3rd January - Law News

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 Today's Highlighted Video Story: Bosnia and Herzegovina's military has set up tents for hundreds of refugees stranded in freezing conditions. They were left without shelter for several days after a fire burned down their old camp. Authorities have tried to relocate the refugees, but that is being opposed by some local people.

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • Vandals in the #US have attacked the homes of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell
  • The editor of the British Medical Journal has asked the New York Times to correct an article that claims UK guidelines allow two Covid-19 vaccines to be mixed
  • Senators in final bid to derail certification of Biden's victory #US
  • Anti-lockdown protesters arrested at Hyde Park demo
  • #Italian city discriminated against migrant children, appeals court rules
  • UK girl granted anonymity by courts to bring TikTok lawsuit over data privacy concerns
  • East Midlands music producer, top lawyer and university innovation boss recognised with 2020 New Year’s honours
  • Medics complain of 'bureaucracy' in bid to join Covid vaccine effort
  • Criticizing Tokyo Prosectors, UN Panel Says Carlos Ghosn's Human Rights Were Violated #Japan
  • #French policy in West Africa 'silent on human rights'
  • Maj Gen Gautam Chauhan becomes first to head #India Army's human rights cell
  • Man accused of three counts of rape and making threats to kill to face Crown Court
  • #Grenada appoints first female Attorney General - Dia C Forrester-Gellineau was on Thursday morning appointed Attorney General, replacing Darshan Ramdhani
  • Concern raised about 'lack of progress' in police investigation into arson attack which destroyed Derry nightclub
  • Justice from beyond the grave as dead child abuse victim puts rapist behind bars with 18-year-old testimony
  • Justice Sanjib Banerjee, the senior-most judge of the Calcutta High Court, appointed as the Chief Justice of the Madras High Court #India
  • Tottenham FC have criticised three of their players for breaching coronavirus rules by attending a party over Christmas
  • In Annual Report, Chief Justice Focuses On COVID's Impact On Judiciary #US
  • Wrongful imprisonment: High Court orders police to give Tk 20 lakh as compensation #Bangladesh 
  • Lisa Montgomery: Only woman on #US federal death row to face execution
  • #France: More than 2,500 break virus restrictions at illegal rave 
  • Communication to the United Nations Human Rights Committee In the case of SDG v Italy | Itamar Mann, Noemi Magugliani, and Violeta Moreno-Lax
  • A South Yorkshire burglar’s excuse for missing a probation appointment was described by a Sheffield judge as a "very unlikely story."
  • Wolters Kluwer divests #French legal notices business line
  • Maharashtra government begins drive for conveyance deed; step won't help, say experts #India
  • Tier 4 Covid rules in England: latest restrictions explained
  • UK Brexit bill enshrining EU deal becomes law after parliamentary passage and royal assent
  • The #US Congress has overturned President Donald Trump's veto of a defence spending bill, the first time this has happened in his presidency
  • First Minneapolis police death since George Floyd captured on bodycam #US
  • B.C. solicitor general Mike Farnworth says “by many measures,” this is the safest time to be on B.C.’s roads in years #Canada 
  • Protect civil servants if they leak secrets in public interest, lawyers demand
  • 1st Chinese American lawyer Hong Yen Chang gets Columbia Law honor, highlights past barriers #US