3rd August - Law News

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 Today's Highlighted Video Story:
A sprinter from Belarus who refused her team's order to fly home early from the Olympics has been granted a humanitarian visa by Poland. Krystina Timanovskaya, 24, is at the Polish embassy in Tokyo after spending the night secured in a hotel under protection from Japanese police. She said she was forcibly taken to the airport for criticising coaches, and voiced fears for her safety. Belarus says she was removed from the team because of her emotional state. Ms Timanovskaya told the BBC on Monday that she was safe, but said she had been advised not to give further details at this stage.

  Focus of the Day Article:
In R (NB & Others) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2021] EWHC 1489 (Admin), the High Court ruled that the treatment of asylum seekers at Napier military barracks did not meet minimum legal standards, that the process for allocating asylum seekers to accommodation centres was flawed and unlawful and that the six claimants had been falsely imprisoned during the “inevitable” Covid-19 outbreak. David Manknell of 1 COR was junior counsel to the SSHD. Full story - UK Human Rights Blog

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • Strength in numbers - Profile | Law Gazette https://t.co/QNjflt8XJE 
  • The frequency of ransomware attacks has risen substantially in recent years. In an age where remote working is mainstream, ensuring one’s firm or business is protected is more critical than ever before - Lawyers Weekly https://t.co/LVeOlnWZm8
  • Rapper Dizzee Rascal has been charged with assault, following an incident in south London. The 36-year-old whose real name is Dylan Mills, was charged after police officers visited an address in Streatham on 8 June https://t.co/7CzgZbel4a
  • Norton Rose Fulbright 'software error' causes staff pronouns to change in emails - Legal Cheek https://t.co/DhHv42M7PW
  • Craig Murray to be jailed after Supreme Court refuses permission to appeal - Scottish Legal News https://t.co/DMHNQsaj7M
  • 5 steps to creating greater confidence - Lawyers Weekly https://t.co/7mwBGUhNAX
  • Scotland’s courts are sitting on an estimated backlog of 48,993 cases, figures from the Scottish government show - Scottish Legal News https://t.co/Ks6H1vgSmu
  • English court allows appeal by Sky in trade mark infringement action against email migration service provider - Scottish Legal News https://t.co/t8OBOQhjC1
  • Dominic Cummings brands legal Twitter royalty as 'charlatans' - Legal Cheek https://t.co/ESSoTo6VvJ 
  • Subsequent marriage with victim will not absolve accused of rape charge: Delhi High Court | Bar & Bench #India https://t.co/QbyKIw4mbf
  • Evaluation of flexible court hours stresses need to get lawyers onboard - Legal Futures https://t.co/C7yPJMM0xc
  • Jimmy Savile: 10 years on, what has changed in uncovering abuse? https://t.co/0R3eoCDLu3
  • #Palestinians facing eviction from East Jerusalem offered deal - Judge proposes compromise to settle dispute over home ownership with Israeli settlers in Sheikh Jarrah https://t.co/uiobCQZELg 
  • The burnout profession? Why City law culture needs to change - Legal Cheek https://t.co/h7rT9joEFB 
  • Princess Latifa campaigner had ‘phone compromised by Pegasus spyware’ - Human rights activist David Haigh targeted in attack suspected to have been ordered by #Dubai https://t.co/uLR8lklrqA
  • No grounds to suspect "fidelity, accuracy and sincerity" of CBI investigation in Unnao accident case: Court | Bar & Bench #India https://t.co/JG5QnAM9zd
  • Goldman Sachs has increased its salaries for younger bankers following complaints of long working hours. It is understood that first-year investment bank analysts globally will get a pay rise this year to $110,000 (£80,000) from a previous $86,000 https://t.co/fXV4gYbw1K
  • A police officer has been found guilty of assaulting two members of the public on consecutive days when he wrongly suspected each of a crime. PC Declan Jones committed both offences while on duty for West Midlands Police in Birmingham last year https://t.co/MzuweXQwS6
  • Why #Turkey’s Regulators Became Such a Problem for Google - The antitrust backlash against Big Tech is playing out in places not known as regulatory hotbeds https://t.co/i97crm33h3
  • #Australia Private Practice Salary Guide & Market Report 2021-2022 - Lawyers Weekly https://t.co/i4FKffmHNR
  • BTAS rejects calls to soften sanctions for 'low level' sexual misconduct - Legal Futures https://t.co/mf8ATIEyo6
  • Riots Shatter Veneer of Coexistence in #Israel’s Mixed Towns - Israel’s Jewish and Palestinian communities looked past each other until violence and bloodshed forced a reckoning https://t.co/LQmQo4p4U2 
