13th May - Law News

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Today's Video Focus:  The United States is facing an economic downturn not seen since the Great Depression. But for the millions of undocumented immigrants - many working in essential roles, keeping the country going - there is no safety net, no government protection. Yet President Trump continues to impose more curbs on immigration, declaring he wants to take care of American workers first. It's left many of those without legal status living in constant fear.

Focus of the Day Article: A jury trial resumed at the Old Bailey yesterday, with barristers in the jury and press boxes, and jurors socially distancing in counsel’s rows after being told there were no face masks for them. The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Burnett, announced that new jury trials may be started from next Monday in a few courts – including the Old Bailey and Cardiff Crown Court – under special arrangements to maintain the safety of all participants. Full story - Legal Futures

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