6th September - Law News

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 Today's Highlighted Video Story: Saturday 15 October in London for the Pupillage Fair 2022. Find out everything you need to know about a career at the Bar, get advice from barristers, discuss your prospects with pupillage providers, and find out how to build your CV and access sources of funding and support.

Focus of the Day Article: Members of the Criminal Bar Association have voted in favour of an indefinite strike, escalating the industrial action that the courts have witnessed since June. The decision follows failed negotiations with the Ministry of Justice, with Dominic Raab still having not met with the CBA and the government standing firm in its position. The MoJ have expressed their disapproval of the decision, labelling it ‘irresponsible’. The CBA, alternatively, have accused the government of overseeing a ‘recklessly underfunded’ criminal justice system. In response to the decision, Raab has proposed granting more solicitors rights of audience, allowing more to advocate in the Crown court. The strike is due to commence on 5 September, coinciding with the announcement of the new Conservative party leader. Full story - UK Human Rights Blog

Saturday Conversations on Law
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  • Trademark 'Amul' deserves broad protection even against non-competing goods, services: Calcutta High Court | Bar & Bench #India https://t.co/5Xli6ro6LM
  • Welsh speaker David Lloyd-Jones, an international, EU and public law barrister, and company law and corporate insolvency barrister Sir David Richards have been appointed to the Supreme Court | NLJ https://t.co/aiP6CfV3XX
  • [2019 Pollachi gang rape case] Media guided by ratings; has no concern for survivors, families: Madras High Court | Bar & Bench #India https://t.co/tUBmodAYsE 
  • #Israel has dropped a controversial demand for foreigners visiting the occupied West Bank to report romantic links with Palestinians within 30 days https://t.co/uPmA4eUjsO
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  • Police are investigating after Oldham midfielder Hallam Hope was left with "serious injuries" after being "viciously assaulted" following their National League game with Chesterfield https://t.co/OCyujWffzH
  • More than three-fifths of UK motorists have not read recent updates to the Highway Code, according to the AA. The motoring group's survey of 13,327 members suggested 8,090 (61%) drivers had not read changes made in January https://t.co/MBQMiWf8lz
  • Priti Patel has said she will step down as home secretary when Liz Truss becomes prime minister on Tuesday https://t.co/tgIeRFVBNh
  • Legal Lightbulbs: Is ‘quiet quitting’ a good thing for the profession? - Lawyers Weekly https://t.co/2c5WsfJaWQ
  • If minority institution chooses qualified person from minority community to lead, courts can't go into merits of choice: Delhi High Court | Bar & Bench #India https://t.co/S14Y01ncgn
  • Government documents, advice and experts repeatedly warned ministers about Rwanda's poor human rights record, the High Court has been told. Campaigners are challenging the Home Office's plan to send some cross-Channel migrants to Rwanda https://t.co/Mgw7GY1GSi
  • How the Devil became a lawyer - Legal Cheek https://t.co/v0ovxqJuG3
  • Two suspects named as Damien Sanderson and Myles Sanderson are on the run and considered armed and dangerous. Victims were found in 13 locations in the remote indigenous community James Smith Cree Nation and nearby Weldon #Canada https://t.co/07X3h0rjwQ
  • More than three-quarters of candidates have passed the inaugural SQE2 (second part of the Solicitors Qualifying Exam) | NLJ https://t.co/i7hhROw9TI
  • A woman has described how criminals raided her gym locker, stole her wallet and went on an £8,000 shopping spree while she was exercising https://t.co/k1pYyTMRwE
  • The UK–Rwanda partnership is not legally binding, has not been subject to scrutiny by Parliament, and fails to protect asylum-seekers’ rights, the Law Society has warned | NLJ https://t.co/NY1wusH7dA 
  • Love Island contestant sets sights on SQE - Legal Cheek https://t.co/j8IkWdF1f9
  • Shadow attorney general Emily Thornberry called this week for junior associate prosecutors, who are regulated by CILEX, to be allowed to apply for Crown prosecutor positions, to help tackle the backlog of cases | NLJ https://t.co/KalMzQoyhB
  • Bedfordshire Police has referred itself to the police watchdog after a man in his 80s was arrested on suspicion of assaulting an emergency worker. Officers attended reports of a disturbance in Potton on Friday to the wrong address https://t.co/ljYNd4oVN0
  • IT system causing key information about court cases in England and Wales to change or disappear. Justice at risk: One legal adviser revealed how he entered a driving ban in the system, called Common Platform, only to later discover the result had changed https://t.co/J4lG7Uun9A 
  • Christina Blacklaws appointed as Chair of the Judicial Pension Board - The Lord Chancellor has approved the appointment of Christina Blacklaws as Chair of the Judicial Pension Board https://t.co/WHPZSm9xLC
  • [Transportation of camels for Republic Day] Violation of law, SOPs will be viewed seriously: Delhi High Court | Bar & Bench #India https://t.co/Kk1wkRSfbh
  • A date has been set for the first stage of a gigantic opt-out class action against Facebook (now known as Meta), worth a potential £2.2bn | NLJ https://t.co/PDE7cJ1knz
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  • Families of US pilots to sue over fatal Black Summer crash - Lawyers Weekly #Australia https://t.co/fEpRFgCcts