  • A terrorist who stabbed two people in Streatham had been released from prison just days before the attack despite concerns he "retained extremist views", an inquest has heard. Sudesh Amman, 20, was shot dead by surveillance officers after the attack https://t.co/VfHKpT36h1
  • Civil Justice Council pushes ahead with guideline hourly rates changes - Legal Futures https://t.co/iOiXmy2WV4
  • Thousands Protest #France’s Vaccine Pass for a Third Week https://t.co/VVMssNtypp
  • Law firm's pupillage offer to tetraplegic student "not a publicity stunt" - Legal Futures https://t.co/01UoQvK5Lg
  • What ancient Greek oracles warn us about predictive justice - Legal Cheek https://t.co/lYhdNuBxjJ 
  • Lengthy judgments, unlimited arguments | Bar & Bench #India https://t.co/ypIXO5TOTc
  • New York Is Pushing Homeless People Off the Streets. Where Will They Go? - Cleanup crews are clearing encampments, but advocates say the sweeps just move people from one place to another and fail to address the housing crisis #US https://t.co/BNph6v4Q9w
  • How to rebuild your team culture when you’ve been apart for so long - Lawyers Weekly https://t.co/s3gbiUqMSJ
  • #Belarus Olympian Krystina Timanovskaya seeking asylum in Poland after refusing 'forced' flight home https://t.co/PyFeuRW0oM 
  • A TikTok star has died after he and a friend were shot at a southern California cinema, according to police and his family. Anthony Barajas, 19, was at a cinema in Corona with Rylee Goodrich, 18, on Monday 26 July when they were both shot in the head #US https://t.co/ayTwtaa0YO
  • Grenfell Tower: Man accused of burning model to face retrial - Paul Bussetti was cleared of posting the "grossly offensive" video in August 2019, but the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) appealed against the verdict https://t.co/4hfY1rPH8R
  • Home Office challenged over ‘sped-up’ removal of Vietnamese nationals. Signs that detainees were victims of trafficking are being overlooked, say campaigners https://t.co/fPnT186FjQ
  • Courts failed people ‘caught up’ in UK riots in 2011, says ex-chief prosecutor. Custodial sentences for rioters were much harsher, despite a fifth never having committed a crime before https://t.co/CfOsEJdrlb
  • [POCSO cases] Victim's testimony sufficient for conviction unless there is strong reason to discard it: Madras High Court | Bar & Bench #India https://t.co/6n3v4t9Vwn 
  • Salmond blogger Craig Murray hands himself in to police to begin jail term. Ex-diplomat found in contempt of court over ‘jigsaw identification’ of women who accused former first minister of sexual assault https://t.co/jUTdiVNs2i
  • Board work makes you a better lawyer - Lawyers Weekly https://t.co/8j2v9pSi8
  • L Brands Agrees to New Policies Tied to Sexual Harassment Claims. The owner of Victoria’s Secret will release current and former employees from certain nondisclosure agreements as part of a settlement of a shareholder lawsuit #US https://t.co/8Pn8xnYo68
  • Serious questions raised by solitary confinement in prisons https://t.co/aAnezMWjC8 
  • People who have been fully vaccinated in the US or European Union no longer have to isolate when arriving in the UK from an amber list country. The rule change came into effect across the country at 04:00 BST on Monday https://t.co/MMYiVtC0sm 
  • Police have arrested two adults and a 13-year-old boy on suspicion of murder following the death of a five-year-old boy. The body of a child was found in the Ogmore River in Bridgend https://t.co/bpwHMeIxac
  • RPC retains 12 out of 14 NQ solicitors - Legal Cheek https://t.co/hiuOT1WgfW
  • Legalising same-sex marriages made even the unwed happy https://t.co/cm77jNGXst 
  • "It was an attempt to kill:" UP Judge Mohammad Ahmad Khan injured in car accident files complaint; UP Police register FIR | Bar & Bench #India https://t.co/8C7zPMWAYr 
  • Man, 19, arrested after girl, 15, dies at north Wales holiday park. The man is in custody after what police described as ‘domestic incident’ in Ty Mawr in Towyn https://t.co/Fr3eyXcpH6 
  • #Belarusian sprinter who criticised coaches refuses to be sent home - IOC says Krystsina Tsimanouskaya now with a Tokyo 2020 staff member at airport and ‘feels safe’ https://t.co/ZjGezQI77y 
  • Hundreds demand reparations for Windrush generation - Event in Brixton marking end of slavery in British empire also hears calls for restored citizenship https://t.co/nIABBS5xgG
  • Anger as Poland plans law that will stop Jews reclaiming wartime homes. Daughter of Holocaust survivor pledges to continue her fight for family property seized by Nazi occupiers https://t.co/jllM8fdMQW 
  • BJP MLA challenges appointment of Mukul Roy as PAC Chairman in Calcutta High Court | Bar & Bench #India https://t.co/ACd6v3LB5H 
  • Lawtech business gives staff Fridays off... forever - Legal Cheek https://t.co/R5cWXdt5ds 
  • Court document language favours domestic violence perpetrators, analysis finds - Lawyers Weekly #Australia https://t.co/EP1TQYm10o


