5th January - Law News

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 Today's Highlighted Video Story: Election law analyst Rick Hasen says that there is enough there for Federal and state officials to investigate President Trump's call where he attempted to pressure the Georgia secretary of state to overturn the 2020 election results.

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Focus of the Day Law News Article: Acquisitive regional practice Knights was the only listed law firm to defy the Covid gloom and end 2020 with its share price higher than where it began. At the other end of the scale, the Ince Group saw its share price tumble by 62% during the year. Full story - Legal Futures  

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Saturday Conversations on Law
  • Bidre case lawyer asked to prove attendance in court - Prosecutor threatens to drop case if police don’t clear bills #India https://t.co/DnstTz3BBo
  • Covid - 19 - Court Attendance from 05.01.21 https://t.co/iJehVpSFBz 
  • Economy Minister Diane Dodds has written to Cabinet Office Secretary Michael Gove to call for urgent action to be taken on deliveries to NI https://t.co/QBWFmX0qdw J
  • Google workers form tech giant's first labour union https://t.co/ygv8ULsV9Q
  • Everyone in England must stay at home except for permitted reasons during a new coronavirus lockdown beginning at midnight, Boris Johnson has announced https://t.co/kOlo3pAyGx
  • UK COVID-19 border guidance for EU citizens prompts legal challenges https://t.co/fZQWoctg0d
  • Dutch high hopes for legal cannabis farms hit by nimby protests #Netherlands https://t.co/gy22S569T8
  • A new law is being planned to make it possible to delay the Welsh Parliament election this year by up to six months https://t.co/8wXdSHYPWS
  • UK expats prevented from returning home to Spain https://t.co/IyOzLUZCk3
  • All schools and colleges will move to online learning until 18 January in Wales https://t.co/m3JROIw5aA
  • Ecclestone burglary: Four cleared over £26m celebrity raids https://t.co/yspthkl04
  • Scottish MP Margaret Ferrier has been arrested by police after she admitted using public transport while infected with Covid-19 https://t.co/1zLF1FQFwM
  • Former England hooker Steve Thompson planning legal action over brain injuries https://t.co/0xh17FhpPm
  • Up to half of calls to ‘overwhelmed’ legal advice helplines go unanswered #Ireland https://t.co/faaFTWsl66
  • Sindh to adopt law soon to deal with cases of synthetic drugs: Barrister Murtaza Wahab #Pakistan https://t.co/j9rlILZ2KI
  • HK 2020 Interview: Barrister Jessica Leung says justice dep't is endangering #HongKong's rule of law https://t.co/ygVMQE122x
  • 'Step up' and face Grenfell inquiry, minister tells cladding firm bosses https://t.co/CoDWWUtJ0N 
  • EU firms refuse UK deliveries over Brexit tax changes https://t.co/Kpb4r3WyB
  • Family of George Nkencho pursuing legal action over 'vindictive assertions' circulating online #Ireland https://t.co/mymhfRW51
  • Scots are to be ordered to stay at home amid a fresh Covid-19 lockdown which will see schools remain closed to pupils until February. First Minister said new curbs would be introduced at midnight https://t.co/Ezbqkez0a
  • Security officers removed Covid-19 "deniers" who were taking pictures of empty corridors at a NHS hospital where the intensive care unit is at maximum capacity, its chief executive said https://t.co/f5MgKRf0a
  • Naturists criticise Durham police over Facebook post about arrest https://t.co/W0rQo7t5gc
  • When is Divorce Day 2021 as covid sparks surge in separations https://t.co/VD1asWRaT2
  • Nora Quoirin's family express dismay as coroner rules out others' involvement - Fifteen-year-old went missing overnight while on holiday with her family in Malaysia in 2019 https://t.co/YGGQr5zkT
  • British ex-soldier and 12 others on trial over kidnap of #French millionaire - Jacqueline Veyrac, 80-year-old owner of Cannes hotel, was found bound and gagged in car in 2016 https://t.co/A3PgBBcxJQ
  • 'Deep crisis' in British prisons as use of force against inmates doubles - Increase to almost 60 cases per 100 prisoners blamed on lack of experienced staff and overcrowding https://t.co/gNTRiIzJNU
  • Leading firms fined for accounts rules breaches - Legal Futures https://t.co/L98TTxdbYw 
  • SRA ordered to pay solicitor costs over botched prosecution - Legal Futures https://t.co/cbVpYidbP
  • Difficult year for Law PLC, with most firms seeing share prices dive - Legal Futures https://t.co/I9YMNPEzdV
  • Wikileaks founder Julian Assange cannot be extradited to the United States, a court in London has ruled. The judge blocked the request because of concerns over Mr Assange's mental health and risk of suicide in the US https://t.co/ahkV41iDO
  • The Architecture of Functional Jurisdiction: Unpacking Contactless Control - On Public Powers, S.S. and Others v. Italy, and the "Operational Model" (German Law Journal, 2020) | Violeta Moreno-Lax https://t.co/3YbK6usjsh 
  • Top lawyer calls for drug use to be decriminalised to solve deaths crisis https://t.co/sXlKaWXhVC 
  • Lethal airstrikes in Yemen ‘left off’ confidential UK record - Ministers under pressure to say why attacks involving civilian casualties have been excluded from log of alleged humanitarian breaches https://t.co/sYVAMj2J
  • #Nigerian Activists Demand Release of Publisher, Former Presidential Aspirant Sowore https://t.co/Tn5KH3my9Q
  • Targeted Killings Are Terrorizing #Afghans. And No One Is Claiming Them https://t.co/bZixQGC2Ma
  • Women fight to help families torn apart by ‘racist’ deportation policy: Automatic expulsions after prison terms are leaving UK children without fathers, campaigners say https://t.co/HP2lDxQr4O 
  • #Ethiopia security forces killed 76 during protests following Oromo musician's assassination: state human rights body https://t.co/4gZpu96r3R
  • Herman Hemingway, groundbreaking advocate for human rights in Boston, dies at 88 #US https://t.co/Sq622WzNWS
  • A North Korean Human Rights Opportunity, Who will Make this a Priority? https://t.co/bYqgwoBOnC
  • Asylum seekers with strong cases were sent back, human rights report says #US https://t.co/NZyTFAbRqt
  • Sky News whistleblower was unfairly sacked, hearing rules https://t.co/gkBfkZtVWb 
  • Back-to-school plans in chaos as unions launch legal action https://t.co/Dj2yQoROND
  • Plea against cancelling doctor's licence: IHC seeks report from PMC for setting up medical tribunal #Pakistan https://t.co/8trNLDKGKt