1st September- Law News

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Focus of the Day Law Article: A recent high-profile case on surveillance technology highlights the risk of unlawful discrimination and bias that can be caused by technology. Full story - New Law Journal

Today's Highlighted Video Story:  Banksy has funded a rescue boat to save refugees encountering danger in the Mediterranean Sea. The boat, named the Louise Michel, was bought with proceeds from some of the Bristol street artist's works. It has already carried out a number of rescue missions, taking on board 89 people from a rubber boat on Tuesday, according to its Twitter account. The vessel features a painting depicting a young girl holding on to a heart-shaped safety float.

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • The Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT), Kolkata has directed the postal authorities to consider an application from an educated man who had lost his job in the pandemic and has no source of income to feed his family #India https://t.co/u7g9e271Q
  • Palestinian-American lawyer Akram Abusharar has filed a lawsuit with the International Criminal Court (ICC) against Libyan retired General Khalifa Haftar for committing war crimes in #Libya https://t.co/fSZXCa0LKc
  • The latest TheLawMap Wig! https://t.co/h6kJCExf6Y
  • Dominic Raab under pressure to intervene over lawyer held in Croatia after lifting lid on Monaco financial scandal https://t.co/53c2UU9B7J
  • Mother sues MoJ over child's lack of access to father in jails lockdown: Lawyers say ban on visits and problems with video calls are breach of child’s rights https://t.co/daV8J0ovm
  • #China Disbars 709 Lawyer Xie Yang Who Denied He Was Tortured in 2017 in a Deal Allowing Him to Continue His Law Practice https://t.co/OLoBczYAa4
  • Diversity of criminal bar at risk as junior barristers forced to quit: Secret Barrister blogger says those from lower income backgrounds cannot afford to stay in profession https://t.co/uJcOQfvkcO
  • Police pension rules for dead officers' partners face court challenge: Rules in England and Wales deprive widows and widowers of income if they remarry https://t.co/rgE3QyKg9g
  • Hunger striking lawyer Ebru Timtik dies in Turkey | Law Gazette https://t.co/HBUdXzxPId
  • The Criminal Legal Aid (Remuneration) (Amendment) Regulations 2020 https://t.co/sYmbqPJFxm
  • Criminal justice in England and Wales facing triple threat, lawyers say: System hit by shortage of defence lawyers, end of furlough scheme and postponement of trials during pandemic https://t.co/YtOYhmm1Uk
  • Despite last Wednesday's Supreme Court decision, the UK won't become the global hub for resolving FRAND disputes https://t.co/ElxthCwkT
  • Drunk man steals 'L' from Liverpool Philharmonic sign https://t.co/lkWFNuSrA7
  • #French right-wing magazine has been criticised across the political spectrum in France for depicting a black socialist MP, Danièle Obono, as a slave https://t.co/tjP9yhW1p
  • Eight people have now been fined up to £10,000 after an illegal rave that attracted 3,000 people, with arrests also made for public order offences and driving under the influence of drugs https://t.co/YfzLFDHVe
  • Hotel #Rwanda film hero arrested: Paul Rusesabagina, a Hutu, became well known after depicting his efforts to save hundreds of Tutsis at his hotel during the 1994 genocide https://t.co/m2Fj4iXFX
  • As eviction bans lift, tidal waves of homelessness threaten to devastate cities https://t.co/m8mwLbnWsb
  • Will Airlines Get Reprieve From “Ghost Flights” This Winter? https://t.co/fp2zyNwUlx
  • UK condemned for ‘divisive’ ‘xenophobic’ anti-migrant video https://t.co/m6FHNTWmRx
  • And Justice for None: How COVID-19 Is Crippling the Criminal Jury Right #US | Boston College Law Review https://t.co/9gUdiRpO4N
  • A charity that cleans up beaches says the coronavirus pandemic has caused a new wave of plastic pollution https://t.co/Ox8iJOwPH1
  • Thetford Forest rave - Five people have been arrested and fined in connection with a forest rave attended by more than 500 people https://t.co/pvgiKizAp
  • ‘Safety’ vs. ’justice’ is a false choice in criminal justice reform #US https://t.co/FGz5ShWeWo
  • Portland clashes: Trump accused of encouraging violence after shooting: Police say it was not clear if shooting was linked to fights between protesters and caravan of Trump supporters #US https://t.co/oGomEJB6O
  • Consultation begins on banning pavement parking in England: Disabled people and parents are particularly affected by parked cars blocking their way https://t.co/yDnAV2nWU
  • 'Selfish covidiots' on flight to UK from Greek island criticised: Tui launches investigation after almost 200 passengers told to isolate after outbreak https://t.co/3YX1qqBHg
  • Counter-terror arrests at Stansted after fighter jets intercept airliner: Pair from Kuwait and Italy arrived on flight from Vienna on Sunday https://t.co/H7c9BEz6J
  • Robodebt class action lawsuit is not ready and contains 'obvious errors', federal judge says #Australia https://t.co/7Or4nLSg86
  • Yusef Salaam: 'Trump would have had me hanging from a tree in Central Park': Wrongly jailed for gang rape – a case which inspired Trump to call for the death penalty – Salaam has poured his experiences into a novel about hope, justice and race https://t.co/f2JSL4rADx
  • Investigations into police and prison violence blocked by Fiji authorities, whistleblowers say: Allegations of brutality in #Fiji’s prisons have been effectively ignored by the government’s human rights commission, insiders claim https://t.co/LfCEnUz7B
  • Twenty-five people have been taken to hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning after attending an illegal rave in a bunker in the #Norwegian capital, Oslo https://t.co/0iufZ7we1B
  • Jockey Club chief executive Delia Bushell resigns after inquiry upholds allegations https://t.co/81V8GxtL5z
  • Europe's migrant crisis: The year that changed a continent https://t.co/7JLGCXP3y
  • Price of plastic carrier bags in England to double to 10p next year https://t.co/AExapY4U9U
  • EU Migraiton Policies in the Mediterranean and Libya (2014-2019) | Omer Shatz https://t.co/pUOFUGNV6
  • Criticising the courts and judges is easy, but positive aspects of judicial system should also be highlighted, justice DY Chandrachud said on Saturday #India https://t.co/YOYx7vj2Lo
  • The latest TheLawMap Wig! https://t.co/dSbQeqEqrM
  • In-flight music under threat as legal battle launched to claw back alleged 'unpaid royalties' https://t.co/bSqTiV0acF
  • Leonard Cohen estate exploring legal options after RNC uses Hallelujah #US https://t.co/mDOEVessk
  • How The Republican National Convention Broke Legal Norms #US https://t.co/IiivKDLNxH
  • Former Sydney lawyer Luke Jerome Adamson jailed for stealing $1.5m from clients #Australia https://t.co/woseg7i38W
  • Haldimand’s Allison Gowling puts solicitor general on notice over OPP staffing, handling of Indigenous protests #Canada https://t.co/VdyYwkLSly
  • Over 60 groups urge UN Human Rights Council to launch probe into EJKs, rights violations in #Philippines https://t.co/3iqmHbMT7
  • Growing calls for UN to probe gross human rights violations in Xinjiang #China https://t.co/Ig5vSrS08
  • Can #Saudi Arabia afford human rights abuses? https://t.co/O0U3H0hs3d
  • Philippine human rights workers are being systematically killed in a growing war on dissent https://t.co/rfyTJJ6LKN
  • Serial killer Peter Moore 'sent solicitor a Christmas card' https://t.co/Ut0fWI8iKo