5th November - Law News

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 Focus of the Day Legal Article:  Housing possession proceedings will not be suspended during the four-week lockdown that begins on Thursday, HM Courts & Tribunals Service has said. The government suspended possession proceedings in March when the country first went into lockdown. The stay was lifted on 20 September. Full story - The Law Society Gazette
Today's Highlighted Video Story: How we can build on the momentum of local victories for democracy reform, and unrig our system to build a truly just America. It’s easy to feel downtrodden as every aspect of our broken system is laid bare. As the rights of millions of Americans hang in the balance, it feels more and more like the system is stacked against us. But we can’t become cynics — we will not give up. Across the country, everyday people have secured structural democracy reforms that have led to major wins that move our country forward.

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