12th September - Law News

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 Today's Highlighted Video Story:  The world is facing a stark choice with Afghanistan: accept the Taliban as the country's new leaders, or continue shutting them out. The group's been barred from accessing the Afghan Central Bank's foreign assets worth 10 billion dollars, and aid has dried up. The UN warns 97% of the population could be living in poverty within a year. So what will the international community do now?

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • Donald Findlay QC launches website - Scottish Legal News
  • Means test to be removed for bereaved families in ECF cases | Law Gazette
  • Alan McKee joins board of Business Beats Cancer Glasgow - Scottish Legal News
  • Court adds City firm and ex-partner to hacking conspiracy claim | Law Gazette
  • Police investigate Didsbury Mosque fire as hate crime
  • Legal action planned as NHS closes doors to new patients at East Lothian hospital - Scottish Legal News
  • Digital divorce portal to become mandatory | Law Gazette
  • #Spain Arrests Former Venezuela Spy Chief Accused of Drug Trafficking
  • A banner supporting a woman who accused footballer Cristiano Ronaldo of a sex assault has been flown over Old Trafford during his return game for Manchester United: The Level Up feminist group said they wanted to "remind crowds" of rape allegations 
  • Blog: Managing risk throughout the construction materials shortage - Scottish Legal News
  • Manchester super court opens in battle against the backlog | Law Gazette 
  • 20 Years On, the War on Terror Grinds Along With No End in Sight - Only the weapon manufacturers and contractors benefit
  • Prince Andrew's team do not believe that legal papers from lawyers for the woman who has accused him of sexual abuse have been successfully served
  • Six men arrested in £160m cocaine haul off Plymouth coast
  • ‘My son misses his Papa’: Brexit rules force families to split: Partners and spouses are being kept apart by Home Office delays in processing revised versions of entry permits to Britain 
  • Inaugural Theresa Hunt Prize in Excellence awarded - Scottish Legal News 
  • Solicitor-judge takes government to court over disability struggles | Law Gazette
  • ‘Every message was copied to the police’: the inside story of the most daring surveillance sting in history #Australia
  • Bar sticks to its guns over harsher sexual misconduct sanctions | Law Gazette
  • Declassified documents show #Australia assisted CIA in coup against Chile’s Salvador Allende
  • In US Drone Strike in #Afghanistan, Evidence Suggests No ISIS Bomb
  • Google illegally underpaid thousands of workers across dozens of countries
  • England: ‘Super courtroom’ to allow for trials of up to 12 defendants - Scottish Legal News
  • #US military trial of 9/11 suspects drags on 20 years after attack: Torture, secrecy and dysfunction plague military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay with no resolution in sight 
  • Defendant solicitors and their clients will welcome fixed costs expansion | Law Gazette
  • How Southeast Asia’s hardline groups saw September 11 attacks - Groups like Jemaah Islamiyah were already carrying out attacks in Southeast Asia when 9/11 happened – an attack of an altogether larger scale
  • Fraud warnings not good enough for young adults, says charity
  • Tax on landlords could help pay for social care, says the Labour leader 
  • Obituary - Kingsley Williams, who has died aged 94, was a solicitor who served on a number of public bodies in the Hampshire area from 1960 onwards
  • Defendant solicitors and their clients will welcome fixed costs expansion | Law Gazette
  • Faculty and SEMLA event: How to become an Advocate - Scottish Legal News
  • A judge has issued an arrest warrant for a woman accused of killing two of her children in a crash on the M1. Mary McCann, 35, of Bamford Avenue, Derby, failed to appear at Aylesbury Crown Court
  • What is happening on court-imposable PPOs for Scotland? - Scottish Legal News 
  • The Northern Ireland Protocol and the limits to ‘creativity and flexibility’ - Scottish Legal News
  • Lucy-Anne Rushton murder detective jailed for witness signature forgery
  • Glasgow sheriff orders Brexit Party to pay £22k in unpaid invoices to advertising firm - Scottish Legal News