27th February - Law News

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Today's Video Focus: "Don't mention the war." Basil Fawlty didn't follow his most famous piece of advice, and arguably the same can be said for all sides in the Brexit debate. Both Leavers and Remainers have likened Brexit to Dunkirk and tried to claim Churchill for themselves, while some advocates for a no-deal Brexit cite rationing as evidence the country will cope perfectly well with leaving without a deal. So why is World War Two constantly drawn upon in the Brexit debate?

Focus of the Day Article:
Criminal law barristers cannot go on without “sensible parameters” for sitting hours and overnight working and will take action if the judiciary does not, the head of their representative body said yesterday. Chris Henley, chair of the Criminal Bar Association, said it and the Bar Council have “endeavoured to agree” such parameters with the senior judiciary.
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