10th March - Law News

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 Focus of the Day Law News/Article: Northern Ireland’s high street voucher scheme was introduced without regard for equality law obligations, the Equality Commission has found. Full story Irish Legal News
Today's Highlighted Video Story: *This report contains racist and abusive language which some may find distressing* A spectator has been ejected from Penrith's match against South Sydney after allegedly racially abusing Rabbitohs star Latrell Mitchell. 

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • 'Cavalier' solicitor 'poses risk to public' over client account mishandling | Law Gazette 
  • Pentagon accused of blocking effort to hand Russia war crimes evidence to ICC #US 
  • Several people are reported to have been killed in a shooting in Hamburg, #Germany. Police said in a tweet that a large-scale operation was under way in the Alsterdorf area 
  • Dozens of lawyers arrested and detained in Iran amid protests | Law Gazette
  • Suella Braverman accused of rule breach over ‘blob of civil servants’ email
  • Law Society gender pay gap shrinks but rises for ethnicity - Legal Futures 
  • Criminal bar losing patience over government delay | Law Gazette
  • Court restrictions on climate protesters ‘deeply concerning’, say leading lawyers - Three non-violent Insulate Britain activists have been jailed for telling juries why they were protesting
  • MoJ to revise 'outdated' thresholds for court fee remission scheme | Law Gazette 
  • Campaign calls for gender apartheid to be crime under international law - Prominent #Afghans and #Iranians say current laws do not capture the systematic suppression of women 
  • Law firm offers staff free menopause diagnosis service - Legal Futures 
  • Firm's director sent 'torrent' of accusatory messages to junior, tribunal hears | Law Gazette
  • Braverman denies small boats plan breaks law and struggles with Mo Farah question - Home secretary is asked whether Olympian would have been deported as soon as he turned 18 under proposals 
  • Gary Lineker says he does not fear BBC suspension following his tweet highlighting the Tory government's extremist asylum policy 
  • Permission to proceed not enough to stop indemnity costs | Law Gazette 
  • What are the legal obstacles faced by the UK’s illegal migration bill? 
  • Leading firms sign up to rainmaker programme for female lawyers - Legal Futures 
  • A lawsuit filed by an ex-girlfriend of Tiger Woods asks a judge in Florida to cancel a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) she signed with him. Lawyers for Erica Herman, who began dating Mr Woods in 2017, cite a new law limiting the scope of NDAs #US 
  • Police forces across Great Britain have seen a significant rise in the number of mental health incidents they have dealt with in the past five years Mar 09, 2023
  • #Japanese police have arrested three people over "sushi terror": viral, unhygienic pranks that are threatening the world-famous feature of sushi conveyor belt restaurants 
  • The Guardian view on refugee rights: a warning from history | Editorial 
  • Sunak criticised for 'startling ignorance' over lefty lawyer attack | Law Gazette
  • Brexit trade treaty ‘could be terminated’ if UK quits ECHR over small boat crossings - Legal experts say Brussels has right to take retaliatory action, making cross-border law enforcement harder 
  • Solicitor “grossly abused his position” to dupe investors - Legal Futures 
  • We can have the power - Legal Futures 
  • Litigation funder set up to deliver 'wider social change' | Law Gazette