3rd September - Law News

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 Today's Highlighted Video Story: After a year of being told it was not an option to live with the virus, Victorians now have to wrap their heads around being told they'll be doing just that. So far there's little detail about how that will work in practice and when harsh restrictions will be eased.

 Focus of the Day Article: Boies Schiller’s London-based deputy chair steps down citing Covid-19 US travel restriction. Natasha Harrison says running US firm from overseas over extended period is impractical. Full story - The Global Legal Post

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • Retired solicitor banned for taking £275k from client’s estate | Law Gazette 
  • Bartys raises over £55,000 through charity will writing scheme - Scottish Legal News
  • Trevor Sterling: 'I want to see the second black senior partner now' | Law Gazette
  • The #US Federal Aviation Administration has grounded Virgin Galactic flights as it investigates how Sir Richard Branson's recent space flight drifted off course during its climb skyward
  • Limited liability – not all it is cracked up to be, Pt II - Scottish Legal News
  • Employment lawyer urges caution over ‘workation’ policies - Scottish Legal News
  • Lawyer of the Month: Stephen McGowan - Scottish Legal News 
  • Huge delays persist in taking civil court claims to trial - Legal Futures 
  • Irish lawyer Genevieve Poirier joins LALIVE in London | Irish Legal News
  • A ground-breaking code to create "a better internet for children" comes into force in the UK on Thursday. Critics say it leaves many digital businesses unsure what to do - but big firms including TikTok and YouTube have already made changes
  • The Attorney General has been asked to review a sentence given to a right-wing extremist for a terrorism offence. Ben John was handed the 24-month sentence, suspended for two years, at Leicester Crown Court on Tuesday
  • Law firms “must turn diversity aspirations into reality” - Legal Futures 
  • SLCC consults on ‘digital and paperless’ rules - Scottish Legal News 
  • Eight #US states to accept driver's licence on iPhones
  • Religious groups in UK failing children over sex abuse, report says - Evidence examined from 38 groups, including sects from Christianity, Orthodox Judaism and Islam 
  • Solicitor who “considered herself to be the client” is struck off - Legal Futures
  • Edinburgh sheriff orders council to hand over report into abuse to whistleblower employee - Scottish Legal News
  • Legal profession ushers in Solicitors Qualifying Exam | Law Gazette 
  • How #NewZealand’s Māori are reclaiming land with occupations
  • Texas abortion providers ask supreme court to halt unprecedented abortion law #US
  • Dublin City Council pays out €33.5m to settle personal injury claims | Irish Legal News
  • A neo-Nazi terrorist has been ordered to read classic novels in lieu of a prison sentence. Judge Timothy Spencer QC told 21-year-old Ben John to swap his extremist literature for the works of Jane Austen and William Shakespeare - Scottish Legal News
  • Elation greeted Dontae Sharpe as he walked out of prison a free man, 26 years after being wrongly convicted of murder. But proving his innocence was only the first step down a long road
  • Purdue Pharma Is Dissolved and Sacklers Pay $4.5 Billion to Settle Opioid Claims - The ruling in bankruptcy court caps a long legal battle over the fate of a company accused of fueling the opioid epidemic and the family that owns it #US
  • #US Supreme Court Does Not Act on Texas' Near-Total Abortion Ban 
  • ‘Lawyers, as members of the legal profession and public citizens having special responsibility for the quality of justice, to devote at least 20 hours each year to efforts that advance and promote diversity' | Law Gazette
  • Outer House rejects three of four contentions in payment fraud action by business banking customer - Scottish Legal News
  • Yemen: Barrister asks ICC to open 'war crimes' investigation | Law Gazette
  • What the SNP-Green deal could mean for the natural environment - Scottish Legal News
  • MoJ pushes on with court fee increases despite majority opposition | Law Gazette
  • Former solicitor rises to Court of Appeal bench | Law Gazette
  • Matthew Howse: Landowners’ litigation over 4G masts on the rise in Northern Ireland | Irish Legal News 
  • Policing review recommends closer north-south collaboration | Irish Legal News 
  • Taylor Wessing formally opens its doors in Dublin | Irish Legal News 
  • Tribunal rules student wrongly believed she was employed by firm | Law Gazette 
  • Travellers from the UK to Portugal will not need to be fully vaccinated to avoid quarantine, the country's tourist board has said