6th November - Law News

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Today's Video Focus:  In Hong Kong, pro-democracy protests continued for another weekend, with scores injured in clashes between demonstrators and riot police.  The unrest began in June with mass protests against a bill which would've allowed extradition to mainland China. The demonstrations have now morphed into a broader popular uprising against Beijing's rule. At the vanguard of the protest movement are young activists known as the "Frontliners." The more extreme among them are often blamed for starting the trouble - but Channel 4 News has spent time with three activists, who say they are just responding to police violence against them.

Saturday Conversations on Law

Focus of the Day Article: Transferring the ownership of law firms to employee ownership trusts (EOTs) boosts staff loyalty by giving them more security if the firm is sold, the chief executive of the latest firm to create an EOT has said. Peter Doyle, of London employment specialists Doyle Clayton, said the EOT would only approve a sale of the firm if it benefited members, who would all be entitled to a share of the proceeds. Full story: Legal Futures