17th November - Law News

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Today's video story: Robert Mugabe is under house arrest as the Zimbabwe army staged a de facto military coup. Troops have been posted outside government buildings and are patrolling the streets of the capital Harare. The former vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa, who was sacked just last week, could now be on his way back to Zimbabwe to take charge. At 93, Robert Mugabe is the world's oldest serving head of state. He's been in power for almost 40 years. Most Zimbabweans have never known rule by anyone else. Who is the man who's led Zimbabwe since its independence from white minority rule?

Focus of the day story:  Clients are the biggest competitors to law firms and are taking work from them, a top European marketer says. Andrea Miskolczi, chief business development and marketing officer at Wolf Theiss, says inhouse teams are investing in technology and, with only one sector and one client to understand, are bringing more work in-house. Speaking on 'Managing Innovation in the Face of Disruption' at the Law Firm Marketing Summit, she said that the disruption occurring in the legal marketplace was a natural progression of what has happened in other industries and that if law firm partners could charge for every hour, they would not be under pressure to invest in technology. Full story - The Global Legal Post

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