2nd August - Law News

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 Today's Highlighted Video Story:
Demonstrators in Thailand were met with police water cannons. Protesters demand the resignation of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha over the government's handling of the pandemic and a sluggish vaccine rollout.

  Focus of the Day Article:
T A change in the wording of equality legislation has not altered the burden of proof in discrimination claims, the Supreme Court has unanimously held. Royal Mail Group v Efobi [2021] UKSC 33 concerned an employee, Efobi’s claim for race discrimination in relation to job applications for IT and management roles and harassment based on race, as well as subsequent victimisation for bringing his claim. Full story - New Law Journal

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • UK law firms continue to post 2021 financials - Legal Cheek https://t.co/w53NpYSKb
  • The Weekly Round-Up: Freedom Day, Tokyo 2020 and the Judicial Review and Courts Bill - UK Human Rights Blog https://t.co/amz5yyUEu6
  • People in Northern Ireland who are travelling abroad on Tuesday can now apply for a Covid-19 vaccination certificate, the Department of Health has said https://t.co/hNHut0sOd0
  • The prosecutor of notorious sex offenders has told of how he quit as a defence lawyer after not wanting to represent an alleged rapist. Nazir Afzal went on to become the chief crown prosecutor in the Rochdale grooming gang cases in 2012 https://t.co/uLCunHDMsr
  • Leaning on mentoring relationships during COVID-19 - Lawyers Weekly https://t.co/602ClHPAFK
  • Goodwin ups London NQ pay to £147k - second rise this year - Legal Cheek https://t.co/5pDTFPsvo3
  • Depression and anxiety in young lawyers shouldn’t be an occupational hazard, solicitor says - Lawyers Weekly https://t.co/TTOUYbo9i5
  • The judge who went for a morning walk and never returned: Who was Judge Uttam Anand? | Bar & Bench #India https://t.co/Z2QGkXfHuS
  • What your law firm’s board needs to know about cyber security - Lawyers Weekly https://t.co/bEvAz8rgON
  • Polish judges unite in support of EU ruling - Scottish Legal News https://t.co/Q5MQNe1DIL
  • Future Baker McKenzie trainee co-hosts legal TV show - Legal Cheek https://t.co/zTvbyKeZtn 
  • Are lawyers loners or aspiring solopreneurs? - Lawyers Weekly https://t.co/Yyi2YUhlo
  • Napier barracks conditions held not to meet minimum standards - UK Human Rights Blog https://t.co/TESy7mQGu
  • #NewZealand's Prime Minister has formally apologised for an immigration crackdown in the 1970s against Pacific Islanders. The Dawn Raids targeted people who overstayed their visas, deporting them to their countries of origin https://t.co/4TbaZknPJ8
  • A&O and Freshfields publish autumn trainee retention scores - Legal Cheek https://t.co/KmW6NXUZwt
  • Financial ombudsman publishes digest of decisions highlighting impact of Covid-19 on businesses - Irish Legal News https://t.co/32DQoo1qmE
  • YouTube has barred Sky News Australia from uploading new content for a week, saying it had breached rules on spreading Covid-19. The channel is owned by a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp misinformation https://t.co/EHTCdA3kj1
