10th November - Law News

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Today's video story: As China's Xi Jinping consolidates his hold on power, the BBC gets a rare first hand account of his "war on law". Lawyer Xie Yanyi tells John Sudworth the authorities are allegedly harassing his family following his 18 months in detention.

Focus of the day story: Magistrates under pressure to conduct 'speedy justice' are reluctant to release offenders back into the community, a senior representative of the magistracy has revealed. Sheena Jowett, deputy chair of the Magistrates Association, told a Westminster Legal Policy Forum seminar on probation services that offenders' behaviour is often linked to possible mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse, learning difficulties and a possible history of trauma. Jowett said: 'We are being pushed for speedy justice these days. If someone is before us and pleads guilty, we are expected to deal with them on the day. If someone pleads not guilty, we do a pre-trial review, look at what's going on and set a trial date... One hearing for a guilty plea, two hearings for a not guilty plea.'. Full story - The Law Society Gazette

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