7th January - Law News

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Today's Video Focus:  Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó was prevented by security forces from entering the National Assembly building in Caracas to take part in a vote to re-elect him as Speaker. In chaotic scenes on Sunday, he attempted to climb over a fence but was pushed back by national guard officers. Inside the chamber, a group of dissident opposition lawmakers formed a bizarre alliance with members of President Nicolás Maduro's Socialist party and chose Luis Parra, a former Guaidó ally, as Speaker. Some Guaidó loyalists managed to enter the building, and fighting between rival opposition politicians broke out. 

Focus of the Day article: A year of disruption, disappointment, contention and uncertainty is finally drawing to a close. On 19 December, with Christmas around the corner, the country got a hint of what 2020 might bring. The Queen’s Speech, in which the new Conservative government laid out its legislative priorities for the year to come, included more than 30 bills the government hopes to turn into law. Full story - UK Human Rights Blog

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