10th September- Law News

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Focus of the Day Law Article: The Competition and Markets Authority will return to the legal sector this year for a look at how the profession has responded to its last assessment. The competition watchdog spent a year looking at legal services before reporting at the end of 2016 that competition for individual consumers and small businesses was not working as it should be.
In particular, the CMA wanted more information to be available on price, quality and service to help clients choose the best option. Full story - The Law Society Gazette

Today's Highlighted Video Story:  Airlines in Vietnam have resumed domestic flights to and from the coastal city of Da Nang - a tourist hot spot which was hit by a second wave of Covid-19 infections in July. Nationwide, there has also been a drop in community transmission of the virus.

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  • Officials are alarmed by the latest rise in coronavirus cases. Newly diagnosed cases have topped 2,000 for the past three days
  • #Pakistan asks International Tribunal for relief from $5.8-billion fine over mining lease
  • Trade tribunal to review #Canadian government deal with Chinese company for X-ray scanners in embassies
  • A tribunal has found a woman was unfairly dismissed by her employer after choosing to self-isolate for two weeks - Jackie Reid, who has type one diabetes, was fired from her job as a sales assistant at the Good Health Store in Port Erin
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  • Details of the UK government's plans for policing trade between different parts of the country from next year are set to be published on Wednesday
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  • A man with serious breathing issues says he was "ambushed" into wearing a face covering on a plane: EasyJet has apologised after one of its pilots was filmed threatening to remove the passenger from the flight
  • Oxford University Coronavirus vaccine trial paused after participant falls ill
  • Welsh Minister warns against Caerphilly pub get-togethers
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  • A man has been charged with murder and seven counts of attempted murder, after a series of stabbings across Birmingham city centre. Zephaniah McLeod, aged 27, of Nately Grove, Selly Oak, is due in court on Wednesday
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