20th December - Law News

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Today's Video Focus:  In the 17th century, Christmas was completely banned in England and its territories, for 17 years. Shops were forced to stay open, public Christmas drinking and festive feasting were illegal, mince pies were seized, even putting up foliage as decoration was banned. Josh Toussaint-Strauss finds out why a parliament full of protestant Puritans would make celebrating Christmas illegal. 

Saturday Conversations on Law

Focus of the Day Article: A speech on the rule of law which was due to be given at a legal conference in China was cancelled by censors, a global association of lawyers has reported. The president of the Paris-based Union Internationale des Avocats (UIA) was due to deliver the keynote speech at the Global Lawyers Forum hosted in Guangzhou earlier this month. California litigator Jerry Roth planned to talk about the international rule of law and the importance of an independent bar and judiciary. Full story: The Law Society Gazette