  • James Kitching is living his dream as a senior lawyer for global football association FIFA. His work is every bit as exciting and stimulating as it is challenging, he says - Lawyers Weekly https://t.co/WrcFEKyGD
  • Professional dog walkers in London sound alarm over curbs on numbers of pets - Four-dog limit on Hampstead Heath means up to 700 animals could miss daily exercise https://t.co/ZCcFzOOqpT
  • Measures are being introduced to try to identify what is driving rising murder rates in the wake of a spike in teenage deaths in some of the UK’s homicide hotspots https://t.co/VeOhW9NXNK
  • Freshfields reports 5% uplift in revenue and partner profits - Legal Cheek https://t.co/3IrxukAJDG
  • Latest Law Pod UK: Care orders and newborn babies - UK Human Rights Blog https://t.co/lPKO5aVv1
  • In #SouthAfrica, Poachers Now Traffic in Tiny Succulent Plants https://t.co/fXswHQ9znF
  • Anti-eviction lawmaker camps overnight on #US Capitol steps - Congresswoman Cori Bush has spent a night on the steps of the US Capitol to protest against the end of a Covid-related moratorium on evictions https://t.co/OyuCkSWLs
  • Police say they are "keeping an open mind" as an investigation continues into the death of a five-year-old boy whose body was discovered in a river. He was found near Pandy Park, Sarn, Bridgend, on Saturday https://t.co/HDknorhujQ
  • Young people will be offered discounted takeaways and taxi rides to get their Covid jabs in a bid to boost vaccine uptake, the government has said https://t.co/ILUI2JvXNz
  • From paralegal to SYLA president: Chiara Pieri on seizing opportunities - Scottish Legal News https://t.co/vvdWEp8sro
  • 7 things that make Macfarlanes ‘meaningfully different’ - Legal Cheek https://t.co/1RVixOEp2n 
  • Mishcon to face disciplinary tribunal over alleged client account failures - Legal Cheek https://t.co/AbIqkcMePG
  • NSW solicitor to pay $480k after misappropriation of firm’s partnership funds - Lawyers Weekly #Australia https://t.co/KkugiipCUY
  • What we learnt during The Legal Cheek-ULaw Summer 2021 Virtual Vacation Scheme - Legal Cheek https://t.co/mjm6iUVMEh
  • How can construction businesses work with supply chains to minimise disputes? - Scottish Legal News https://t.co/ODe8bWSMo6
  • Ruling made on suppressed documents in Christian Porter defamation trial - Lawyers Weekly #Australia https://t.co/YZeB1Zssax
  • Heatwave risk from plans to convert shops to homes - From 1 August, firms will be allowed to redevelop a wider range of commercial property into flats https://t.co/qZqBD5ZFSa 
  • Apply now for Legal Cheek’s 2021-22 Campus Ambassador Programme - Legal Cheek https://t.co/i2KGxWSdk2 
  • 2021 #Australian Law Awards postponed until December - Lawyers Weekly https://t.co/VtgITjlm0d


1st August - Law News

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 Today's Highlighted Video Story:
An Indigenous vigilante group in southern Mexico says it is stepping in to provide security to communities ignored by the government. The group says it is protecting people from the threat of two big drug cartels.

