23rd June - Law News

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 Today's Highlighted Video Story: The Bar Council's seminar led by expert representatives from the Legal Aid Agency, specialist publicly-funded chambers and solicitors’ associations on how to receive payments faster and reduce the risk of your fees being rejected.

Focus of the Day Article: No 10 to set out sweeping plans to override power of human rights court. Proposal to replace Human Rights Act with bill of rights is effort to make government ‘untouchable’, say critics. Full story - Guardian Law

Saturday Conversations on Law

  • Axiom solicitor hid ‘ill-gotten gains’ after call from reporter, court hears | Law Gazette
  • Sotomayor accuses supreme court conservatives of dismantling church-state separation #US 
  • Alan Cassels joins Burness Paull - He is a leading banking partner with extensive cross-border banking expertise | Scottish Legal News
  • The government must provide ‘a political commitment to fund capacity across the justice system’, the Bar Council has urged as it published data revealing a ‘postcode lottery of access to local justice across England and Wales’ | Law Gazette
  • Ukraine has become the 36th state to ratify the Istanbul Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence | Irish Legal News
  • Whiplash doctor loses claim that insurers tried to ruin her | Law Gazette 
  • Seonaid Stevenson-McCabe named new vice-chair of JUSTICE Scotland | Scottish Legal News
  • Ukraine Briton told execution will go ahead - Aiden Aslin and Shaun Pinner were sentenced by a court which is not internationally recognised, in the so-called Donetsk People's Republic (DPR)
  • Vulnerable clients’ problems can be exacerbated by lawyers acting in a ‘cold, clinical or chaotic’ manner, research for the oversight regulator has found | Law Gazette
  • A former partner at listed law firm Gateley has been suspended for a year after accepting a £2,500 cash gift from a client and later asking the client for an introduction fee - Legal Futures
  • A barrister who referred to a ‘hysterical woman’ in a post-case chat with the other side’s barrister has opened his appeal against a £500 fine from his regulator | Law Gazette 
  • Lawyers to march at Dublin Pride 2022 | Irish Legal News
  • A small central London law firm has been awarded the £300,000 plus interest owed under a retainer which the client had claimed was not payable as the transaction it advised on did not go ahead - Legal Futures
  • Elon Musk’s daughter legally changes name and cuts ties with her father #US 
  • Victoria has become #Australia's first state to specifically ban the display of the Nazi swastika. Under a new law, people who intentionally exhibit the symbol face up to a year in jail or a A$22,000 (£12,300; $15,000) fine
  • Ampersand’s Usman Tariq has been appointed along with 48 other junior counsel to the UK Covid-19 Inquiry legal team | Scottish Legal News Jun 22, 2022
  • Vulnerable clients struggle in face of “cold, clinical and chaotic” lawyers - Legal Futures
  • Baroness Scotland, Secretary General of the Commonwealth, is involved in a bitter dispute with some of the organisation's member states - only days before she asks them for a second term of office
  • The European Court of Human Rights block on sending asylum seekers to Rwanda could be overturned by UK ministers under new proposals to circumvent human rights. The plan would allow ministers to ignore the court's injunctions Jun 22, 2022
  • Refugees from Ukraine: UK set to welcome lone teenagers after rule change, no tags and no flights to Rwanda
  • Comedian Bill Cosby sexually assaulted a teenager at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles in 1975, a jury has found. Judy Huth testified to the civil trial that Cosby, 84, had forced her to perform a sex act on him at the venue when she was 16 years old
  • What would a British bill of rights look like? Plans to replace the Human Rights Act with a UK-focused alternative will be presented this week
  • Britain's first openly gay senior judge will lead a review into the impact of a historical ban on LGBT people serving in the armed forces
  • Trump supporters threatened election officials and their families after they refused to quash his 2020 defeat, a congressional panel has heard #US
  • The third anniversary of a pledge to create a more equal legal profession has prompted a fresh call for law firms to analyse data they hold to understand the barriers preventing women becoming leaders | Law Gazette
  • Meta, Facebook's owner, says it has removed a large number of accounts and groups posting pictures and videos of upskirting, following an investigation
  • Scottish solicitor Margaret Gribbon has dealt with many serious employment issues and cases over the years. Her experience dates back to working for the Equal Opportunities Commission, Citizens Advice Bureau, and as a trade unionist | Scottish Legal News 
  • Absolute privilege applies to communications within pre-action protocols and protects them from defamation claims, a High Court master has ruled - Legal Futures
  • Solicitors encouraged to join bar picket line | Law Gazette
  • Man arrested for stealing sausage rolls killed himself after police labelled him a paedophile - Cleveland police blame ‘genuine human error’ in release papers that brought Brian Temple months of threats and abuse
  • LGBT Stonewall sought barrister's removal, tribunal hears | Law Gazette 
  • Thousands in England and Wales locked out of jobs because of mistakes in youth, campaigners say
  • Football box was a business expense, Axiom fund solicitor tells jurors | Law Gazette 
  • Raab urged to let parliament scrutinise Human Rights Act replacement. Letter from 150 organisations adds to MPs’ concern about the bill of rights bypassing pre-legislative process
  • No 10 to set out sweeping plans to override power of Europe’s human rights court - Proposal to replace Human Rights Act with bill of rights is effort to make government ‘untouchable’, say critics
  • Post Office confirms NDA waiver as Horizon public inquiry continues | Scottish Legal News 
  • Lawyers’ challenges regarding Russia sanctions | Law Gazette 
  • The High Court has ordered that a law firm should be paid for months of work it carried out on a bond issue despite the transaction eventually being aborted | Law Gazette
  • Gerrard dropped by his former firm's solicitors | Law Gazette