3rd April - Law News

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COVID-19 cases in Mumbai rose to a record 8,646 in the last 24 hours. The city's Dadar area saw over 100 cases in a day, which is a jump of 30 per cent in a week. Dadar, which is known for its markets, is overcrowded and now the government is planning to enforce more strict rules for safety

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  • Seven people have died from unusual blood clots after getting the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine in the UK, the medicines regulator has confirmed 
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  • Travel from the Philippines, Pakistan, Kenya and Bangladesh is to be banned from next week, the government says
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  • Deshaun Watson's sexual assault allegations and the dangers of the 'nice guy' defense | Houston Texans #US
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  • 'Rape culture' in schools and the debatable role of pornography 
  • Rights groups in #Russia condemn Moscow's role in Syria war crimes 
  • Oxfam to investigate misconduct claims against staff in #DRC - Two aid workers suspended as charity looks into allegations of bullying and sexual misconduct
  • Windrush campaigners alarmed by omissions of No 10 race report
  • Businessman sues police for alleged misconduct after £1.6m in assets frozen - Ildar Sharipov says he had planned to sponsor Liverpool Football Club
  • OLR prisoner’s judicial review petition challenging parole board release refusal decision fails - Scottish Legal News
  • The Changing Dynamics of Cross-border Human Smuggling and Trafficking in the Mediterranean | Paola Monzini
  • Nike has won its lawsuit against Brooklyn art collective MSCHF over their controversial 'Satan Shoes' that contain a drop of real human blood in the soles #US
  • Beauty YouTuber James Charles has admitted sending sexually explicit messages to two 16-year-old boys. "I fully understand my actions and how they are wrong," the 21-year-old influencer said in a video posted to his YouTube channel on Thursday
  • Leading garden retailers are still failing to stop the sale of peat in compost despite pressure from the government and campaigners
  • Campaigners have started legal action against the government over guidance that bans care home residents in England aged 65 and over from taking trips outside the home
  • Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and senior Tory Iain Duncan Smith are among more than 70 MPs to launch a campaign opposing Covid passports in England 
  • Veteran barristers among protesters convicted in Hong Kong | Law Gazette
  • Dentons to secure coveted Nigeria presence with ACAS-Law combination - The Global Legal Post 
  • New rules give victims right to know when offender leaves prison - Victims’ commissioner for England and Wales said new code is ‘excellent step’ but says attitudes must change
  • #French government condemns reality TV 'virginity test'
  • PwC lets staff choose start times – and clock off early in the summer | Law Gazette
  • Professor Michael Doherty to chair industrial relations review - Irish Legal News
  • The Scottish Conservatives have pledged to abolish the “not proven” verdict in a series of criminal justice election promises - Scottish Legal News
  • Derek Chauvin trial: Paramedics say Floyd had no pulse when they arrived #US
  • Supreme Court rules sale and leaseback of Aberdeenshire care home did not trigger VAT exemption claw-back - Scottish Legal News
  • Seal Alliance asks walkers to give the animals space as lockdown eases 
  • Evidence suggests #Ethiopian military carried out massacre in Tigray 
  • #Belgium police break up fake festival started as April Fools' joke