18th November - Law News

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Focus of the Day Legal Article: Family lawyers should be forced to follow good practice to protect children from “acrimonious legal representation” and report it to their regulator, a major report has concluded. It also said there was a “lack of inter-disciplinary practice” by family lawyers and insufficient knowledge of the role of other professionals. Full story - Legal Futures
Today's Highlighted Video Story: In the days after the election, Times reporters went to four swing state counties with some of the tightest vote margins to see how people were feeling. The answer? Still pretty divided. 

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • Judicial review regime 'fit for purpose' - local government lawyers | Law Gazette
  • The Mangrove Nine: Echoes of black lives matter from 50 years ago
  • #Kenya to probe baby stealers following BBC Africa Eye exposé
  • Scottish General Election (Coronavirus) Bill introduced at Holyrood - Scottish Legal News
  • Crown Office apologises for decade-long FAI into death of seaman - Scottish Legal News
  • Tenant of Glasgow office building with defective curtain walling entitled to abate rent - Scottish Legal News
  • Much more needs to be done to stop vulnerable people getting lost in the criminal justice system, says solicitor of the year Chloe Jay - Profile | Law Gazette
  • Barrister finds technical flaw in drug driving law - Irish Legal News
  • The latest TheLawMap Wig!
  • Mr Justice George Birmingham appointed TCD judicial visitor - Irish Legal News
  • High Court: 'Fraud' in interrogatories is equitable definition - Irish Legal News
  • My legal life: Simon Zinger, Dentsu International - Profile | Law Gazette
  • Rishi Sunak refuses to say if he will profit from Moderna Covid vaccine: Chancellor’s former hedge fund invested heavily in Moderna, which had 94.5% trial success
  • Call to protect UK doctors from prosecution over life-or-death Covid rationing - Medics may have to decide who lives or dies due to scarcity of resources during pandemic
  • Covid in Scotland: Level 4 lockdown to be imposed in 11 council areas
  • A member of the House of Lords retired from Parliament after seeing a conduct report recommending he be expelled for sexually exploiting a vulnerable woman
  • Planning application seeks permission to use Croke Park for trials - Irish Legal News
  • Police suspend fixed £10k fines for big gatherings, instead recommending court summons for gatherings of more than 30
  • UK: Plans to reform Supreme Court last gasps of ‘weirdos at No 10’ - Irish Legal News
  • Court calls time on year-long fundamental dishonesty saga | Law Gazette
  • Travel rules have been relaxed for people arriving in England to work on poultry farms to ensure there is enough turkey available for Christmas dinners
  • ‘People’s tribunal’ established to investigate alleged atrocities of Iranian state - Scottish Legal News
  • A Spanish businessman who acted as a go-between to secure protective garments for NHS staff in the coronavirus pandemic, was paid $28m (£21m) in UK taxpayer cash
  • Dentons trials workflow app that "could remove" unconscious bias - Legal Futures
  • Thomas Ross QC: Legal Challenges to the EncroChat Hack – an Introduction - Scottish Legal News
  • Lawyer of the Month: Iain Smith - Scottish Legal News
  • Family lawyers “must be forced to follow good practice” - Legal Futures
  • Susanne Tanner QC to lead council inquiry - Scottish Legal News
  • Leading firm eyes rapid growth by building "house of brands" - Legal Futures
  • MSPs call for action to tackle ‘institutional racism’ in public sector employment - Scottish Legal News 
  • Madeleine McCann suspect Christian Brückner injured in #German court - Suspect, who is serving time for drug conviction, sustains two broken ribs in incident 
  • High Court overturns “flawed” SDT decision to clear solicitor - Legal Futures
  • Abortion provider changes name over Marie Stopes eugenics link
  • Black applicants least likely to be offered PhD places
  • The second national lockdown is going to push sex workers "even deeper into crisis", according to a campaign group
  • Gillian Carty elected chair of Shepherd and Wedderburn - Scottish Legal News
  • Advice for future STEM lawyers - Legal Cheek
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  • New employment law firm launches, two former McDonald Murholme lawyers have started their own firm dedicated exclusively to employees #Australia - Lawyers Weekly
  • FinClear advised on ‘strategic investment’ #Australia - Lawyers Weekly
  • Five cases on personal liberty decided by Justice DY Chandrachud #India | Bar & Bench
  • Challenges and opportunities for Indigenous lawyers amid COVID-19 #Australia - Lawyers Weekly
  • Courts are not oracles of public opinion: Patna High Court acquits death row convict
  • December bar exams to go ahead as planned - Legal Cheek
  • ECB accused by John Holder and Ismail Dawood of 'institutionalised racism' 
  • #US singer Taylor Swift has confirmed a report that music mogul Scooter Braun has sold the rights to her first six albums
  • First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is set to announce whether the toughest Covid restrictions will be imposed in the west of Scotland
  • #Indian factory workers supplying major brands allege routine exploitation, no support from the country's ultra-rightwing government either 
  • Cracker Ban: Supreme Court directs modification of Telangana High Court order #India | Bar & Bench 
  • Business insurance battle begins in Supreme Court | Law Gazette