1st October - Law News

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 Today's Highlighted Video Story:  Wayne Couzens has joined 60 of England and Wales' most dangerous offenders who will die behind bars. That he had been able to continue working as a police officer while colleagues seemingly knew he used violent pornography, has led many to question the culture within the Metropolitan Police and other UK forces. The case has shaken women's faith in the police. The Met's chief Dame Cressida Dick recognised "the precious bond of trust has been damaged". Now questions are being asked about whether she is the right person to rebuild it.

Focus of the Day Story:  Bar Council pledges action as survey of barristers records sharp increase in bullying. Proportion of English and Welsh practitioners reporting incidents of bullying, harassment and discrimination rises by 9% to 30%. Full story - The Global Legal Post
Saturday Conversations on Law
  • Scotland sees sharp increase in bicycle thefts - Scottish Legal News 
  • BHSM appoints Keith Doyle as senior associate in commercial real estate | Irish Legal News
  • Barrister disbarred over council tax conviction | Law Gazette
  • Professor Siobhán Wills to lead Transitional Justice Institute | Irish Legal News
  • An activist who was deceived into a relationship with an undercover police officer has won a tribunal case for breaches of her human rights. Kate Wilson met Mark Kennedy while he was posing as an environmental campaigner in Nottingham in 2003 
  • Gender income gap widens at bar | Law Gazette 
  • Housing tribunal awards £2,400 to former tenants of landlord who sold property after claiming he wanted to live in it - Scottish Legal News
  • Firm celebrates housing solicitor's judicial appointment | Law Gazette 
  • European court to rule in November on post-Brexit extradition requests | Irish Legal News
  • Clients committed for contempt after non-payment of £1.2m costs bill | Law Gazette
  • Strathclyde Mediation Clinic wins community award at Scottish Legal Awards - Scottish Legal News
  • Shepherd and Wedderburn invests in new Aberdeen office - Scottish Legal News
  • How police officer Wayne Couzens covered up Sarah Everard's murder 
  • Ex-president of #Franxe Sarkozy gets jail sentence over campaign funding
  • Sarah Everard murder: Cressida Dick faces calls to resign
  • A Met Police officer who murdered Sarah Everard after kidnapping her under the guise of an arrest has been sentenced to a whole-life prison term. Wayne Couzens abducted the 33-year-old as she walked home
  • Sawmill company fined £300,000 for failings that led to severe injury - Scottish Legal News
  • Claims firm’s shares slide as profits fall | Law Gazette
  • Fears grow for photojournalist Morteza Samadi, arrested by Taliban as executions resume in #Afghanistan 
  • Lady Hale pays tribute to late colleague Lord Kerr in Belfast speech - Scottish Legal News
  • Covid lawsuits and inquiries are looming – but blame won’t prevent future pandemics
  • A new expert advisory forum on land and human rights has met for the first time to discuss the relationship between property rights and wider economic, social, and cultural rights - Scottish Legal News
  • SIF: SRA consultation, closure and the future of post six-year run-off cover | Law Gazette
  • At least 116 people are now known to have died in a fight between rival gangs in #Ecuador's jail, officials say, making it the worst prison violence in the country's history 
  • Britney Spears’ father suspended from conservatorship in victory for singer #US 
  • Attorney General to oversee ‘unprecedented’ review of planning laws | Irish Legal News
  • The watchdog Ofcom has added the words “nat” and “yoon” to its list of offensive terms - Scottish Legal News 
  • How to get your first job in immigration law - Scottish Legal News 
  • GCSE & A-level grades in England will be returned to pre-Covid levels over the next two years, the government has announced. Next summer's results will be wound back to a "mid-point" between 2019 and 2021, after two years of unusually high grade inflation 
  • Furlough scheme ends with almost 1 million left in limbo
  • Advocate Tim Haddow has returned to practice after completing a short mobilisation in his capacity as an officer in the Royal Naval Reserve - Scottish Legal News 
  • Labour’s pro bono plan confirms they won’t fund the justice system either | Law Gazette