1st August - Law News

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Today's Video Focus: In a newly unearthed audio clip, then-California Gov. Ronald Reagan disparaged "monkeys" from African countries in a phone call with then-President Richard Nixon, according to the former director of Nixon's presidential library. Tim Naftali, who directed the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum from 2007 to 2011, writes that Reagan -- who would later become the 40th President of the United States -- called Nixon in October 1971, the day after the United Nations had voted to recognize the People's Republic of China. In the call, he says, Reagan is heard apparently referencing the way the Tanzanian delegation started dancing in the General Assembly when the UN took the vote to seat the delegation from Beijing instead of Taiwan.

Focus of the Day Article:
Justice officials have conceded there is nothing to stop insurers gaming the new portal system for litigants in person when it goes live next April. Ministry of Justice policy chiefs appeared yesterday at a seminar held to give more detail about how the portal will work. Around 100 stakeholders were in London for a session put together by the Motor Insurers Bureau, which is designing and implementing the portal.

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