12th May - Law News

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 Focus of the Day Law News/Article: Claimant solicitors who submitted ‘intentionally misleading’ costs bills acted unreasonably and improperly, a judge has found. Full story - The Law Society Gazette
Today's Highlighted Video Story: At the Bonega oil field, 120km off the coast of Nigeria, oil is extracted using a mobile oil rig. The oil is sent from the mobile rig, via submersible flexible flow lines, to a mooring buoy and is then loaded onto oil tankers. On 20 December 2011, there was a leak from one of the flexible flowlines between the rig and mooring buoy while oil was being transferred onto a ship (the 'Spill'). The Spill comprised at least 40,000 barrels and was one of the largest spills in Nigerian oil exploration history.


A selection of important developments in the world of law and justice (for a comprehensive look at the news and events, please visit @theLawMap Twitter feed):

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • Workers’ rights put at risk by plan to scrap EU working hours rules, says TUC
  • Law firm ordered to pay £12m for negligence in insolvency claim - Legal Futures
  • Liable for sexual assault, yes – but Trump’s political career is far from over #US
  • Plan 75 review – life is terminated at 75 in melancholy anti-euthanasia drama
  • ‘The forever prisoner’: Abu Zubaydah’s drawings expose the #US’s depraved torture policy
  • CPS paralegal jailed for passing information to criminals | Law Gazette
  • Footage circulating online appears to show a police officer punching a man nine times while restraining him on the floor. The incident occurred during the arrest of a man, 34, on Pensyflog in Porthmadog, Gwynedd, north west Wales
  • A Met Police officer who left a man paralysed when he Tasered him as he ran away has been cleared of causing grievous bodily harm. PC Imran Mahmood, 36, inflicted the injuries on Jordan Walker-Brown in Harringay
  • #Pakistan's Supreme Court has ruled that former prime minister Imran Khan's dramatic arrest on corruption charges this week was illegal
  • Archbishop of Canterbury to criticise small boats bill in House of Lords