6th October - Law News

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Focus of the Day Law Article:  President of the Supreme Court, Lord Reed, has said he hopes an ethnic minority justice will be appointed to the UK’s highest court before he retires in six years’ time. He said the lack of diversity on the Supreme Court bench was a situation “which cannot be allowed to become shameful”.ocedure to revise budgets in the event of significant developments in litigation. This must be done ‘promptly’. Full story - Scottish Legal News

Today's Highlighted Video Story:  BBC Newsnight investigation claims that Uighur people in the Middle East have been targeted by nations including Saudi Arabia, in apparent cooperation with China’s notorious crackdown on the ethnic minority. Uighur pilgrims and students in Saudi Arabia have been detained and forcibly deported back to China where they are understood to be placed into the county’s notorious ‘re-education’ camps. Besides deportations, activists estimate that hundreds of Uighurs have been pressured by Chinese authorities to return from abroad countries by threats and long imprisonments of family members back home.

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • People’s tribunal to investigate #US war crimes https://t.co/7zeqrWGUos
  • Constitutional tribunal to hold hearing on impeachment of Kayah chief minister #Myanmar https://t.co/shgpe8eTB
  • MPs have backed the latest stage of a bill to allow undercover agents to commit crimes on operations https://t.co/QB0x3fRY6x
  • The final possible legal challenge to Led Zeppelin's ownership of Stairway To Heaven has been defeated. The band were sued for copyright in 2014 over claims they had stolen the song's opening riff from Taurus, by a US band called Spirit https://t.co/G4swtJTaYs
  • #Malta Compensation Awarded By The Industrial Tribunal | How Is This Changing And Why? https://t.co/oZfL4CxFzH
  • The latest TheLawMap Wig! https://t.co/LHCRAZvS0
  • People in Wales should "get ready" for rolling lockdowns over the winter months, Wales' chief medical officer has said https://t.co/pZA42TL6Fp
  • A man accused of shooting his wife's lover after luring him to a remote farm has been convicted of his murder https://t.co/TXFNR9Q6ty
  • PureGym sorry for 'unacceptable' slavery post - The Luton and Dunstable gym said "slavery was hard and so is this" regarding a workout designed to "celebrate black history month" https://t.co/0zWcLeEumS
  • #Colombian human rights organizations will denounce illegal surveilance at the 177 Period of Ordinary Sessions at the IACHR https://t.co/d8Zame1GY
  • Two more Merseyside minicabs suspended after uncovering illegal dangerously worn tyres https://t.co/ZqHHYYvxh
  • Activists armed with millions of dollars from donors like Michael Bloomberg and LeBron James are canvassing in Florida to help former felons register to vote before a deadline on Monday #US https://t.co/Xy84r5DJUh
  • 10 Questions to Ask Your Divorce Lawyer #US https://t.co/orliAsI1kD
  • Former DPP says MI5 crime authorisation bill goes ‘too far’ - Scottish Legal News https://t.co/KR1jZUpilD
  • Lord Reed hopes for appointment of ethnic minority judge before he retires - Scottish Legal News https://t.co/9D1Hyoa
  • Murderer of Aberdeen woman loses appeal against sentence - Scottish Legal News https://t.co/NYGNJmsta
  • Florida lawyer Don Ryce who became advocate for missing kids dies #US https://t.co/3fzyhdEQAW
  • The health secretary has said a glitch that saw nearly 16,000 Covid-19 cases go unreported in England "has not substantially changed" the government's assessment of the epidemic https://t.co/sSwbqZzuB
  • Ken Paxton, one of the most prominent conservative attorneys general, is already under indictment. The allegations of impropriety raised in a recent letter draw intense new scrutiny #US https://t.co/BbVUnTCFS
  • 'Use our lawyer or lose the house': developers hold buyers to ransom in booming market https://t.co/Q1g5fbTwvu
  • Accuracy of England and Wales convictions on police computer questioned after 'slip' - Courts service apologises after two offences wrongly recorded against defendant https://t.co/MIuwEzf7xB
  • RJP MP, Manoj Jha, next to challenge new Farmers Acts in Supreme Court; says legislations encourage corporatization of agriculture #India https://t.co/oGcbFt5rYA 
  • LSB hints at forcing regulators to fund Legal Choices - Legal Futures https://t.co/JR109qMn1I
  • My fight is for the daughter of Hathras, to help her get justice: Nirbhaya's lawyer Seema Kushwaha #India https://t.co/1uZ3xwPjMC
  • Burglars to be tagged and tracked, says UK policing minister - Six police forces to trial GPS tags on convicts released from prison to deter reoffending https://t.co/sfbCdpzWF5
  • Report calls for disclosure, not ban, of estate agent referral fees - Legal Futures https://t.co/urbcDZs8mp
  • Gunnercooke develops associate and multi-disciplinary offerings - Legal Futures https://t.co/ZCBj15A8z
  • BAME justice should be appointed to UK supreme court 'within six years' - Lord Reed says all-white and male-dominated court of appeal needs to change https://t.co/8ZbB9ar0CY
  • CLAT 2020: Petition filed in Supreme Court for quashing of entrance exam due to tech glitches, seeks direction for re-conducting the exam #India https://t.co/UOBJd9igC
  • Leak reveals possible harsher three-tier England Covid plan: government documents suggest potential pub closures and stricter social contact rules https://t.co/03sJdQFXwJ
  • Welsh quarantine considered for UK coronavirus hotspots https://t.co/J2qDRngjuV
  • Family agony at Welsh Ambulance Service delay for burns victim https://t.co/tNoJDGyovI
  • 16,000 coronavirus cases missed in daily figures after IT error https://t.co/DVJCN6ATMD
  • Advocates acting professionally as per instructions of clients cannot be made liable for Defamation under IPC: Madras High Court #India https://t.co/zaDAE5czl
  • Most judges like to believe they are perfect, calm, composed (all the time) - they are not: Justice S Muralidhar #India https://t.co/VHXNkzu6o
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  • Judge rules against last-minute bid to postpone Victorian curfew trial | Lawyers Weekly https://t.co/BP9OYOIVrK
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  • A team of scientists in India has developed an inexpensive paper-based test #Feluda, for coronavirus that could give fast results similar to a pregnancy test https://t.co/L32si9P47
  • Why some #Nigerian families lock up children and the mentally ill https://t.co/SPUU8zx52
  • Coronavirus: Paris to shut bars and raise alert to maximum #France https://t.co/FWtmxVuXcx
  • Covid rules in prisons blocking rehabilitation, say UK campaigners - restrictions in England and Wales potentially delaying release of thousands, report says https://t.co/2btXOpejJ2
  • We need to talk about mental health and pupillage applications | The Lawyer https://t.co/64CnXvdNUt