30th September - Law News

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Today's Video Focus:  Pro-EU protesters joined a 'Manchester for Europe' march on Sunday, just as a Conservative party conference was starting in the city under the slogan of 'get Brexit done'.

Saturday Conversations on Law
Focus of the Day Article: The results of Remark’s ‘Air Quality and Wellbeing at Work 2019’ survey suggest that ‘sick building syndrome’—a phenomenon that emerged in the 1990s—is making a comeback. Among more than 1,000 UK office workers surveyed, 86% suffered headaches at work, while 91% experienced tiredness or lethargy. Some 78% reported dry, itchy or watery eyes, 76% suffered a dry throat and 70% had itchy or irritated skin. Only 11% described their sleep quality as good during the working week. Full story: New Law Journal