25th September - Law News

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Today's video story: It is estimated that in India, a woman dies every two hours because of unsafe abortions. Just 10 per cent of the estimated 70 lakh abortions that happen in India every year are said to be documented; the rest are assumed to take place in shady clinics, often run by quacks. In a landmark ruling in September, the Supreme Court of India allowed a 13-year-old rape victim in Mumbai to terminate her 31-week pregnancy. Yet the same court in July ruled that a 10-year-old raped child, should not be allowed to abort at 28 weeks. On We The People we ask: Why did the families of these children have to go to the court for a private decision? And, is it time for the 46-year-old Indian abortion law to be amended?

Focus of the day story: The Bach Commission has urged political parties of all hues to back a new Right to Justice Act that would guarantee minimum standards on access to justice. In its final report, published last week, the commission, chaired by former Justice minister Lord Willy Bach, warned the poorest in society are being failed by a two-tier system, with thousands effectively cut off from legal advice and representation. Full story - New Law Journal

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