having left a council property in his name after his marriage broke down, Anthony was housed in temporary accommodation for two years, until the council reassessed his case, and ruled he had made himself intentionally homeless, and as a result was not eligible for council housing. After offering him a property outside the borough that cost more than half his take home pay as a London bus driver, Anthony decided to fight the eviction with the help of Unite, campaign groups and local people

Focus of the Day Story: Candidates from Black backgrounds are much less likely than other candidates to secure a pupillage, a report from the Bar Council has found. Those who received free school meals also fared disproportionately badly, as, to a lesser extent, did women. Full story - Legal Futures
Saturday Conversations on Law
  • News focus: Red alert on legal advice deserts | Law Gazette 
  • Calls for legal reform to protect crofting land from ‘out of control’ market - Scottish Legal News
  • Former British embassy driver badly beaten in Kabul: Man, one of 150 staff who applied to be evacuated to UK, suffers fractured skull and hand in attack 
  • Ben Elliot, the Conservative party’s embattled co-chair, jointly owned a secret offshore film financing company that indirectly benefited from more than £120,000 of UK tax credits
  • Windrush activists ‘disgusted’ after being turned away at Tory conference: Anthony Brown and Julia Davidson ‘humiliated’ after being shut out despite paying £225 for full access
  • Who’s included? Views of the report on transgender participation in sport
  • Authorities' failure to share details about a man before he murdered a girl in his partner's care "contributed" to her death. The Probation Service admitted error following a serious case review over toddler Lilly Hanrahan, killed in Birmingham in 2017
  • A former Facebook employee has told #US lawmakers that the company's sites and apps "harm children, stoke division and weaken our democracy". Frances Haugen, a former product manager turned whistleblower, heavily criticised the company at a hearing
  • 'Rotten culture': London law society blasts SDT treatment of young solicitors | Law Gazette 
  • New independent body created to help Scotland achieve climate change ambitions - Scottish Legal News
  • Pro-life challenge to abortion laws begins in Northern Ireland | Irish Legal News
  • Black candidates least likely to find a pupillage, research finds - Legal Futures
  • Listed company enters lawtech market with £54m acquisition | Law Gazette
  • Listed business spends £54m on compliance firm and unveils employment "powerhouse" - Legal Futures 
  • The Guardian view on predatory marriage: new safeguards are needed 
  • Sister and brother struck off for work on dubious investment schemes - Legal Futures
  • Withers fends off £12m claim in negligence action | Law Gazette
  • An inquiry will be launched into "systematic failures" that allowed Wayne Couzens to continue to be a police officer, Priti Patel confirmed
  • My legal life: Laura Thomas, Wigan Council - Profile | Law Gazette 
  • Lawyers “spend too much time socialising with other lawyers” - Legal Futures 
  • Only 127 fuel drivers from overseas have applied for temporary visas aimed at tackling shortages, the prime minister has said. The government is offering immediate visas for 300 foreign tanker drivers to work in the UK from now until the end of March
  • Laura McCallum appointed general counsel of Aberdeen FC - Scottish Legal News
  • Boris Johnson admits justice system and police serve rape victims badly 
  • Insurers already flouting ban on pre-med offers, says claimant chief | Law Gazette 
  • Inflation-adjusted figures show extent of legal aid cuts - Scottish Legal News
  • Some 216,000 children have been victims of abuse by members of the Catholic clergy in #France since 1950, the head of a panel investigating abuses by church members says
  • The secret owners of more than 1,500 UK properties bought using offshore firms have been uncovered
  • Five new judges will not sit on High Court bench until November | Irish Legal News
  • Boris Johnson does not support calls to make misogyny a hate crime, saying there is "abundant statute" to tackle violence against women
  • Leninism and the U.S. Revolutionary Struggle Against Racism | Joel Wendland-Liu
  • Jail terms of 20+ years ‘quadruple’ in England and Wales over past decade
  • Lawyer in the news: Christian Weaver, Garden Court North Chambers - Profile | Law Gazette 
  • Clementine Cowton, director of external affairs at Octopus Energy Group, says she was assaulted at Tory conference 
  • Ian Balfour retires from Balfour and Manson at 89 - Scottish Legal News
  • A&L Goodbody appoints Chris Bollard as commercial and tech partner | Irish Legal News
  • Spider Woman by Lady Hale review – a tangled web she weaves
  • EY Ireland launches legal practice led by Alan Murphy | Irish Legal News 
  • Dominic Raab and the ‘democratic deficit’ | Law Gazette
  • Lone police officers to offer verification check to public - Scottish Legal News
  • A nurse has pleaded not guilty to murdering eight babies and attempting to murder another 10. Lucy Letby, 31, is accused of murdering five boys and three girls at the Countess of Chester Hospital between June 2015 and June 2016