6th April - Law News

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 Today's Highlighted Video Story:
What would it be like to spend years locked in a room the size of your bathroom? Is the prolonged solitary confinement of thousands of Americans 'torture', or an essential tool to keep prisons safe? Prisoners who have spent years in solitary confinement in the US.
Focus of the Day Article:
 On 26 March, the Government of the People’s Republic of China announced sanctions against a number of British individuals and entities. Most publicity has been attracted by the inclusion of well-known politicians on the list. But the most sinister inclusion may be “Essex Court Chambers”. Whereas the sanctioning of a politician, who is unlikely to own property in China, is a largely symbolic gesture, the announcement in respect of the set of barrister’s chambers strikes at the heart of the English legal system and the services offered by English lawyers. It also has serious ramifications for all commercial transactions relating to China. Full story - UK Human Rights Blog
Saturday Conversations on Law

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  • Three people have been charged after violence erupted at a mass gathering at The Meadows in Edinburgh https://t.co/moo7f9i3Yf
  • Everyone in England is to be given access to two rapid coronavirus tests a week from Friday, under an extension of the government's testing programme https://t.co/gnJs2i1Omx