2nd January - Law News

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 Today's Highlighted Video Story: The adoption of the euro brought many challenges for some European states. One eurozone member nearly destroyed the currency altogether as a result. The crisis triggered new thinking about the euro and created a new institution intended to lend to struggling eurozone countries and protect the currency from speculation.

Saturday Conversations on Law

  • More than half of Italians in poll say racist acts are justifiable This article is more than 2 years old: Results of survey come after series of high-profile hate crime incidents across Italy 
  • Multiple incidents of fires were reported across #Bangladesh including several in the capital, over rogue sky lanterns crashing on rooftops and houses, during New Year's celebrations in the early hours
  • Why big law will keep getting bigger in the 2020s
  • Predicted conveyancing trends for 2022 | Solicitors Journal
  • [LGBTQIA+] The judiciary's path towards "woke-ness" until 2021 | Bar & Bench #India
  • #Pakistan's Gwadar city is up in arms. The rights movement for Gwadar is demanding an end to drugs trafficking
  • ‘It was civil war’: photographing #Mexico’s women’s rights protests 
  • Who is Maurene Comey, the rising star of #US courts who took down Ghislaine Maxwell?
  • When Desmond Tutu stood up for the rights of Palestinians, he could not be ignored
  • Jury in Elizabeth Holmes trial fails to reach a verdict for second straight week #US
  • US prosecutors have dismissed charges against two prison guards who falsified records the night Jeffrey Epstein killed himself on their watch. Tova Noel and Michael Thomas admitted to fabricating log entries to show they had monitored Epstein properly
  • The death of a top Scots lawyer Paul McNairney has prompted a criminal investigation amid fears a medical device malfunctioned and delivered a fatal dose of insulin as he slept
  • Rudy Giuliani Still In Disbelief That He's Been Banned From Appearing On 'Fascist' Fox News | Above the Law
  • A 16-year-old boy has died after being stabbed in west London, making him the 30th teenage homicide in the capital in 2021, surpassing a peak of 29 in 2008
  • Priest who claims he was forced to retire because he says women shouldn't be ordained loses tribunal
  • Bar Association Jammu Protest For Housing Tribunal, Registration Work In Court Premises #India
  • The jail sentences given to Arthur Labinjo-Hughes' killers were too lenient, the attorney general says: Court of Appeal to review killers' jail terms
  • Cornish manager loses 'sacking' tribunal against 87-year-old company boss
  • Multi-member arbitral tribunals and the Fourth Schedule of the Arbitration Act: Decoding the legislative intent | Bar & Bench #India
  • A new law banning plastic packaging on most fruit and vegetables comes into effect in #France from New Year's day. Cucumbers, lemons and oranges are among the 30 varieties banned from being wrapped in plastic
  • A number of Nationwide customers complained of delays receiving their wages on Friday following a payment glitch. Customers took to social media to question why their wages had not gone in but payments were still coming out