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • Covid insurance caseload boosts Clyde & Co profits | Law Gazette https://t.co/MZU6dhaPkA
  • Some 60 Crown Court rooms will reopen by September, while 32 Nightingale Court rooms will have their leases extended to April 2022 to tackle the backlog of cases, the Lord Chancellor, Robert Buckland has announced | NLJ https://t.co/jep0O3AqYS
  • Romeward bound: Law Society strikes deal with Italian bar body | Law Gazette https://t.co/hTNN3KQuZj
  • Court backlog set to reach 50,000 - Scottish Legal News https://t.co/Ks6H1uZgXU
  • Police spent millions to support HMCTS during Covid-19 | Law Gazette https://t.co/pupfE9N92q 
  • President raises concerns over influx of legislation - Irish Legal News https://t.co/H2KQPXyfXK 
  • The majority of law firms are making increasing use of technology, although funding and scalability issues mean the development of bespoke tech is mainly aimed at helping large corporate clients | SRA https://t.co/zephhlphHM
  • NGO based at London firm praised for death penalty victory | Law Gazette https://t.co/MFTHIuTR5N
  • The Lord Chancellor, Robert Buckland has called for more CILEX (Chartered institute of Legal Executives) judges | NLJ https://t.co/gZ9Bbrcw7W
  • Ministers are no longer considering making it compulsory for university students to be fully vaccinated against Covid to attend lectures in England https://t.co/5jIdBrbVi
  • Freshfields reports solid growth after US expansion | Law Gazette https://t.co/IrzmpwvhxH
  • How Disabled Americans Are Pushing to Overhaul a Key Benefits Program #US https://t.co/L65hmHDe83
  • MPs have called for ‘urgent’ reform to civil and criminal legal aid, in a Justice Committee report | NLJ https://t.co/60famdLiDU
  • PM's attack endangers lawyers and clients, Society warns | Law Gazette https://t.co/KhW5Gsm87
  • Craig Murray to be jailed after Supreme Court refuses permission to appeal - Scottish Legal News https://t.co/DMHNQsrUwm
  • MPs enjoy free tickets worth £100k during Covid large event pilots - Labour leader Keir Starmer among those accepting gifts from gambling, drinks and sports firms https://t.co/QLVCykW62d 
  • The Supreme Court has called on Parliament to address a ‘serious lacuna’ in the law on solicitors' undertakings, in a case concerning rival law firms involved in the Volkswagen emissions legal action | NLJ https://t.co/GuMDl3ZCjW
  • IRS must turn over Trump tax returns to Congress, #US DoJ says. Department says House panel has ‘sufficient reasons’ for requesting returns as Nancy Pelosi hails ‘victory for the rule of law’ https://t.co/WnUiI5SVGZ
  • Supreme Court backs raped tourist in blow to travel industry | Law Gazette https://t.co/ns4WVsOqa
  • #Spanish Court Targets Chilean Bank Tied to Pinochet https://t.co/VsIf2xm2r
  • Lawmakers were racing on Friday to extend the federal eviction moratorium through the end of the year, as it’s set to expire on Saturday, and was responsible for slowing the pace of evictions during the pandemic #US https://t.co/o0hHVcPq1
  • Former #US president Trump Pressed Justice Dept. to Declare Election Results Corrupt, Notes Show - The New York Times https://t.co/EXaeA9TwJi
  • High Court: Judge condemns “unregulated charlatans” taking advantage of vulnerable defendants in possession proceedings - Irish Legal News https://t.co/TEjLRzZGQ
  • Vaccine passports ‘a possibility’ for judges | Law Gazette https://t.co/no7kG7XlT8
  • English court allows appeal by Sky in trade mark infringement action against email migration service provider - Scottish Legal News https://t.co/t8OBOQhjC
  • A change in the wording of equality legislation has not altered the burden of proof in discrimination claims, the Supreme Court has unanimously held | NLJ https://t.co/oUC1qG0jET 
  • A levels and training contracts – don’t ask, don’t tell | Law Gazette https://t.co/3fwoni9pw
  • Convicted rapist jailed for campaign of harassment and death threats against barristers and rape victim - Irish Legal News https://t.co/ZBfd3jQpyO
  • HMP Greenock indicative of Scotland’s prison crisis - Scottish Legal News https://t.co/SK1JRZV31C
  • Polish judges unite in support of EU ruling - Irish Legal News https://t.co/SeANntpVHe
  • Pressure grows on UK ministers to outlaw ‘no jab, no job’ policies - HR body warns firms could face legal action if they insist staff must be fully vaccinated against Covid https://t.co/JzHxIXSDxT 
  • Police arrest 40 as part of child sexual abuse case in West Yorkshire. Move comes after months of investigations into historical crimes committed between 1989 and 1999 https://t.co/B4LJLOSuRD 
  • Three #Cubans who took the desperate step of trying to cross one of Europe's most sensitive border rivers on air beds now face deportation from Russia https://t.co/DeZhYSkyrP