3rd October - Law News

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 Today's Highlighted Video Story:  An exposé detailing the CIA’s war on WikiLeaks - a Trump administration plan to silence Julian Assange and the organisation - has been published. But like so much of the Assange story, it's got nothing like the media coverage it deserves.

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • Quarter of pupillage hopefuls £50k in debt | Law Gazette
  • Consultation launched on regulation of legal services - Scottish Legal News
  • 'How I escaped a hidden world of gangs and exploitation' - At first glance, Aliyah looks like any other 24-year-old
  • Man attacks four people with a hammer in central London - A 38-year-old has been arrested, with none of the victims believed to be in a life-threatening condition
  • Judge lambasts government lawyers who ignored court rules | Law Gazette
  • Environmental activists from Extinction Rebellion have blocked entrances to a private airport in Hampshire. Campaign group members are outside three entrances to Farnborough Airport protesting against carbon dioxide levels produced by private flights
  • #US radio host and prominent conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has lost another legal case after falsely calling Sandy Hook, a mass school shooting, a "hoax"
  • Government denies conflict of interest over AG’s role in INM case | Irish Legal News
  • Family courts deal with soaring volume of work | Law Gazette
  • Last-minute cancellations of court hearings to agree financial settlements or child contact arrangements are leaving ex-couples facing ‘ruinous costs’, family lawyers have warned | NLJ
  • Solicitors to advise police suspects in person under revised Covid-19 protocol | Law Gazette
  • A new approach to interviews for vulnerable child victims and witnesses is to be rolled out across Scotland - Scottish Legal News
  • Unfair dismissal has been the number one case at employment tribunals since the pandemic began, according to data compiled by law firm Wright Hassall | NLJ
  • Chambers merge in south east expansion drive | Law Gazette
  • Care home workers who are not prepared to get the Covid vaccine should get another job, Sajid Javid has said. The health secretary said he was not prepared to "pause" the requirement for care staff in England to be fully vaccinated by 11 November
  • Legal aid deserts have sprung up around the country as practitioners move to more economically viable fields, retire or leave the profession | NLJ
  • The Law Society has joined with Cardiff University to issue guidance for law firms on reasonable adjustments to help them recruit and retain disabled employees | NLJ 
  • Solicitor fined for trying to levy extra charge on property sale | Law Gazette
  • Supreme Court rejects Vietnamese asylum seeker’s appeal based on unfair tribunal procedure law - Scottish Legal News
  • Young referees have been withdrawn from some children's rugby league games this weekend because of growing levels of verbal abuse from adults
  • Welcome to the One Million Pound Club - Conservatives: Who funds them, and what's in it for them?
  • Fuel supplies: Mortar tanker tailed by drivers looking for petrol - "The man at the front... actually said 'You could have stopped and told us you weren't a petrol tanker," he said
  • Police must take harassment and flashing more seriously, Priti Patel said, as forces face questions over how violence against women is dealt with in the wake of Sarah Everard's murder
  • Legal professionals are at high risk of burnout (particularly if aged 26-35), mental ill-health, discrimination and harassment, research by charity LawCare has found | NLJ
  • ‘You can only work a seven-day week for so long’ | Law Gazette
  • BHSM appoints Eimear Grealy as corporate partner | Irish Legal News 
  • Chief Justice: No ‘silver bullet’ to solve barriers to access to justice | Irish Legal News
  • Cleaver Fulton Rankin welcomes three NQs | Irish Legal News
  • Solicitors have called for any increase in probate fees to be accompanied by ‘real and tangible improvements in the service’ | NLJ
  • Anonymous reporting ‘could help tackle’ workplace sexual harassment | Irish Legal News